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  1. ironlips

    Drum Corps Membership Changes

    There is no question about that. And the brass instructor was the incomparable Sandra Opie. It was 1976 when Gail (DeAngelis) Balls (former ND-ette) and Rene( Myers) Delucia (Edison Saints alumna) broke through the brass ceiling at Garfield. Both rocked lead soprano. Rene transitioned to the rifle line during the winter. She was a star there, too. Meanwhile, Bonnie Ott had been tearing it up on the left coast with the Commodores, then the Blue Devils. The godmother of them all was a soloist and instructor for the Sunrisers, 'way back in the late '50's, Lil Lindy, who went on to teach hundreds of kids in local corps on Long Island. These women were the pioneers, the exceptions during their performing careers, much like Cherokee Merino, the outstanding snare drummer from the ND-ettes who became Eric Perriloux's student, and cracked the boys club in the battery of St. Rita's Brassmen. They, and their sisters, are the primary reason no one is surprised to see young women in horn and drum lines these days. I'm sure it put a smile on their faces when Carol O'Brien became the first woman member of the US Marine Corps Drum Corps, the Commandant's own.
  2. ironlips

    Danny Boy

    " Embracing all cultures ................ " I find this to be a rather profound gesture, coming as it does from a prominent African-American drum corps personality, honoring the diversity that has traditionally characterized the activity. Reading the NY Times tribute to Hal Blaine, the great session drummer who recently passed, reveals that he was a Jewish kid who learned to play in a Catholic parish corps in Hartford. Maybe that explains how he could rock the Beach Boys recordings and the Ronettes sessions. We can rightly point to Drum Corps as one thing our society actually got right. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy the parades. Francis Timothy Patrick Dorritie
  3. ironlips

    The Marching Arts

    So, do the Billiards purists get their balls agitated if someone refers to them "shooting Pool"?
  4. ironlips

    The Marching Arts

    I was going to reply to all this, then realized I already had:
  5. I'm with Stu on this one: " That is why I am seeing this for what it is, which is an academic project done by a student". The world has yet to see a survey that is unbiased or doesn't have an agenda. That's just a given, in my opinion. That does not necessarily invalidate the process. Indeed, as an undergraduate, this young woman will derive a good working knowledge of how surveys work, which is probably more important than any data collected by this one. Consider this: All time-limited experiences have end dates. One graduates from high school, college, goes on a cruise,...etc. These limitations and end dates are known in advance and are anticipated. They are not in themselves traumatic, unexpected events. You may be nostalgic for the experience, but moving on from drum corps will not likely turn one into Vicki the Vampire, unless one already had some "issues" to begin with. Taking this survey will assist a corps alumna to complete the process of graduating from a prestigious university, an event which I trust is unlikely to produce any significant trauma for her.
  6. ironlips


    This is absolutely spot on analysis, and very Zen, recognizing as it does the interconnection of all things, including mellophones, beer, and logarithms. One must always remember as well the effect on the pitch of mallet instruments produced by the coefficient of sliding friction, and on discussions such as these by the classic reductio ad absurdum.
  7. ironlips


    Somehow this thread got from Verdi's tuning preferences to Rachel's wardrobe choices. I suppose there is some connection that can be established, however. At Fran's announcement, when she did her "reveal", many in the audience emitted a sound that approximated a howling chorus of coyotes, not unlike most mellophone sections in the early days as they struggled to find common pitch with the rest of the brass world. Verdi's reactions to either event remain unknown.
  8. ironlips


    " Regardless you should always tune your mellos a couple cents sharp. " Early mellophones (the ones in Kenton's band, and the mid-'60s drum corps iterations which they inspired) were the "Rosemary's Baby" of the brass section. In many instances (particularly in marching bands) they remain so. It takes great skill and mindfulness to tame one of these beasts. Few actually have.
  9. Here are two short videos produced by Gail Langan on the occasion of Steve's Hall of Fame Induction:
  10. You guys may have a future in stand-up, I think.
  11. ironlips

    Most Missed HOF

    George, Just do it. There are a number of new start-ups who would welcome your help, at any level, like the Diamond Warriors of New Bedford. Street kids, old school, inner city community level. It doesn't get any more rewarding than that.
  12. "If you can find enough inner discipline to spin a saber, flag or rifle at the level required for drum corps, violin becomes a piece of cake." When Diane's string students in the San Francisco Youth Symphony have problems with tempo control, she has them mark time as they play. They love it, and it works.
  13. ironlips

    Most Missed HOF

    " we're too young LOL " Agreed. I was thinking of that as I wrote that post. It does go back to the '70s and mid-'80s after all, but then again, so does Fran Haring. I believe he played something called a French Horn, and marched when Moses was the drill writer. Lots of wandering around in the desert back then, before electronics.
  14. ironlips

    Most Missed HOF

    I'm a bit surprised no one has mentioned the Hawthorne Muchachos in this context, or for that matter, the San Jose Raiders. Both musical style and visual image were "niche", but I miss that unity of approach and strong identity. So clearly delineated were they that even if you happened upon them rehearsing in street clothes, there was no mistaking them for anyone else. Today's priorities are different and distinctions are blurred. That's alright. As the line goes in Casablanca, "We'll always have Paris".
  15. Many of us on this forum have credited the enormous positive effects of "neighborhood" drum corps, and bemoaned the disappearance of such groups over the past several decades. Recently, there have been signs that they are not extinct, and indeed may have a resurgence. The Columbus Saints and other Soundsport teams come to mind. So here is another group of socially committed and noble folks who recognize the great potential benefits that a community will derive from a "local" drum corps: " Starting in the new year, youth ages 11 to 20 are welcomed to join the Diamond Warriors Drum and Bugle Corps at 6 p.m. Wednesdays in the Verdean Veterans Hall, 561 Purchase St. in New Bedford. No prior musical experience or knowledge is required, and lessons in music will be taught by coordinators and alumni from drums corps past. Those interested in signing up their child are welcomed to attend any of the meetings in the new year, or can contact Leslie Barrett at 508-338-0521. There is a $5, one-time registration fee. " I wish them great success and encourage anyone of like mind to join me in contacting the Barretts to offer whatever support we can. News Flash: The Diamond Warriors will not win Nationals next year. They have more important things to do, like saving kid's lives.