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  1. Ghost is correct, of course. He competed against some of Canada's finest, on both sides of the 49th Parallel, I believe.
  2. Attention Los Negativos (if the zapata fits...): We've had drum corps participants for many years from Europe, Asia and even Africa. Central America is no stretch. It's what puts the "International" in DCI. That said, I hereby volunteer for the Troopers Traveling Staff. At this time of year, who couldn't use a week's visit to a country that includes both beaches and cloud forest? I'm imagining mellophones and mojitos. What's not to like?
  3. Check with Steve Vickers and Ken Mason. I think the Kobold originals now belong to DCI. F
  4. Re Santa Clara 1970: I didn't see them compete, but only at a Spring rehearsal that year, having gone to CA for a visit with ex-Sunriser Wayne Downey, who had become their featured soloist, and my Garfield staff teammate Pete Emmons, who was writing drill for both corps. I was blown away, not only by their skill level but by the show concept itself: Festive Overture * Procession of the Nobles * Chester Overture * Miracle of Miracles (from Fiddler on the Roof) * Matchmaker (from Fiddler on the Roof) * Fiddler on the Roof * If I Were a Rich Man (from Fiddler on the Roof) * Bridge Over Troubled Water As had happened a few years before with the Troopers, it was clear the world of drum corps was about to change, and it hasn't looked back.
  5. The Anaheim Kingsmen finished 5th in 1969 at the AL Nationals in Atlanta, then 2nd to Santa Clara at Portland in 1970.
  6. No, Anaheim never won the Legion Championship, but they sure took a good shot at it, like some of the others listed. I'll bet I'm the oldest person on this thread, so I respect "old".
  7. Charlie Poole notes that the VFW Championship also awarded a silver drum, which he helped win for the Boston Crusaders in Miami in 1970. I wonder where that one is. Perhaps someone here has a clue. Corps like Reading, Westshore, Kilties and Royal Airs would have captured that prize.
  8. Ralph is a master of the bon mot. You should have heard his PAS Hall of Fame remarks.
  9. "Still want to find out how the Legion switched the 1978 winners (LI Kingsmen and Westshoremen). Have seen pics in two different publications (my dads Legion magazine and a book) with the names crossed. " The very definition of the military SNAFU.
  10. Jim, Those are very good questions. I don't have the answers, but someone at the Legion must. I suspect it has to do with DCA and DCI. You're a good sleuth. Maybe you can discover the back story.
  11. FYI.
  12. Saluting you, Sgt. Oscar, with a 1.5 oz shot of high velocity Mezcal. Sgt. Frank 142nd Armor 1968-73 St. Catherine's Queensmen Sunrisers
  13. Legion, VFW, AMVETS, Jewish War Veterans...etc. The Greatest Generation saved the planet (again, just like their fathers had a generation before), came home, gave us their Drum Corps. Lucky us.