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  1. Are you going after Boston in the same way? They haven't announced in publicly in a statement. Who really knows what they're going to do? I will never understand why so many people on here think they should be entitled to have the first shake at information that is meant for a corps' membership.
  2. I think what might be a bigger concern of the tour happens as scheduled is schools that are still in session deeper in the summer to make up for lost days
  3. https://yea.org/news/cadets-usbands-move-forward?fbclid=IwAR08Ki9p9gizXn9DkGScMHPPacn-jeJtlNlon3G8OwXjyop1onOmau9hVjc
  4. Contracts for each position have not been awarded yet. Members are fully aware of this going in
  5. Yeah man...I would give my left...for this to have been my age out
  6. Excited: April, Jay, Jon Super Excited: Matt S., Denise MOST EXCITED: CURTIS U!!!
  7. Hopefully it won't end up as "you can do better."
  8. I'm curious if he actually would have legal recourse. If an acquittal were to take place and GH were to deem that his removal from the HOF had caused him serious professional damages, would he not be entitled to compensation from those damages?
  9. I'd rather see a tuition cap across the board, with set expectations on what every member is to get from that money (number and quality of meals, type of housing, etc.) and let the higher up schmucks figure out the rest of the cost without driving member fees up
  10. Ooooh...I wanna know who's coming home 😍
  11. Have you watched them rehearse this year? I'm not asking for over-rehearsed for the sake of over-rehearsal. But there is a distinct lack of focus and drive that I'm accustomed to...and I'm talking from within the corps