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  1. 1978 Madison Scouts rifle line - The entire corps was the epitome of the Fabulous Green Gods.
  2. Where to start??? 1. Madison Scouts 1988 Malaguena wedge (OK, I was a marching member) 2. Garfield Cadets 1982 Concerto in F - tenor drum break/flag exchange 3. Phantom Regiment 1977/78 Beethoven's Ninth flag change/color pre 4. Madison Scouts 1978 Malaguena opener - the whole song 5. SCV - 1980 Concert - Evita - the whole song Very honorable mentions go to the Blue Devils 1999? (I think - Rhythms at the End of Time or whatever it was called - way to go color guard), Phantom Regiment 1993/1994, Cavaliers 50th anniversary show, MADISON 1982 rifles--BEST. EVER. Regiment's Spartacus years
  3. Hugz all 'round bros Marc Giles Chicago Madison Scouts 1984-1988 MSARP 2006!!
  4. I would love them if they did a 25th anniversary, updated re-creation of that fantastic 1982 show next year. They should put the guard in the same unis - sorry guys - and give us some of the key moments of that show, with enough modernity in between to satisfy the judging community. (UGH - that was 25 years ago?) Where to start? It was such a cool year for them. DCW was all over the fact that they beat 27th (may they rest) at the first show. I saw them in June at Drums on Parade in Madison--it was all so new and innovative and cool. Of course there was George Z's revolutionary drill (may he rest) . . . in retrospect, I think it's poetic justice that George B. and company drove GZ and co. out only to die an ugly death while the Garfield Cadets flourished. The Cesario Bros. deserve much credit for the fabulousness of this corps, especially with regard to the color guard. Speaking of the guard: Rifles - kicked ### - esp with the 360 OTL Flag line - kicked ### - that full guard flag exchange during the tenor solo in the midst of Concerto in F is one of the most amazing drum corps moments EVER. The company front at the end of Concerto in F with the beautiful blue swing flags - PERFECTION. I certainly don't want to overlook the members of the color guard themselves, who totally worked it. Well done, ladies. What was it like to perform that show?? I'm a guard person. so those things come to mind first, but how about the hornline?? And the music!? It was the first year of Rocky Point Holiday, but the two Gershwin pieces that followed were so absolutely perfect. (Cool to think that the corps was founded when he was still alive.) With all due respect to Madison, my alma mater, the GARFIELD Cadets' 1982 Cuban Overture was just magnificent. WHO were those soprano soloists? So - that's my wish list for Cadets 07. I logged on here to submit a tribute to the 1982 corps . . . if a DVD can be worn out I will do it watching that show. Cheers - Marc Giles Chicago Thunderbolts d & b 1979, winter guard 1981-89 Madison Scouts 1984-88
  5. Writing is also a skill. "I hope the Scouts Alumni Corps never take the field again" could definitely be interpreted (as I did) as a highly negative statement, especially coupled with the part about seeing the video 80 times. [it was 70, max! :)] However, as you've explained, it could be interpreted as a positive one as well, and I now recognize that was your intent. I'm sorry Tom - I should not have flamed you like that. I certainly wasn't doing much to lower the ugliness quotient on I should add that it WAS kind of funny by the end of the evening (morning?) that we'd already memorized parts of the video. My friends and I got a laugh out of the announcement at last call: "Attention, Madison Scouts Alumni, we will be showing your video, ONE LAST TIME." Marc Giles
  6. Awesome pic of the Tenor Gods! Love it. The other one is really cool too. How about the guy in his Scout envelope hat - so excellent.
  7. Drum Corps Planet is a really ugly place! The entire question of MSARP vs. Madison 06 is kind of sickening. I'm certainly no fan of Cesario-esque clone corps/uniforms, but even I would not ask such a thing. Finally, Tom Brace, what a disgusting, nasty post. If you didn't like seeing the video "about 80 times", why did you voluntarily stay at the Stadium Bar? For some of us, it will never get old. Nobody forced you to watch it or even to join us in celebrating our once-in-a-lifetime reunion. Believe me, Madison had plenty of MSARP-free bars last Friday and Saturday with plenty of room for you. "Parody"? That's absurd, inaccurate, and impossible--it was five days ago.
