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  1. first of all, i am not trying to start anything or jump on anyone, but it all depends what you call a national title. before DCI and even during DCIs first few years there were several national shows. since you included Kilties and Royal Aires i assume because they won VFW titles then you should also include 27th Lancers because they won World Open in 71 and 79 and also won Dream in 71 and CYO in 77 and 81.(these were big time national shows) the Bridgemen also won World Open in 73,77,78,80 and 81 and Dream in 77 and 78. these were all considered national title shows along with VFW and the
  2. Sops on top, baby! :) although Mello wasnt bad either!
  3. hey Rich, i meant to add your 76 show just blew me away!! Classic!
  4. Thanks Rich! and all the others who thought so much of the 78 show! nice to see we had such an impact on you all enough for you to put that year so high on your list! (what is this thing, some masked Bridgemen! lol)
  5. We are the Bridgemen Our name will never end We will not die we are One ---------- We bow to you and vow to you The Bridgemen will return again ........ A-Men Bridge-men wonderful memory!!!