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  1. ... but the fact you quoted Jeff doesn't mean you're referring to him, right?
  2. At first glance I thought it meant "Prior Cadets corps experience" as an incentive to retain existing members. Then I saw it was prior experience with auditioning and pretty much ANYONE. Hmmm. Do they really NEED to offer $$$ discounts for kids to come by and try out? I would have thought Cadets auditions would be jam packed and overloaded.
  3. Very sorry to hear. My sincere condolences to all his family, friends, and all of us here, too. This was a good man. Way too young.
  4. Great moves by the Scouts directors and staff! Things just keep looking up each year. And the improvements are very noticeable in their performances and quality of shows. However, in a parallel comparison to football... our Chicago Bears have a stellar coaching staff, and still pretty much stink (even though their record seems to say better.) EDIT: OK, re-reading that seems to "imply" I am saying my former corps "stinks" ... not what I meant. LOL! I meant that ... well, everyone knows what I meant.
  5. I remember at one time thinking that stadium "Jumbotrons" would become a normal thing. Pyrotechnics as well. Of course, both would be lousy ideas... not every stadium has a jumbotron as the summer goes along, and can you imagine the pyrotechnics issue? With fire marshals and fire extinguishers needed for everyones field shows? And God forbid a stray rocket fires up into the stands... How about aircraft fly overs or parachute drop ins to some shows? Or "Pink Floyd" style walls or giant floating pigs hovering over the stadiums? Live performances by "guest stars" ... like Madonna since she marched in a corps before. (that was joke... Modonna didn't march in a corps - don't start another thread about her...) OK, but seriously... just the changes in the last 10-15 years have been quite amazing. marching and drill design... playing styles... musical selections. Can the corps be any bigger than what is now allowed? Can we max out tuba lines with sayyyyyy... 30? Entire drumlines relegated to just the pit area instead of marching the field? Cymbal lines are gone for all intent & purpose, will they do that next to bass drum lines?
  6. It took until the 13th post of this thread... but this is the one I agree with! All are good choices, but Channel One could really cook with todays arrangements, modern instruments and styles of playing and marching.
  7. 1975 Blue Devils and 1975 27th Lancers. 1975 Madison Scouts - but it was MacArthur Park that I kept lifting the needle on for them and replaying over and over and over... and over. I can still hear the "pop" every time I play it. 1976 Blue Devils
  8. a slight diversion off topic... but did I just hear the "Poet & Peasant Overture" on "the Amazing Race" ... during the dog sledding part? I played that overture in The Guardsmen...
  9. How could we get this far into this and no one has mentioned The Marquise from Fond Du Lac, WI? I guess I just did!
  10. thought of another to add to my 10: Cavaliers horn line step over the guard - chills, especially with the pause... Bad ###