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  1. Hi Folks, do you have a box of old drum corps mementos packed away in a closet, attic, basement, or even still back at Mom & Pops house?

    Do you seldom if ever get them out and look at them?

    Have you ever thought about getting rid of them, or, God forbid, throwing them away?

    If so, would you like them to go somewhere they will not only be cherished and treasured but put to good use?

    Not only am I an avid collector of late 60's entire 1970's decade drum corps memorabilia but I love to share my collection, as witnessed by the over 1000 photos I uploaded to the "some old corps photos" thread.


    I started this thread years ago right here on DCP for this very reason, to share with those interested in seeing/reading about this period.

    Many of the photos I scanned and shared here came from the drum corps publications and contest programs in my collection.

    While my collection is quite large and always growing it has missing blanks, this is where we need your help.

    A small group of us are (and have been for quite some time) working on research for a future 1970's era junior drum corps site and these old papers and programs are full of valuable info. Info we want to not only archive for future generations but also share with all who marched/taught/worked with corps in this era.

    Items we are looking for,

    1 Late 60's, entire 70's era drum corps publications; Drum Corps Digest, Drum Corps America, Drum Corps News, Drum Corps World, and/or any regional drum corps publications or circuit newspapers.

    2 Contest programs from this era, from the smallest local/regional contests to the biggest national contests.

    3 Contest ads, flyers, posters, ticket stubs.

    4 Individual corps and/or circuit summer contest schedules.

    5 Corps newsletters and/or yearbooks.

    6 Judges recap/score sheets.

    7 Local town newspaper articles, clippings.

    8 Anything listing contest dates and/or scores.

    9 Photos taken from the stands, from practice, on the bus, etc.

    10 Patches, Buttons/Pins/Pin-backs also welcome.

    From one item to many, if you are willing to donate it to us we would love to get it out of those closets/attics/basements and put it to good use!

    Please send a message here to yonnenana or to olddcvet@aol.com

    To save time and trouble you can also message us with what you may be interested in donating as we may already have it in our collection.

    If you are not ready to give up your collection for good we would also be interested in borrowing and sending back.

    Thanks so much! Hope you all have a great day!

  2. Last posting was July 23@ 7:29am by LancerLegend......Is EVERYONE gone till the end of the 2005 season? Are there no more "Old Corps Photos"? <sniff sniff>....say it ain't so....

    (ok, I need a "smiley" with the lower lip sticking out)

    Tony  B)

    hey everyone, i have lots more photos to put up!

    i am far away from my photos and scanner right now, but in a little over a week i will be back at it! (hang in there!)

    but like Tenn Tux said, is EVERYONE gone till the end of the season??

    could someone, anyone, put a couple photos up to hold us over? :(

    noticed this thread was about to be pushed to page two for the first time since it started till TennTux posted! :sshh:

    I'll be back! :P ^0^ b**bs

  3. this thread can be closed!!

    all of us here in the historical section already know about these photos!

    i started this thread in the junior corps section so some of todays marching members who may never look in the historical section would be aware that these great photos exist! :)

    that way they could see their own corps and how they looked way back or corps that their corps may have competed against who are long gone!

    just thought they might want to see their history! :P

    but a Mod moved it to the historical section, where we all already know all about the photos thread, so it is not doing any good here! <**>

    so Mod, if you are reading, please close this thread, no need for it here!

  4. Great photo of the 1987 Velvet Knights Sex Cymbals on page 340 :blink:

    in the Historical section under "some old corps photos"

    along with some 81 Blue Devils, 86, 87 Santa Clara, 87 Spirit and many, many more!!

    if you have not checked that Thread out yet, you should!!

    start at the beginning, cause there are lots of great photos of corps that are long gone and ones that are still alive and kicking!! :P