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  1. I do not think it is the file sharing issue as that has decreased a ton since streaming has been out the past 4-5 years. And really, do they care about a small activity such as BOA and DCI, I doubt it. It comes down to greed (record companies) and arrangement issues and that is it. They are not losing any more money than they ever had, ..............look at Justin Timberlake, he is worth $230 million dollars, you think he cares if Bluecoats do a Timberlake show in 19? No..if he does it is about the arrangement being manipulated more than the loss of revenue.
  2. I wonder why they just did not use Thursdays show for the recording? From what I remember there were not any issues. When they try and mix different nights, you can tell with the layering that they are splicing.
  3. I think you could do a entire post devoted to several of these corps: Sky Ryders, Star, VK, Dutch Boy etc....
  4. Is it not the entire show then on the cds?
  5. These are great surveys, trouble with some of these corps that outside the top 12, it is hard to remember what their shows were. This is more of the fault of DCI perhaps because it seems of late, they only make Top 12 available. Would it be possible to provide some links to their shows for us to review?
  6. If you need to get reengaged with 2002...watch on high cam
  7. Crown's is a very simple fix..just use Thursday nights show. I was at all three nights and as far as I can tell, there were no issues at all. I have never seen anybody mention the reason,. why did the singer from Crown not come out to the field during retreat?
  8. I thought she got better as the season went on and can only hope they use the Thursday night show for DVD/CD. (I assume there were no issues). Look, I at first did not care for the vocalist but she grew on me. Like how they added more color for her as well with the green/multi color dress. I think it was also a great decision to let her hair down, she is a beautiful young lady for sure. I hope they do go back to a all brass show, but I have listened to their show just as much the past two weeks as any other, so for me I appreciated their design this year.
  9. Simple solution for DVD/CD release, just use Thursday's show.
  10. I happen to like The Cavaliers show, and the ending is fantastic. As great as it is, it could be made even better on Finals Night with the ending vocalist portion of "I Did It My Way" . I am not sure if that is pre-recorded or sung live, if it is pre-recorded they should make a change for Finals Night. Replace the vocalist with Frank Sinatra, look they are not going to win, but if they did that, the reaction from the crowd would be out of this world, best of the night. I know, they probably can not due to copyrights, but I would think the lyrics or medley is the portion that is copyrighted? Pipe dream, but man would that be an awesome ending for sure!
  11. Maybe a impossible request... but would prefer Franks voice at the end... now that would be a even more significant impact imo
  12. Please...this is not the NFL, this is a youth activity and reality is...the ending will surface, like it or not. If you do not want to look do not seek....
  13. Does anybody know if you can still purchase the Live Pass? I thought there would be Mid-Season Price point offered, but no such luck or so I did not see it. I thought about purchasing one isolated show, but I am curious.. for those of you who have it, how is it? I still wish there was a way to watch it after the show and I know why we cannot, just know that was the initial holdup for me this year.
  14. Listening to a ton of drum corps lately..curious for potentially testing out a new theater system which will sound better, the Audio Collectors cd set 86-91 or the Legacy dvd set. Have been playing a ton of 87-93 era lately. Sometimes a dvd audio is compressed more than a cd.