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  1. I know I'm bringing up an old topic but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the G bugles. Drum corps today just does not sound the same. Doesn't give me goosebumps like it used to.
  2. What are flat flams? Sorry, I'm learning. :)
  3. IIRC, it isn't edited. They just used the quarters or semis recording instead of the finals recording.
  4. Ease up there, Drumcat. Nobody was laughing at the kids I don't think. I know I sure wasn't. The kids did great and I'm sure it was the highlight of their summer. I just know that a lot of people (including myself) were laughing at the disparity between the length of the "performance" and the amount of hype it had received before hand. :)
  5. So if you weren't at San Antonio this year and don't know, right after the last corps performed (happened to be Cavaliers), a big group of HS band kids came out onto the field with the Cavaliers for what we all thought was going to be some kind of exhibition show. These were kids who had participated in the afternoon clinic with Cavaliers to rehearse this "mini show". Anyway, the HS kids got all set up around the corps guys (just on the periphery of the field, basically), a horns up was given, and they all started playing the current Cavaliers show. ....then about 16 seconds later...they stopped. Horns down, everybody marched off the field. I think most of us were expecting a little more. :lolhit:
  6. I've been going to the DCI Southwestern Championships off and on for the past six years now (I missed two of those years), and one thing I'm starting to notice is that every year seems to have a common theme. Meaning, something that a lot of corps seem to be doing, even if it's completely unintentional. I might be getting my years mixed up a bit, but in 2002 or 2003, it seemed like the big thing was additional on-field percussion carts. Crossmen had rolling carts, Cadets had drumsets, Boston had carts...seemed like the thing to do. I missed 2004, so I'm not quite sure what might have been going on there, but I'm sure there was some common thread. And then this year... In 2005, it seems like the big thing to do is start out your show with soft backfield playing, then crescendo and build to an about-face followed by face blowing volume. I can't even think how many corps are starting their shows like this this year, but it seemed like a lot. Anybody else notice these (or other) yearly trends?
  7. Is it true that SCV has placed in the Top 7 at Finals every year for the past however many years? Or is that just my imagination? Somebody surely knows their track record w/o having to look it up on CorpsReps. Anyway, if that is true, it looks like this year might break that.
  8. You guys seemed determined to dissect this thing down to a cellular level. Have at it.
  9. I really hoped we'd see one of the school girls last night at San Antonio, but alas, we didn't. Maybe none of them made it up into the nosebleed 3rd deck seats.
  10. I don't think so. I looked on Yahoo Yellow Pages and the Holy Name Church isn't at that address. Several other people said that it come from The Adams Family show.
  11. I guess I'm glad I just bought a few $3 APD recordings instead of spending $40 on the Season Pass. Oh'll take em another year or two, but it'll get better. I remember how last year, I didn't participate in it at all because [if I remember correctly,] Mac users weren't supported.
  12. No, probably where she carries a dead body! :sshh: