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  1. Both Klesch and Hannum were on BAC's staff in 1997...
  2. I think alot of people miss understand the meaning of that phrase. I think they are Championship driven but like alot of those corps in the 6-9 placements their trying to find the right mix of being "Old School" and at the same time being current in design and performance. I think the show was a little more old school this year as it should be for the 70th anniversary of the corps but I'm sure next year and in years to come they will put out shows that are probably balanced being innovative and current but at the same time being old school enough it keep the Crusader tradition intact. It is mo
  3. Here we go without knowing everyone's shows yet here is a guess. Will have to update later in the winter. 1. BD 2. Crown 3. Cadets 4. Bluecoats 5. SCV 6. Boston 7.Blue Stars 8. Phantom 9. Cavies 10. Madison 11. Glassmen 12. Blue Knights Yes Cavies will be this past years Phantom and dropping down to the bottom of the finals lineup. I think Boston, Blue Stars, Phantom and Cavies will fight it out for the 6th thru 9th slots.
  4. There is no guarantee Madison will make finals. On paper yes, they signed some big staff names but that guarantees nothing and being very disrespectful of corps like Troopers and BK. It will all be decided on the field starting in June. Madison is in the mix but there are alot of corps in contention such as Crossmen, Spirit and Colts in addition to Madison.
  5. All I'm hearing on here is the same old excuses!!!! The truth is there has been alot of drum corps that have come and gone who have had bad management and have honestly put no effort into trying to fundraise and be creative about it and put the effort to find corporate sponsors. As far as the belows examples: 1. School ends way too late, sometimes as late as June 28 or 29. A bad excuse, I see Jersey Surf, Raiders and yes even Boston dealing with that issue. 2. People are burned out on supporting drum corps. Too many years of people going to that well, just not true. No one has truly gone a
  6. I Believe the scores will be a little higher to begin the season. Cadets- 75.4 Bluecoats-74.2 Boston-73.5 Glassmen- 73.0 Crossmen- 71.2 Troopers- 62.0 Pioneer- 61.4
  7. Congrats on the startup of the corps. I would be interested in a brass staff position. Do have contact info where I could send you my resume?
  8. I believe a Brass Theatre division would be cool or just a brass ensemble division. Of course I think in order to do this from an acoustic standpoint the shows which included this new division would need to be held in an arena of some sort. Instead of a high school gym for example these shows would need to be held in more acoustically friendly venues such as college basketball arenas or even arenas such as Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, NY or Staples Center in Los Angeles etc. Alot of Indoor Professional Football Teams play in these arenas so artificial turf would probably be available for WG
  9. Way too early to guess this but here I go just for entertainment purposes!!!!!!! It will be a few months before you can even make an educated guess!!!!! 1. Blue Devils 2. Phantom Regiment 3. Cadets 4. Cavaliers 5. Bluecoats 6. Boston Crusaders 7. SCV 8. Madison Scouts 9) Carolina Crown 10) Blue Knights 11) Glassmen 12. Crossmen The top 3 will be close. The spread between 5th place and 12th will be really small so 5th through 12th place could be a scamble and a race to the finish and probably will not be decided until Championship week.
  10. Hey! What the Heck,Speculation is good this time of year. As long as you don't take these seriously! Here is just a speculative guess!!!! With probably less then 2 points between 5th place and 10th place. Talking tenths here, that's how close all these corps are based on last season. This could be the top 12 next year with the order being switched around alot!!!!! It will interesting to see what happens!!!!! 1. Phantom 2. Cavs 3. Blue Devils 4. SCV 5. Boston 6. Cadets 7. Bluecoats 8. Carolina Crown 9. Madison 10.Blue Knights 11. Blue Stars 12. Spirit
  11. I believe Blue Devils need to get back to playing Jazz. My idea for a while has been that the Blue Devils should have a Jazz Composition contest. With Wayne Downey and the rest of the staff being the judges. The winners composition would be performed by the Blue Devils during the season on the field. With all the great Jazz schools like Berklee College of Music and North Texas State etc I think they would be able to get some great original Jazz compositions and ideas out of it. Of course Wayne would probably have to arrange it to corpsize it but I think that would be cool. The corps could offe
  12. With my background in being involved in drum corps on the east coast I can understand the emotions the crossmen alumni and fans are having to them moving operations to San Antonio. In the end though this will be a good deal for Crossmen. Being free from YEA will be a good thing in the long run competitively and financially. I don't know if I agree with them moving to Texas, as I believe YEA could have found a new home for them on the east coast but I do understand the move and there is alot of potential in Texas for this corps. I will be interested in seeing the developemnt of the Crossmen
  13. I agree that the corps have known for sometime about DCI's being held in Pasadena. DCI is doing the right thing by asking for a committment from the DCI Div. 2/3 as to if they will be travelling west for DCI's. I also hope all the Division 2/3 corps are able to go West for Championships. Corps need to think ahead nowadays! In addition to making plans for Pasadena for 2007, all the corps should be making plans for Indy in 2008 also. I will be interested to see how this shakes out as this will be a test for alot of corps management wise and finanically wise. To be fair though the west coast corp
  14. Patience everyone!!!! You have to remember that this ESPN Broadcast is still in its infancy. Not sure if everyone is old enough to remember the very first PBS broadcasts they were pretty bad. I think as the ESPN2/DCI relationship grows that the shows will be tweaked and improved just like the PBS shows were over the years! Give DCI and ESPN2 sometime!