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  1. Malibu, that is what i have done myself! i can now watch them on my tv like a slide show! :P Everyone, i am NOT going to delete any of the photos i put up! I started this whole thread in the first place!(did not know it would turn into the monster it did! but sure am glad!) it was just a suggestion, because it seemed that no one was looking at the first couple hundred pages anymore! i have been reading things where people say, i never saw that corps or uniform before, or there are no pictures of this corps or that corps, or can you post a photo of this, and i go back and see them alread
  2. Here is one from the very first page of this thread! (page 1) and another from page 13! Question? Does anyone look at all the photos on the first couple hundred pages anymore, or just jump to the last few pages? not to upset anyone or anything, but if no one is looking at this thread from the beginning anymore i can delete alot of those photos and clear alot of bandwidth!! i am using three different user names on photobucket so i can keep all these photos here! but there is no reason to to do that if no one looks from the beginning! let me know people, so i know if i should leave
  3. uncle z, there are several photos of Argonne! starting on page 2! page 8, 13, 17, 22 and several more. just went through the first 25 pages! think page 67 and maybe 81, but we could always use a few more! i am not the only one who put some Argonne up either just found some more on page 146, 155, 161 i will add more soon! have not had much time lately to add any corps photos but have many more to come! :P
  4. now that we are talking about them, here is a photo of the Alberta Girls in uniform that i posted 15 or 20 pages back!
  5. still have lots to go! gotta start really getting into the eighties! just seem to have lots of requests for the seventies! :P dont forget to look back at the last few pages and not just this one! added two or three pages tonight!
  6. Marquis, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin 1977 for uncle z
  7. Madison Scouts Hockey Team winter 75,76 starting off with a 5-4 win over the Cavaliers in the first game of the Hockey Season
  8. Marty Hurley(Phantom Regiment) Gail Royer(Santa Clara) and Emile Latour(Blue Stars) at the 1975 rules Congress
  9. Hawthorne Muchachos from the 1974 March of Champions program
  10. Santa Clara from the 1974 March of Champions program
  11. Madison Scouts from the 1974 March of Champions program