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  1. This is a very interesting discussion and serves to elevate the usual level of discourse here. Permit me to comment on this statement: "the real goal is to appease the judges. " From a pragmatic point of view, I can see how someone could take this as gospel, though "appease" may not be the best word choice here. Corps staffs are indeed driven by numbers and scores. I have no advanced degrees, just a BA in Political Science, but do have over 50 years experience as an arranger. I am also a judge. My colleagues and I do not program your show and will adjudicate, to the best of our ability, whatever you present. It would also help to remember that the judging system for competitive drum corps is created by the staffs, not the judges. It is they who tell us what elements they wish us to consider, and how much each is worth. Our personal preferences do not come into it at any level.
  2. "standing still" Yes, that was the mantra, and it worked every time, but it was understood then that the visual was in service of the music. That has changed over time. Many drum corps concepts are now guard shows with musical accompaniment. This is not better or worse, just a reflection of the designer's tastes. I miss tunes, too, but we did it our way. Today's leaders deserve the same privilege. Art styles can exist concurrently. Beethoven didn't become irrelevant just because Stravinsky showed up.
  3. Very well said. Though there have been a few exceptions in recent years, melody remains an endangered species in the cut-and-paste era. Please report all sightings.
  4. You may be listening to the wrong Old Timers, youngster. Then again, if you mean some of the Alumni Corps players, you have a point.
  5. Tid-bit: Jim absolutely loved listening to "Senior Corps" recordings and greatly admired arrangers like Crawford, Sasso and Dreitzer. You can hear their influence in his style and approach.
  6. The show is tres cool. Send in the cleaners.
  7. A ball of fire in a white tux conducting Bayonne who spent the rest of his life passing the joy of performance to others. Larry took them all to a higher level.
  8. One of the finest players who ever breathed into a baritone passed a couple of days ago. A legendary soloist, Billy was also a consummate teacher and mentor to countless buglers in corps like St. Catherine's Queensmen, Sunrisers, Wynn Center, Scarlet Lancers, and the Smithtown Freelancers (where one of his students was the young Wayne Downey). He was also, simultaneously, an innovative visual designer. In the truest sense of the word, Bill Hightower was peerless.
  9. The Greatest Generation had already experienced drum corps via the post-WW1 units composed of veterans of that conflict. When my father and his comrades returned from the second great European conflict, they made sure their daughters, sons and grandchildren could also share in the activity we all cherish. Not only did they save world democracy, they put a cherry on top for us. I, for one, will continue to remember my debt to them. This may be worth a re-read: https://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/2017/11/inside-the-arc-horns-drums-gratitude/
  10. I thought my family was Irish, but the test came back Scandinavian, with 2% Mongolian. That suggested this show: "DNA" - We're All Genghis Khan's Spawn - narrated by Henry Louis Gates (Actually, that has possibilities.)
  11. This is getting 'way off the track. These suggestions actually make rational sense. I'm looking for satire here, you know, a show title like: "GOOP" - The History of Mayonnaise Anybody can pick cool music. It takes real talent to come up with some of the tripe designers have been tossing at us recently.
  12. By now we are accustomed to Drum Corps show concepts being derived from staff navel gazing or substance-fueled dreams. This has been going on ever since the concept of concepts was introduced. Sometimes these are obvious but the recent trend is to challenge the interpretive skills of the audience (and/or its patience). Gone are the days of the fun shows of VK and Bridgemen. No frivolity allowed. No sir. Drum Corps is serious business, pal. In that spirit, I offer some suggestions to designers who may be searching for ideas that fit the new reality: "Mis-Wired" - The Innermost Thoughts of Hannibal Lecter "Triphobia" - Imagining a World Devoid of the Major Triad "Eeew" - The History of Intestinal Disorders "Over It" - How to End a Relationship (with your audience) I hope this helps. Feel free to add your own.
  13. All they have to do to ensure this is perform well.
  14. A repertoire full of melodies? In Drum Corps? How positively refreshing! That Shanefield guy will crush this, and the Crossmen will be a crowd favorite.
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