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  1. Rumor has it the Bluecoats might make a push to bring her in for the 2020 season.
  2. All is fair game IMO with the exception of percussion... MCGA in 2020!
  3. 1. Bluecoats make a push to get Crossmen drum major.. assuming she didn’t age out 2. Speaking of Coats.. they drop to 3-5 placement 3. Cadets continue to fall.. end up 12-10 range 4. SCV doesn’t do screeching solo 3 years in a row, even though he will be back .. but they do duplicate the trombone solo just like this year in 2020
  4. I have two tickets (pictured below) for tonight’s show that were purchased through Bluecoats. Selling them for face value and they are in section 142 Row 14 seats 9 and 10. Staying at JW but can meet you at your place of interest. Email me at mbird1974@yahoo.com
  5. Yes, I have no doubt they would be.. as odd as the 2017 show was it had more moments to me that were reflective of a Top 6 show than any of the past two years. I am an alumni, I want them to bounce back, but I am not holding my breath. One thing nobody has mentioned and I have no insight, but what is the feedback on Doug Rutherford? Seems to me he went Phantom in 94 and was in the process of destroying that corps (1995 the corps was starting to fall off IMO) and was booted, corps wins in 1996 ... never got the vibe that DR is the right fit.. just a gut feeling of course .
  6. Phantom needs to part ways with Pitts, his arrangements are suited more for BOA and lets face it PR has not been able to get back on track since he has been there. Nice moment in 2008 as a DM, but time to go..
  7. Jeff, There is something wrong here, this is The Cadets, arguably the second most successful corps of all time from a championship and placement stance most likely. They dominated an era from 1983-1987 like nobody had before or since.. But as an alumni, I have not really enjoyed any of their shows since 2016, this is a corps that is supposed to compete every year and have a show that is memorable year in and year out. I can shout out Cadets years from 1983 -2015 and most of us would be able to call out that exact show?. When I see The Cadets now, I am sorry but I think of The Blue Stars, not that is a bad comparison, but nonetheless it is the truth. I think it will get worse before it ever gets better. Before you say SCV and Cavaliers had down years, they still had for the most part quality shows. This is not about uniforms, but rather a show that captivates the audience. The last two nights I was at both shows, they did not do that. Go back and watch 87, 92, 2000... capture the audience, write a drill that has you keeping your eyes on the field and not on my phone. I have no doubt that if that show went up against 1988, it would lose. I want them to get better, we all do, but don't hold your breath and say time, they don't need time, they need talent, simply put. Hard facts, but it is the truth.
  8. I do not think it is the file sharing issue as that has decreased a ton since streaming has been out the past 4-5 years. And really, do they care about a small activity such as BOA and DCI, I doubt it. It comes down to greed (record companies) and arrangement issues and that is it. They are not losing any more money than they ever had, ..............look at Justin Timberlake, he is worth $230 million dollars, you think he cares if Bluecoats do a Timberlake show in 19? No..if he does it is about the arrangement being manipulated more than the loss of revenue.
  9. I wonder why they just did not use Thursdays show for the recording? From what I remember there were not any issues. When they try and mix different nights, you can tell with the layering that they are splicing.
  10. I think you could do a entire post devoted to several of these corps: Sky Ryders, Star, VK, Dutch Boy etc....
  11. Is it not the entire show then on the cds?
  12. These are great surveys, trouble with some of these corps that outside the top 12, it is hard to remember what their shows were. This is more of the fault of DCI perhaps because it seems of late, they only make Top 12 available. Would it be possible to provide some links to their shows for us to review?
  13. If you need to get reengaged with 2002...watch on high cam
  14. Crown's is a very simple fix..just use Thursday nights show. I was at all three nights and as far as I can tell, there were no issues at all. I have never seen anybody mention the reason,. why did the singer from Crown not come out to the field during retreat?