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  1. Does anyone know of somewhere where I can get a drum corps related poster? It can be specific to a corps, or general it doesn't matter. I'm just having trouble finding any. Thanks -Jackie-
  2. Keith Dudek is the drumline instructor at Papillion-Lavista now, and Jim Gameral is the drumline instructor at Westside
  3. That's funny that you talk about sawing inches off the carrier because that's definitely what they did to my harness. We use the T-bar yahama carries, and a good portion was cut off, so that the snare would fit better. So far, well for three years, I haven't had any back problems at all. I'm not sure how tall he is, but I'm 4'10. I think if he wants to play snare bad enough, he'll learn to carry it. That's what I had to do. Just my two cents. -Jackie-
  4. I just realized that all guy corps have all guy dancers!!! w/Stp: