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  1. It's not just you, or anyone else Keith. Drum corps has dramatically changed in the past two decades. Bb horns instead of G, three valves instead of two (or piston/rotor, piston/slide). Smaller bore. Amplified pits, and now amplified hornlines because they just aren't loud enough anymore. No more retreats. No guarding the colours. All the uniforms look the same. No one plays anything that you know, only what they've written that's "new!" and "moody" instead of toe tapping/dancing along/rockin'. Drum majors no longer have rank. Dancing on the field instead of precision colour guard....
  2. Tuthill may have had talent, and may deserve his hall of fame status... but, he's the man that turned the Argonauts Drum and Bugle corps into the Argonauts Marching band. There's a lot of bad blood between my fellow alumni and him.
  3. Well, that just SUX! I spent 8 years of my life PAYING to travel and perform, performed music written for me to play, worked my ### off two nights each week and for two and half months every summer. And now I have to PAY to hear what "we" accomplished. Including myself playing the music DCI is charging me to listen to. That's like KISS paying to hear their own albums....only they NEVER make any money... only pay to play it in front of audiences.
  4. According to you then, DCI doesn't own it either. Which leaves my question valid.
  5. You know, 'cuz after all, WE wrote the music (or rewrote, as it were), and WE PLAYED the music. Seems kinda lame to have to support DCI letting us listen to it.
  6. Would we fund this DCI set up.... then pay AGAIN to download the music?
  7. This is gonna sound like a whine.... Dude, so was 83. We got shafted by DCI because we refused to march a 109 degree day (parade) in these new uniforms. Instead we went in corps t-shirts and pants. The DCI officials at the parade came up to us after and told us "You will never win another show this year". Until he said that, we were undefeated in 83. We didn't win another show until after finals that year. And that was in Casper.
  8. Trying to remember the image code... anyway... Argos 1983 snare line.
  9. While I definitely agree, it's nowhere near the classic look of 83.
  10. I see only a couple things missing... :P Two tours a year. First tour being north-south directions and second be east-west, or vice-versa. A show every single day of tour. Not five shows total on second tour.
  11. 1987 Argonauts! Back row, second from the right is me.
  12. heh... more of a joke, than a trademark. But, it used to be quite fun to tell people that. :P