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  1. That’s... kind of scary, isn’t it? Like what if they end up not getting the rights?
  2. *waves to them* It’s almost like they were part of the trend I think is silly.
  3. General rule of thumb: if BD announces their show before you announce yours, you’re doing it wrong.
  4. So uh, are they going to announce the show or what? How has it not leaked if rehearsals are open? This trend of delaying your show announcement is real lame.
  5. They numbered the “seats” in the stands (just pieces of tape with a number on a portion of bleacher) differently than they were labeled on the website or even when sold at will call. So if you showed up to where you thought you were sitting based off the chart, it was actually the opposite side. Tons of confusion with people sitting in other seats. Because of this the back up to even get through the tunnels to the stairs took forever, it would take at least 2 corps performances to even get to where you were sitting, except it wasn’t actually where you were sitting, so you had to either argue with other people or go back and start the process again. The “staff” were just local band parents who had no idea what was going on. The whole thing was just a mess.
  6. Just pray that the Mesquite show is run a little better this year. Last year was a real nightmare.
  7. No idea, I just ripped the files to my computer using MakeMKV. heh
  8. Every DCI video release has been interlaced, but I also rip my discs to my media server and can examine the files that way.
  9. My main complaint is the backfield cameras being so crappy. It's a noticeable drop in quality whenever they switch to that perspective. I wish they wouldn't use it at all, honestly. It looks so bad. The h264 settings for this encode are clearly not the highest, but this isn't necessarily a new thing for the DCI Blu-rays. The macroblocking on the black tarp background is super noticeable in some shots. I'm assuming they do this to get away with using smaller Blu-ray discs, which is super unfortunate for the prices we're paying. I also think it should be illegal to ship interlaced video on Blu-ray in 2019, but that's another discussion altogether. I'm a bit disappointed in the audio mix too. The brass is pretty muted. This is most obvious when listening to SCV at reference level. The beginning portion with the piano, pit, and crowd reaction has clearly been adjusted to be louder, making the initial brass hit sound pretty tame. If you jack up the volume to get the expected brass sound (say, +5 dB) then the beginning portion becomes unlistenable due to the distortion. Super disappointing, and not something I've noticed on previous releases.
  10. They’re only doing the top 12 now due to licensing.
  11. oof, the Cavaliers cut is rough. The show just starts right at Bolero, so skips the entire beginning. No "please welcome to the field," nothing. I thought I had skipped a chapter or something but nope.
  12. One thing that I’m not sure was advertised — the Free Players performance is on the disc in its entirety. Very cool.
  13. Only watched SCV so far, and the camera work is mostly stellar. Solid changes that highlight the soloists in the ballad. The only bummer is focussing on the battery and tubas too much during the dancing segment. I get that it's supposed to be their feature, but I found the dancing hornline to be far more entertaining. High cam is the best way to see that, which isn't ideal for how I like to watch drum corps. Can't comment on audio yet as I haven't had the chance to watch in my home theater. I should get some shows in later tonight. 🙂
  14. Finally figured out the FedEx thing. Looks like mine is coming at the same time. ill believe it when I see it. 😝
  15. Nope. What’s your delivery date? I paid for whatever the fastest shipping was.
  16. No shipping confirmation email for me. Glad I paid that huge upcharge for expedited.
  17. My 2008 DVD is from the first run. Feels good man.
  18. SCV 2019 “Inventions for New Millenials” (although I believe current marchers are no longer considered to be millennials.)
  19. 00 - overall meh show with one standout moment 01 - cheese city after the admittedly cool opener 02 - nothing exciting going on here 03 - decent idea, execution not so much 04 - great show that I learned most of (before I had to quit day before move in) but it always felt like more of a Phantom-style production to me I think what I mean is that SCV’s design philosophy was all over the place after 99. Even your example range they were practically a different corps every single year. Then after the 05 disaster they really didn’t seem to know what to do, just throwing styles at the wall to see what would stick. Poaching all the Cavalier design guys was a smart move. 😆
  20. They were struggling to figure out their identity. I agree that those years never quite worked. Until recently, 99 was the last show that really felt like “SCV” to me.