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  1. Please keep Mello player Craig Bowser in your prayers?! The posts on GoFundMe page say it very ill. Love you my Westshoremen family!
  2. it is with deep regret...I share this news... Bruce Bolich passed away early this morning as a result of pneumonia and a stomach infection. Heartborken another brother has been lost...a good , funny friend who could play a mean contra ! RIP buddy ! I remember one of the first times I met him, he and Buddy and few other of the Milton crew had just pulled up in a car and when he opened the door to get out? beer cans clattered onto the CVHS parking lot...always a laugh and smile to be shared...this sucks...loosing my corps family ! xxoo
  3. OMG !!! Congratulations HAWTHORNE on one HECK of a SHOW !!!
  4. Merry Christmas to my Westshoremen Family !
  5. I SMELL TROEGS...come to my place I have a big backyard...I ALWAYS have beer here...imagine that.
  6. Well, I hope to God you didnt think you heard me... I for one dont remember much about it other than how alot of my friends had moved onto other corps and it my whole family wasnt there with it wasnt my Westshore corps or family anymore. There were also some people that were "dug up" for bodies and were not anything like what I knew my corps family to be. These "imports" showed alot disrespect, rudeness and laziness...not all of them...but, enough to change the whole chemistry of what was Westshoremen in my eyes. Even after all this time it hurts to know that is how you were treated...and I look bad as I was part of that group.
  7. Troegs? who said Troegs? I have a back yard...bring your own chairs
  8. i am suprised nobody ever talked about the bingo we used to run and the bingo you remember having the gong show there? Monica dressed up as Sandy the dog and Beth was Annie? Rickie Lee did a comedy act...imagine that? i remember Schell, Rook as being judges...another fatal error LMAO...they were sitting upright at the time too LOL...
  9. you havent made that deposit into my account to NOT post the ones of you ...yet.... :) I will post some here too...I found a bunch from when we went to Montreal..that was 82, right? maybe? it all blurrs together...well Montreal...all I know was, I somehow was able to purchase alot of beer and bring it home...
  10. I kinda like the date and the location myself...and I wont mention there is a brewery near by too..
  11. I think we should get a group together and get out there and support the guard this year by going to a show together.
  12. n I LOVED the underwear walks ! I also loved when we did the "rubbadicka cadence" and the "drugs in my pocket cadence" Also loved how we used to stop at Mack Truck to pick up Drew and Mom & Pop Rohrbaugh. Bus #1 got off the bus to sing the other buses a song and then it was a race everytime we went there to see what the other bus would do to out perform the other buses. That was a really good time. Howie backing onto the interstate so he wasn't going "the wrong way" like the sign said. Howie backing up a street in Bayonne NJ and the " 'mon-back" coments started...especially Steve and Kirk Schneider doing it LOL
  13. You know I got rid of the Biotch (my black Jetta) in August, right? I sold it to mechanics friend and she pimped it out and is using it as a show is having more fun that it ever did now...just goes to matter how old you are or how many miles you have on you..if you still got some spunk under the golden !