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  1. PR and SCV have more connections than many know. Sending good thoughts to the pham.
  2. Would love to hear this myself! Really, any audio from 2004 I'd love to hear...
  3. I've been a fan network subscriber most seasons since it got started, but it's incredibly difficult to justify the cost when I know for sure I'll miss most of these streams... It's really time for the corps to embrace what most of the entertainment/performing arts orgs are realizing - that to build audience loyalty you have to deliver content and lots of it, most of the time for free and in a spontaneous way... I hope to get my fill on YouTube and Periscope, but the corps need to be ok putting that content out there and stop trying to be "secret" or hide it from the public... That tactic doesn't work, and it has been proven over and over that the more content you put out, the more interest is drummed up and people will actually show up or at least consume the content online... There are definite ways to make money off of this.
  4. It was a blast! We pushed and pushed and pushed and just getting ahead of the Cadets was a big deal. The fact that people STILL talk about that year so much is kind of a testament. It was the only year I marched SCV, but what a year to march!
  5. Dude, BD totally deserved to win. No question about it. SCV was dirty as all get out, and honestly, most of my comments stopped being about SCV and the point spread pretty quickly... As soon as we blink, the sheets will change again - thus is the activity. You're not wrong, but I still don't quite get it. I just don't agree with the whole thing (and I'm not alone either - lot's of people don't). But it is what it is. And as much as I'm a homer, I'll call it like it is. We've been less then stellar in the past, and it's been far too long since we've been competitive. I so badly want this show in particular to be amazing. We were a big fan fav in '04, and I want that AND to be a judge fav in '14... They're going to need some oxyclean, but it's still June. It's fun trading barbs on here. We're all a passionate bunch, and I don't ever mean anything personally on here... #JustSayin
  6. Oh for sure they're dirty... They also move around and stuff. I'm just sick of rewarding BD in the Vis/GE categories for more easily attainable designs... Some of that stuff is straight out of basics block. I'm a homer, of course, but it's just getting old. SCV needs to finish the show and clean a lot. Once we can compare apples to apples, it'll be interesting to see where things shake out...
  7. Also, you don't get a ton of variety in scoring when it's the same panel just judging different categories... #JustSayin
  8. 4 point spread is kinda a lot....... Just my opinion...
  9. * * Very talented group of kids. Not my cup of tea for stylistic reasons.
  10. Part of my beef with the fan network is that it didn't exist 10 years ago... Y'all, we were DIRTY when we came out in '04... And get this - the show was incomplete! I think we stopped like halfway through the closer for the first week or so... And then we scrapped that ending about halfway through the season and completely redid it... And THEN we added the tag ending a week before finals... Things change. It's part of the game. Just enjoy it and know it's not over until it's over.
  11. Needs some hard scrubbing, but this '04 alum couldn't be happier. Def got some chills. Lots of amazing memories from that summer 10 years ago.