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  1. All, For anyone that was in the All-Stars of 1992 in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, enjoy here! Does anyone have a vid of 1992?
  2. Hopkins isn't on the DCI board of directors anymore. Nothing to see here, pal...move along.
  3. Some stuff from my friend working his line...
  4. don't like the 93 Devs but you like 83 Madison? That's interesting. Here's another statistical fact for you: We mentioned 93 Devs hornline being tied for first. Are you aware that Madison was 8th in horns in 83, which is lower than their overall placement? Not only that, but Madison stood still while playing Strawberry Soup in 83. I could only imagine what the Devs would sound like playing Strawberry Soup standing still. Oh wait! I don't have to imagine! All I have to do is look on YouTube for victory performances with the Devs standing still! Anyway, let's look at this again: Blue Devils 1993 Brass - 1st (tied) Madison Scouts 1983 Brass - 8th Yeah, I'm definitely gonna trust the professional judges. They've been trained and know what they're doing. To keep it real, this is in NO way a slam on the 83 Scouts. That is one of my favorite shows!
  5. You hated the execution, huh? That's funny, the paid professionals of whom judged that show had them tied for first place with Star! I think I would trust them over you. After all, they are professionals.
  6. Freelancer (88-92) and Blue Devils (93/95) soloist Scott Steward is still actively playing. However, he is being goofy as an actor in this 10 minute short (no pun, Scott!) film, with his bully daughter. Paper Pilot
  7. I bet someone will force the bus manufacturers to start making 60-passenger buses.
  8. I saw how small Phantom looked and was disappointed. Then after talking to a friend of mine, I discovered that they had the standard Open Class (g-bugle times) size hornline. After reminiscing the 80's and 90's, their size was fine with me. None-the-less, I loved looking at Madison's spread on the field. It was like a hornline buffet :)
  9. No one seems to taking into account what the kids will decide to do. Will they remain loyal and stick with the g seven or do otherwise? I don't think it is a guarantee that the level of quality will remain.
  10. So, remember that short soprano player for the Blue Devils who stood on the sideline most of the show in 93? He is still a wild performer (as the Dad in this commercial): His Commercial
  11. Anymore, I think a lot has to do with the show itself. After the 2nd Houston show this year, I yelled out "1930 CHAMPS!" during the encore - I saw their show as a championship-winning-written show. I have a soft spot for Crown, having Star on our Florida tour in 93 (we must call a spade a spade), but to me, Crown's show was not a championship-written show in 09 (07 and 08, yes...too bad, Evan!)...and for the criticism, I may be stuck in the music aspect of it. The Blue Devils can drop the hammer down as good as or better than anyone. A repeat? I will have to see their 2010 show.
  12. Any of the All Star Drum Corps, especially the 92 All Stars in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade... because I was in it.