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  1. Haven't posted on here in a long, long time, and I'm not even in TTown right now for the concert, but I wanted to just say a thank you to the entire Crown organization for doing this for the Tuscaloosa community, especially those of us drum corps fans. You don't know how much things like this mean to us. Go Crown and Roll Tide!
  2. Trust me, you don't want any dirty ex-Auburn players anywhere near this activity. Well maybe that's not fair to the players... you don't want that dirty Cow College anywhere near this activity. Much better.
  3. Alabama could pull it off... we've been working with Michael Klesch for quite a few years now and we normally have quite a few members of the MDB march corps.
  4. Jersey Surf and Teal Sound try to sit down but Dan keeps telling them that those chairs are reserved for Magic and Southwind. No one has the heart to tell Dan. Too soon?
  5. Obviously it's very early for 2011... but we saw a LOT of new uniforms/uniform changes last year and changing them up often seems to be the new trend. Anyone heard anything for 2011?
  6. Can I just say, to be serious for a second, I'm a member on a lot of forums related to sports teams, businesses, etc. and insiders on them have no problems revealing their "in-the-know" info. Here, however...
  7. Other than official Spirit contacts, does anyone have any email addresses for other Spirit people that would be interested? I've seen a few names listed as necessary, like Freddy Martin above. I'd be glad to forward the emails I sent to them if I could get their addresses!
  8. I kinda want the Cavies to attack another masculine character like James Bond and the soldier-attitude of Mad World. Don't have a particular character in mind but I think that'd be a vein worth exploring.
  9. The year is plenty long as it is. Stop focusing on standardized tests and graduation rates and simply teach the material. Quite frankly, schools that pander to the weakest links hurt the stronger ones. I'm in no way saying let's leave anyone behind; however, we shouldn't keep stopping the car for people to get on, we should just drive a little slower and make them run to jump on.
  10. They don't list their emails on the Spirit website but they have email forms to send to staff members. I shot a message and mentioned this thread to the people you mentioned sop. Fingers crossed they like the idea, too!
  11. Well I'd be more than happy to send an email to whomever... I'm just not sure who I should contact in this case (the current corps, past administrators, etc.). If someone else doesn't want to do it but could say, "Hey, contact THIS guy!" I'll jump on it.
  12. Who wants to be the initiative-taker here and contact some of these people and see if we could make this happen?
  13. I don't want to NOT attend a show again this year. I haven't NOT seen a show since 2003 until last year. Pained me deeply, especially to mis Mad World.