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  1. 27th Lancers 1972? correct me if im wrong all you Lancers out there!
  2. talking about the Appleknockers, here is one from 1972
  3. here is another for you lipsprain from the 75 US Open program Derry Patriots
  4. another for ODBC i sharpened the photo from the 76 US Open program of the 75 Dutch Boy Cadets where are you??
  5. this is for ODBC i enlarged that photo from Germany of the Dutch Boy Cadets from the 75 US Open program
  6. and from the 76 US Open program, Royal Knights, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
  7. by request from our uncle z, Royal Knights, Manitowoc, Wisconsin from the 75 US Open program
  8. ok, i took this photo to photoshop and put the emblems on their chest and hats on the left side and changed their sticks the right way and........ no, this is the same photo from the dci yearbook, the other photo came from the 75 US Open program that had a little section to the past years champs and it had the photo the wrong way! wondered if anyone would catch it! :P or be fooled by it! :P
  9. Guardsmen, Hoffman Estates & Schaumburg, Illinois