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  1. Andy, The article in this link has contact info for drum corps archivist, Bob Zinko. He may be able to help:
  2. I was 14, the second youngest kid in the corps, and knew that at some point there was going to be an "initiation", but no one would give me any details, which only served to gradually heighten the anxiety. The head "Initiator" was a bass drummer who was about 20, built like an NFL linebacker. One day, after a Sunday rehearsal, someone said, "It's on", and I was led into his basement by a few other vets. There was a wooden chair in the center of the room, over which a naked light bulb swayed. I had seen enough WWII movies to anticipate some form of torture. Not a word was spoken, but
  3. I wouldn't claim the title of drum corps expert. "Survivor" would be more accurate.
  4. Tim K is spot on: "If you want an example of the above, after World War II drum corps was viewed as an activity for, in some cases poor but more often kids from working class and middle class families so they could be part of a worthwhile activity. Today there is a need to get musical instruments into the hands of kids who live in urban areas who are not interested in sports and want more than the arts programs available. How do we identify and support groups already do this? How do we graduate these kids into drum corps? We'd be honoring our roots and applying what we know to today. We a
  5. Rough, yes, but not necessarily the end. I would expect some very significant structural changes, however. We will probably see a number of these even if there is a 2021 season.
  6. As a college instructor, I know this drill. A good list of contacts will be found here: Reach out directly to management and staff of the individual corps. Some of these folks will talk with you, and they are primary, not secondary sources.
  7. Red championed "classical" music in Drum Corps. His scoring of the Verdi "Requiem" for the Reading Bucs set new standards, and inspired all of us who had aspirations to arrange for brass. We are forever in his debt for that and so many other brilliant musical moments.
  8. Quite true. Once upon a time, corps often stayed and practiced at church-connected facilities. Some of those folks thought of it as charitable community work. There are also National Guard armories that can accommodate large numbers easily, and regularly serve as shelters. A connection to the state governor would be the ticket for access. These facilities are usually vacant for a few weeks in summer when the troops are away at training.
  9. Ah, yes, Gaelic Park: Van Cortlandt Park stop on the IRT Broadway Line. I lived in a 4th-floor apartment a block and a half away when I attended Manhattan College. It had an unobstructed view of the field, and I recall watching the Troopers and a few others from that window "GE Box".
  10. Randall's Island, the OLD stadium, not Icahn. It was accessible by taking the Subway to Harlem and either hopping a city bus or just walking across the bridge.There must have been a hundred shows there from the '50s through the '70s. My last visit was in '76. for VFW Nationals. Garfield won prelims by 3 points or so, but the Cavies took finals by a couple of tenths. I took the "A Train" home that night.
  11. Alumni Stadium at Boston College (Mission Drums) I have a vivid recollection of the chapel bells beginning to chime as the Springfield Marksmen were performing their color presentation of "I Believe"; a real Twilight Zone moment. Then again, perhaps this was just a dream. (No, not THAT one.)