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  1. There is a statute of limitations, but how the actual time is calculated can be very convoluted. In many cases, the statute is "tolled" (paused) while one or both parties are not in the state, because if you're accused of a crime, you shouldn't get to go live in Europe, let the clock run out, and then come back. (Just an example.) If this case were outside the PA statute, the defense team would have moved to dismiss on those grounds immediately. They have not done that to date.
  2. Absolutely wrong. Read the filings. They are public records. Call the courthouse and ask for copies. Hopkins' attorneys want the tapes because they want to probe inconsistencies between what is on the tapes and what the victim told the police. There is NOTHING here dealing with bad acts by the prosecutor. This post should be removed. Also, ineffective assistance claims are so, so, so rare. There is virtually no way to win them and no one ever brings them. (Source: I'm a real-life, honest-to-goodness practicing attorney.)
  3. You're doing a poor job of bifurcating poor media relations with poor behavior. In both cases -- I assume you are referring to the 2018 member assault issue and the 2019 bus driver incident -- YEA by all accounts that I am privy to did everything correctly substantively. The fact that the world found out about it is not indicative of a lack of proper management. Also, if someone decides to sue you, you have no way to control the narrative because lawsuits are public record. I don't get why you want to beat YEA over the head with this? They did everything right and you're like, "Yeah, but I found out about it, so they didn't do everything right," which is weird.
  4. This is one of the dumbest threads in DCP history. The guy fell down and was injured. He feels inadequately compensated. He sues. The insurance companies do their thing. A settlement is reached. The public never hears about it again. No, this won't cause YEA's premiums to rise in any meaningful way. No, this doesn't show a "pattern" of safety issues. No, you can't assume that the plaintiff's version of the facts is true.
  5. Who was ultimately responsible for programming "Do Better," which is arguably the single worst drum corps production of the modern era?
  6. ####, hearing April on that recording gives me the warm fuzzy feeling.
  7. Look, this isn't the staff that's going to win the 2020 title. This is the staff that's going to stop the bleeding and build for 2021 and beyond. Get Jay in so that we can find the next Jay. Get April in so that we can find the next April. I have it on good authority that the design crew has not all been announced and that it's much more of a team effort this year than The Darcie Show of 2019. Some contributions may go uncredited for various reasons.
  8. I'm told that the brass and visual caption heads are set. This is exciting. I'm not sure who the new guard team is, but I know changes are being made.
  9. 1. BD is making a major change to its brass staff for the first time in... ever? OK, maybe not a "change," but a "reorganizatioN" with a new hire. 2. SCV's brass staff is apparently out.
  10. Wow, only if someone had considered that 20 years ago and started an organization that involved 3-5 corps in an attempt to scale this and maybe since these organizations involved the arts education of youth and someone could come up with a snazzy name for it.
  11. The Law Offices of DCP operate out of the back of a nail salon.
  12. Is it literally spelled like that, or is it supposed to be Oaxaca, which is pronounced essentially "wa ha ca"?
  13. Super excited for 2020. We've put together a GREAT brass staff and a GREAT visual staff. Everybody's coming home.
  14. Don't get me wrong -- I don't actually care who wins marching band shows. I just don't understand judging. I've never been able to get anyone to succinctly explain what "General Effect" actually is, so I posit that no one actually knows. I do think that having performance exceed rep is not something that should logically be possible, but again -- just my opinion.
  15. so a not-perfect book played perfectly gets rewarded, and ends up calling DCI finals? Makes little sense to me.
  16. OK, great, but how exactly do you score a 10.0 in performance on a book that maxes out at 9.85? This makes no sense.
  17. Bluecoats make it sound the most natural. Their mixing guys are great. BD makes it sound the least natural. They sound like a #### CD blasted through speakers. Really disappointing, IMO.
  18. I just want a product that I'm proud of. I don't care if we come in ninth. Just make something awesome, at the level of Cadets quality.
  19. Yes, as part of the creative team, especially if it was his idea to bring in Darcy. IMO, he's at his best when he can focus on teaching. I understand and agree that Drew is great. It still isn't working. The absolute lack of quality coming out of the brass sections this season is appalling.
  20. It isn't working. It didn't work with us during his first tour of duty in the mid-90s. It's time for an entirely new brass team and an entirely new creative team. He's a lovely person and an excellent arranger, but... it's time.
  21. No, I'm not going to do that. It isn't the arrangement or the design that are the real issue. It's the performance. We have kids missing releases and soloists absolutely exploding and intonation issues throughout. BASIC stuff. The hornline performance is a bit of a disaster and it isn't the kids' fault. I've personally watched them rehearse. They are coachable and well-intentioned and eager to learn. The issue is that the instructional staff has no business at this level and it shows through the kids' lack of preparation.