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  1. Classic Troopers from the 1974 March of Champions program
  2. Mike Duffy, Music Director of Oakland Crusaders and some 75 DCI Champion Madison Scouts at the DCA Championships 1975
  3. Oakland Crusaders famous DM Joel doing his thing! 1975
  4. The Alberta Girls, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1975
  5. Glassmen, Toledo, Ohio Color Guard Sargeant Jean Cook around 1975 from the Bavarian Fest in Frankenmuth, michigan
  6. Vacation Land Sweethearts, Port Clinton, Ohio 1968,69
  7. Cleveland Caballaros, Ohio 1968,69 (before the spanish uniforms)
  8. Redwood Guardsmen 1973, Redwood City, California notice a couple out of step members!