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  1. on the night before the Bluecoats held their Innovations in Brass show, Sunday evening, August 3rd at Fawcett Stadium to a crowd of 7,500 the day before(8/2)the pro football hall of fame game was played by the Green Bay Packers and the San Diego Chargers and was obliterated by a raging storm that fell in the fourth quarter, which worried some IIB officials that attendance at their show might be affected. it was not though, and although some rain fell during the first corps performance it turned out to be dry, cool and comfortable. 1. Freelancers 74.75 2. Royal Crusaders 66.55 3. Oaklan
  2. Toledo Key to the Sea Monday August, 4 1980 one day show prelims starting early in the morning and finals that night(only 18 corps that year) it was at one time a two day show but not in 80 University of Toledo Glass Bowl Finals (top 10 only) 1. Phantom Regiment 85.75 2. Madison Scouts 83.95 3. Garfield Cadets 71.65 4. Guardsmen 69.70 5. Sky Ryders 68.65 6. Freelancers 67.60 7. Seattle Imperials 66.40 8. Avant Garde 62.70 9. Royal Crusaders 60.35 10.Memphis Blues 59.70 Prelims 1. Phantom Regi
  3. that photo came out of the 8/2/78 issue of Drum Corps News glad you liked it!
  4. Gail Royer, Wayne Downey and Dan Smith, Santa Clara