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  1. This is the first time I have been on DCP in 2020. After seeing his passing on social media, the only reason I came here was to pay respect to a legend in the activity. Rest easy, Mike.
  2. I purchased Semifinals previously on Flomarching as a one time event. Is it still possible to watch live, paying only for Semifinals? Thanks!
  3. Great new ending but abrupt to me. This feels like it's not the final, final ending. Time will tell. Good job!
  4. In 2007, they were first in brass at all events through Quarterfinals, then dropped like four or five spots at Semis and Finals Nobody ever talks about that, though.
  5. Do you have any recordings of the corps?
  6. Outstanding! No lie. Love it. Great performance and fresh arrangements!
  7. Great to know. :) And yes, great albums. Do you have a video link of your group?
  8. I'll play along. The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai Watcher of the Skies by Genesis Rehab by Amy Winehouse Temporary Secretary by Paul McCartney Smile on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones
  9. :) I gave some Dream Theater recordings to Doug back in 2005 or 2006.
  10. Folks will either love it or they won't. Some will love it out of the gate. Some folks' opinions won't be changed. Many will be in for a real surprise. The first time drum corps viewer is sure to find things in it with which they remember and can relate. I'm confident the design staff has created a fresh, new look and sound. Many alumni from the 90s will be watching this with a careful eye and optimistic heart. Of all the years of the corps, 1992 was the hardest working corps the Bluecoats put on the field. That show changed so much in one year. I think there were three versions of it b
  11. Lots of variation in the Bluecoats' uniform.
  12. I see your El Panzon and raise you one Night at the Golden Nugget.