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  1. After reading through this topic, I just know that I'm now going to have THAT dream again..... you know, the one where you are 10+ years past age out but are somehow on the field, trying to remember your show... or a variation on that theme where you're just about to leave for tour, but no one knows how old you really are. Anyone else have those?
  2. If I could see one show it would have to be DCI Finals .......... 1972-2019 😎
  3. The Santa Clara Vanguard is proud to present their 2019 production – Vox Eversio! Throughout history, counter-culture movements have come about to express opposition of mainstream ideas and beliefs. From the Beat Generation of the 50’s, to the Hippie Movement of the 60’s, and even the Underground Punk Rock Scene of the 70’s & 80’s. This summer, join the revolution as we set out to make our voices heard in a world where the pressure to conform too often takes priority over the expression and celebration of individuality. “Vox Eversio invites the audience into a world in which the courageous choice of nonconformity is not only accepted, but celebrated,” said Michael Gaines, VMAPA Creative Director and SCV Visual Designer. “The choice to bring this show to life was made easier with the knowledge that this skilled cast of performers would be able to perform it with an authenticity that must be experienced to be believed.” A wide range of styles and inspirations form the basis of Vox Eversio’s musical program. Running the gamut from dark and edgy, to relatable and introspective – these entertaining selections are tailored to show off the talents and maturity of this year’s cast. “FRATERNITY” by Thierry Deleruyelle “AUDIVI MEDIA NOCTE” by Oliver Waespi “NOTHING ELSE MATTERS” by Metallica ORIGINAL MUSIC by Paul & Sandi Rennick As with the musical composition, the identity of this corps is grounded in the personality of the cast. Throughout the design process, members have been encouraged to explore their own individuality, helping to shape new and interesting perspectives on what it means to resist the existential pressures of conformity. “The talent and experience of the 2019 cast is tremendous,” said Scott Koter, SCV Program Coordinator. “Even more impressive is their willingness to take risks and pour themselves into the identity of the show, stretching the designers creatively and the staff instructionally. This reckless abandon and willingness to follow a different path is at the core of Vox Eversio’s message.” Check out the 2019 SCV Performance Schedule and come see “Vox Eversio” in a city near you!
  4. Good points, but honestly isn’t this “same as it ever was”? See Garfield Cadets 1983-85 (drill design), Star of Indiana 91-93 (body movement), Cavies 2000’s ( whole show design integration).
  5. I know someone with 1 semis ticket available - will PM you
  6. I'd say an argument could be made that what makes this show crackle with "it factor" is actually a throwback - It's designed with the musical score as the central organizing and driving factor, as opposed to the music being arranged to support a pre determined story line or character driven theme / construct. They really could have named this almost anything and the show would still work just as well (for me at least).
  7. Bump - In case anyone is looking for last minute tickets to semis & Finals. Price is negotiable - just want to make sure someone can use the tickets. 4 Semi Finals and 2 Finals tickets available: Semis- qty 4 Section 641 Row 14 Seats 9-12 Finals: Qty 2 Section 643 Row 14 Seats 21 & 22 DM me or email to make arrangements.
  8. On finals night, I expect there to be a chocolate malt on the counter with a little girl in a yellow dress next to it. hmmm....Not that far fetched of an idea. However, rather than insert her into the picture, they could always roll out one of the 2015 story book props - she would now pop out of an art history book.
  9. Cadets 1979 - 83. 16,10,7,3,1 Maybe not meteoric, but clearly a steady progression of building upon excellence each year.
  10. Update - one semi finals ticket was sold. I have 4 Semi Finals and 2 Finals Tickets available: Semis- qty 4 Section 641 Row 14 Seats 9-12 Finals: Qty 2 Section 643 Row 14 Seats 21 & 22 DM me if interested