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  1. I disagree with Will. There have been many show announcements via Facebook. Some guards don't have a dedicated press staff. I think for the majority, some programs just dont feel the need to do an official press release. Too much emphasis is put on trying to consume all the information about productions before the viewer gets to see it. What happened to just going and watching a show for enjoyment?!
  2. The Seguin Matador Guard has many seasons worth of uniforms and flags for sale. Check out Checks made out to Seguin Band Boosters. For more information, contact Heather Benton: Email
  3. Seguin HS in Seguin, TX is selling a ton of stuff. Good bargains to be had! Seguin Matador Colorguard Sale Page
  4. WGI proposals are up.... WGI Proposals.
  5. In ALL classes, there's at least one Texas Finalist :)
  6. I didn't get to see everything as I was busy with duts for an independent open finalist but.... SA: I thought the entire class was entertaining and great top to bottom. My fave moment was the diva from Somerville just nodding her head "yes" and smiling at the end of their run. She knew it was a fantastic run. IO: *Double Peace Signs* (inside joke) SO: I want CT Johnson's least the "tattooed" bits. I still say there had to be velcro on Upland HS's backs for some of those lift back to back tricks. Cypress Bay's unforms reminded me of the 1988 film "Heathers" a
  7. There will be the good, the not so good, and some dark horse contenders to watch out for. As every year, everything changes in Dayton.
  8. That's what I was thinking, Will. Thanks!
  9. Random question: What's the best dimensions of a front sideline prop that covers the guard for transitions for field? I've seen multiple programs use them at various heights. What worked for you?
  10. WGI posted the championships schedule: WGI Championships Schedule
  11. Watching a show live vs. on Fan Network via a laptop is a much different experience. I wouldn't be so dismissive....there is still a month an a half to Dayton.
  12. I for one am HAPPY to get out of the convention center for semi-finals! Bad juju be gone!
  13. Many folks are trying to figure out the $$$. School districts are having to make hard choices in just keeping staff. A trip to Ohio to play with flags in a gym looks excessive to outsiders. Just because So-and-so HS has been competing since (insert year), doesn't mean they HAVE to compete every year. As it has done in the past, WGI will adjust and roll with the punches.
  14. CT Johnson is using them on the field this year.....but that's more as effect than anything else.