  8. Great post JH. I marched with the Scouts from 1984 through 1988, and it was an unbelievable, indescribable thrill to participate in the alumni reunion corps this year, for so many reasons. For a few days over the past 6 months, I was back with my fellow Scouts—not in a new senior corps, but with 220+ other Scouts, back in a Madison Corps again! In addition, I got to march with drum major Doug Tholo and many other heroes from every section of one of my favorite corps of all time, the great 1978 Madison Scouts. Yes, thank you very much ODBC for the question. (By the way, before I go any further, if you’re sick of hearing about the MSARP, it’s simple—don’t read the related posts/threads!) Where to start? - It was an incredible reunion! Many wonderful friendships were re-energized. In addition, I was able to re-connect and really get to know several brothers with whom I did not spend enough time as a bratty 17-21 year-old. - Since my rookie season was 1984 (Eisenhower jackets for the horn and drum lines, white shirt/green pants for the guard), I did not get to wear what I consider the very best, most studly uniform in all of Madison Scouts history . . . until last week. For those of us that did not wear it when we marched (AND those who did) it was totally cool to see ourselves in that uni. We like to call it the “Superman Suit” – it truly felt like it!! - One of my favorite DCI video moments is Malaguena from 1980 – fortunately for us guard buffs, the camera caught almost all of the rifle line’s book that year. It was an unbelievable thrill and honor to perform the same work to the same music that the great Ralph Viray, Randy Black, and Dave Beckman (and so many others—I think it was those 3 on camera; someone please correct me if I’m wrong) did that legendary year. I hope we did you proud, guys. - On Wednesday night of finals week we had the privilege of watching the 2006 Scouts’ show and performing for them. That was a really cool experience. After the show we joined forces with the 2006 corps and alumni in attendance to sing our corps song together under the direction of fellow alum and current instructor Scott Boerma. So beautiful! - Friday eve and almost all day/night on Saturday were spent at the Stadium Bar across the street from Camp Randall at the best post-DCI party ever. We could not get enough of each other and our semi-finals video . . . again, if you don’t/didn’t like it—leave! Lots of great memories, old and new. All that said, I should stress how much we fully appreciate and loved the amazing support from the crowd on Friday. I hope that everyone still in the stadium last Friday enjoyed our Remembrance as much as we did. Finally, while I’m on here, a few random thoughts and my wish list for the future: - Cavaliers – WOW, what a show. Full respect to your great corps; you guys truly were a machine. (Note: The 50th anniversary flag that we carried in the MSARP show was given to us in 1988 by the Cavaliers. That’s class.) - Cavies and Regiment, thank you for bringing something new to drum corps – respectful of the activity’s roots, yet creative, modern, and captivating. Two beautiful shows! - I would like to see another Regiment DCI title – all by themselves. Your shows the past two years—and so many before that (e.g. 1994)—have been absolutely transcendent. - I would like to see a Regiment reunion corps! Just do a 1978-1982 medley and I will be in heaven. - To the 2006 Scouts – Well done, gentlemen . . . I know that we in the MSRP are all so proud of you. While I certainly don't support Michael Cesario as a Madison staff member/uniform designer, I’ll always love my corps and respect and honor my fellow alums. Marc G Chicago PS: Illinois 1 and 2 at DCI 06! Cali-where?
  9. Wow - tragic, yet very amusing! Who knew he was so incredibly important? Very Miranda Priestly of him. How much does that job pay?? Does his office have a view and a kitchen? I might apply. If I'd known the Barry Diller of DCI/YEA! was looking for an "Executive" Assistant I would've introduced myself on Saturday night at the Stadium Bar in Madison.