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  1. The Connecticut Hurricanes brass section completed another fantastic rehearsal. What a huge, yet warm sound established already in December. With many members returning it was business as usual working on an established technique program from the previous two years. There were more new faces auditioning for spots in the horn line. Next Sunday will be percussion only. Auditions continue throughout the winter. Come check out the website and fill out an application. CT Hurricanes 2010
  2. That is correct. I can not wait to see everyone there!
  3. Next brass rehearsal is this sunday at the Seymour Rec. Center. Directions are on the Hurricanes website:
  4. The Connecticut Hurricanes will be coming out in force this year for their run to DCA Finals. There will be more brass coming to audition and fresh faces in every section. Hard work will be paying off, and good luck goes out to all the other corps during their opening of the 2010 season.
  5. Thats right Hurcs!!! Lets keep the fire burning. The season began this past weekend and light that fire under us and get recruiting and moving into that top 3 or championships spot in 2010.
  6. The Connecticut Hurricanes are beginning their 2010 season. Check out the website and fill out an application before auditions begin. We are looking forward to our drive to the top!!!
  7. As a member of the Hurricanes Management and staff and ###. DM, the person who posted the comment about the Bushwackers is not in any way associated with the Hurricanes. We thank the hosts of the show and the wonderful crowd in Toms River. There was no disrespect taken from Bush.
  8. Joe Exley joins the Connecticut Hurricanes Brass Staff The Hurricanes are pleased to announce the addition of Joe Exley to the brass staff. Joe Exley's teaching history spans many corps from DCI to DCA. For the past 4 seasons Joe was brass caption head of the Harrison Bushwackers where he led the corps to a record-setting brass caption win in 2006, and orchestrated strong end-of-season sprints every year. Hallmarks of Joe's instruction are aggressive, clean-sounding hornlines capable of significant demand, and who progress at a very rapid rate. Joe lives in NYC as a career tu
  9. maybe you should watch what they are doing. Technique, performing and drill. They are that good.
  10. How very true. It has been too many times that I have heard a larger, yet very dirty and bad sounding corps get bigger scores. I am glad that times are a changing. Good luck everyone. I am excited for 2009. I hope everyone is doing well!
  11. What a great rehearsal. The Hurricanes ensembled the entire opener and now has 95 percent of the show complete. Drill starts soon and I can not wait till the first show!
  12. The Connecticut Hurricanes have had a successful winter so far. This weekend the Hurcs will continue putting together the 2009 show "Gold Rush". All brass and percussion are reporting on Sunday 10-5 at the Seymour Rec. Center in Seymour, Connecticut. The brass will receive new music that adds up to 95% of the brass book complete. New members have come each weekend with only a few spots left to audition for. The energetic staff and excited members are cruising into the Spring anticipating and eager to learn great drill. Be ready for their best step off (left) in the first show. Watch for tha
  13. Hurricanes have a great pasta dinner coming up this friday. Everyone is welcome. Check the website for details. Connecticut Hurricanes Coming up is our next brass rehearsal on January 4th. Any questions look on the website. This promises to be a great year!!!!! Come check us out!