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  1. Reliable source: Hannum, Markworth and Schlicher to lead Crown percussion. Look for announcement soon!
  2. Update on Injured Crown member: The entire Crown family wishes Ryan Brannan (mellophone player) a speedy recovery from the fractured tibia of the left leg he suffered during the finals competition. As of 2am this morning Ryan is resting comfortably while awaiting surgery first thing in the morning. Please keep him in your thoughts. Jim Coates Executive Director Carolina Crown
  3. Carolina Crown has a lead baritone spot available. If you have experience in drum corps, physically fit and the attitude to join a GREAT group of performers please give us a call (803) 547-2270 or email
  4. if you look at the list on the web site you will notice the total number is 32 and lets not forget the we increased the total # to 150. Here is the break down of which I think they are in excellent shape with possible returning vets: 1 DM out of 3 14 Brass out of 86 which includes alternates 9 Percussion out of 31 8 Guard out of 38 which includes alternates Very good possible return percentage :)
  5. This new Network must be something huge. I just saw something on the Crown web site about their next generation of corpsTV. Sounds like 2PM tomorrow is the key...can't wait for sure :worthy: :worthy:
  6. Most everyone is talking about the Brass recording....I'm curios what people think about the percussion recordings
  7. Sorry...but come on now...for quality recordings like these I can't believe you will be disappointed paying the $2.99. We keep on asking for corps to do more of this stuff and after all I'm sure it cost them some $$$ to do. All I can say...WOW!!!!!!! what a horn line and WOW!!!!! I have never heard a percussion only recording like this
  8. WOW!!!! Check out the recordings that Crown just placed up for downloading on their web site Look for the link titled "2007 Field Studio Recording" and you can select many different versions. I was told these recording were done the last week of finals and you have choices of "Full Corps"..."Brass Only"..."Percussion Only"...Drumline Only" I listened to the Brass Only & Percussion Only......WOW....great stuff!