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  1. John, I was quite impressed with the Sun Devils' inaugural season. Best of luck in aught nine! Great choice in Doherty.
  2. Mike, I totally agree with you. It's a solid biz decision that saves $$ for DCI and each corps that will not have to spend needed funds for travel and lodging. Great foresight!!
  3. Barry, It was a pleasure to talk with you in Rachacha about Sound of Philly. I'm delighted it is a reality. Keep up the fine work! Kudos to the Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps Director Tom Maiello for coming through in true camaraderie.
  4. Shakos off to Fusion for getting the legendary Tommy Martin onboard!
  5. Sam, I've PMed Chris Ferrara's e-mail addy. He's getting Small Drum Corps Associates going in the Illinois/Wisconsin region. Chris and I have traded e-mails re this as recently as yesterday. Charlie Groh is interested in the same idea, right there in your backyard. Contact Charlie, too. Get something going!
  6. Minimum of 35 reset to 30, the same number as DCI. Starting from a core of like, say, Austin Stars that I saw at DCA Douglasville, GA, last August, with 9 horns, 1 kit drummer, and about 5 guard, 30 can kick butt. Whatever the minimum, I hope there would be no severe financial penalties for slipping under the minimum.
  7. Jim, My thoughts are with you and your wife, Kris. May all go well.
  8. Jason and Susie, Congratulations to Jason, Kevin, Robert and Susie (The Cincinnati Cru) for your commitment to Tradition and for continuing your '08 summer to march with the Crusaders. As one who has done both, marched Tradition and made the long drive to Rochester (Empire), I know the sacrifice it takes to make that drive. Try it in the winter. Best of luck to both Tradition and Crusaders in aught nine! Love the Tradition unis.
  9. Congratulations on fielding a complete show for 2008. Being a Buckeye and Tradition vet, I look forward to Cincy Tradition making it to the festivities in Rachacha! Best of luck at the Open House and in aught nine!
  10. Jeff, Fly Navy! Thanks for posting the results. I'm happy about the football game. Congratulations to both the USAF and USN. I'd love to make it to an interservice championships sometime.
  11. Brent, Normally it would be in DCWorld, but with the new DCW/DCP partnership, the review can be found right here on the Home Page under Featured Columns. Check the latest DCW On-Line review from Douglasville-Alpharetta, GA. Lookin' forward to the '09 Austin Stars. Make it to Rachacha!
  12. Brent, I'm delighted that the Austin Stars are making the next logical step! If you double the size of you horn line to 18 with the same talent I heard at the CorpsVets's home show in Douglasville, GA, it should make for an amazing corps. You guys rocked! Bring it on. Broadway is perfect for y'all.
  13. Jeff and Bonnie, I have several. I've PMed you.
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