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  1. I was off to basic training the very next week after 2005 finals. My tan was legendary, but #### was I in good shape. Never suffered from blisters like everyone else either. Leather feet.
  2. Had stupid classes all day and couldn't collect my freebies. I normally plan out a pretty good day.
  3. Great thread! My favorite part is the bit about Russia. 😂
  4. Could not disagree with you more about Bluecoats performance level. They had performance issues all season long, up to and including finals night.
  5. Great news. Keep that that marching technique correct.
  6. 2003 - Cavaliers 2004 - Blue Devils 2008 - Blue Devils 2010 - literally anyone else don’t @ me honks
  7. Stuff from 2000's era is out of print and will be gone once DCI sells through their supply. Some years already unavailable now, like 2000 and 2003. If you're interested in anything from that period I would just start buying whatever DVD's are still available. That was 2009, and they only did a limited run of Blu-rays so you can't buy them on the website anymore. 2010 onward is in stock
  8. 1. Bluecoats - Nothing else is even close. Very fun to watch, but I wish the soloists had been more reliable. 2. Carolina Crown - Lots of marching with the typical Crown brass sound. This will get a lot of play from me. 3. Blue Devils - This show is packed with cool moments. Best use of props this season by far. ~ big gap ~ 4. SCV - Only here because of the high level of achievement from the members. From a design standpoint this show was a huge swing and a miss, but there are still some nice brass moments. 5. Blue Knights - Didn't understand the narration and thought it was very distracting, but they played very well. Brings out my '05 nostalgia. I probably won't revisit any other shows besides those.
  9. Electronic issues should be penalized. If the brass ensemble has huge phasing issues or muddy releases, they get penalized. Electronics should be no different.
  10. - FloSports app on Apple TV 4K - AT&T Fiber 1000/1000 - Connected via CAT6 Ethernet Literally couldn’t have a better setup in a household. Fastest consumer Internet available with the highest quality equipment. Constant “Error” crashes all throughout finals. Multiple times per show. Became especially bad during Bluecoats and BD. Was also ###### that it error’d the split second before SCV’s cymbal V and viper.
  11. Despite the fact that hearing my corps name announced by Crocker on Saturday night was one of my life goals, I have to agree. The gravelly voice has always been dumb. I miss the way he used to just say "Blue Devils" or "Santa Clara Vanguard," not "Santa Clara VangaAAARRRRRRRRRD."
  12. Curious about this as well. Crazy close both 1-2 and 3-4.
  13. Jesus, the center snare still has another year? That kid is a legend.
  14. Oh same here, I was just talking about BD. Been Menu'ing back to restart feed all night. It'd be one thing if we could go back and watch on demand. But if live stream is the only option, you need to have your #### together. Especially for the prices they're charging.
  15. I'm switching either way. Can't trust Flo to not error out right before the 2nd place score is announced.