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  1. Last chance - 2 seats in section 141 for row 2 and 2 seats in section 141 for row 5. $59 each.
  2. Update: Have 3 seats in row 1, 2 seats in row 2, and 2 seats in row 5 still available.
  3. Update: Still have 6 tickets left. Four seats in row 1, and two seats in row 5.
  4. I have two sets of seats for sale. Section 141, row 1, seats 1-4 and Section 141, row 5, seats 1-5. The seats are on the aisle closest to the 50. Price is face value of $59. Please send me a PM if interested.
  5. Just have 2 tickets left. Get them before they're gone.
  6. I still have a total of 5 tickets remaining. PM me if interested.
  7. They certainly are. I will accept single seats at this time as well. You couldn't be more correct on wanting to be low in that stadium - most of the audio is like an echo chamber.
  8. HI there - I’ve been able to get a couple tickets since I left a message for you earlier.  I’m all set. No longer need the tickets. Thanks.

  9. That would be for 139 row 5. 

  10. Hi there. I am interested in the 2 you have together for prelims. 

  11. I have 2-6 seats available for purchase for DCI Prelims in Indianapolis. I have four seats together in section 139, row 4 and two seats together in section 139, row 5. All seats are on the 50 yard line side of the section - and I want to sell them in pairs. Cost plus fees is $64.80 each. PM me if interested.
  12. Okay, just have the single seat left. The pair has been sold.
  13. I have a three tickets - two together and one separate - for Prelims in the blast zone - down low in section 140. The cost is $67 each. First come, first serve. If interested, please PM me. Thank you.