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  1. The acoustics in US Bank Stadium (Vikings - Minneapolis) are actually pretty good for the marching arts. There is a huge marching band competition there every October. As far as sun goes, the light coming in the huge vertical opening panels doesn't really spill directly onto the field. It just lights up the concourse. And the diffused ceiling panels over the the turf make the entire stadium very bright during the day, but it's dispersed and no real glare. And schools in MN don't start until after Labor Day so in theory, it should be easier to secure housing for all of the corps.
  2. Check this out starting at the 3:20 mark...
  3. Actually been here for a long time, and one of the "originals" on RAMD back in the early and mid 90s.
  4. Can we delete this thread and start a new one? With actual posts about staff comings and goings? This is now 21 pages of off-topic rubbish.
  5. This! If found the quality of streams earlier in the season to be very good. But as the shows got larger, and the online audience increased at the end of the season, the quality got progressively worse. Semi-Finals and Finals feeds were almost unwatchable. I highly doubt everyone's individual internet connections or ISPs changed anything over the past few weeks on "the last mile." These problems are 100% with Flo and the equipment and capacity at the source.
  6. UGH! Hey FloMarching, get rid of the huge graphic in the lower left corner of the MultiCam feed!
  7. Individual corps are responsible for securing permission to arrange and perform, and any associated fees. These are usually simpler and cheaper to obtain than sync licenses required for DVDs. DCI is responsible for securing the sync license and paying any fees/royalties associated with those DVDs.
  8. Bluecoats secured proper licenses to arrange and perform. The sync license for the DCI DVDs will be secured by DCI and that can't be finalized until after tonight. DCI needs to know exactly who is in the Top 12, and what songs will be included on the DVD. I'm sure they have started the process with preliminary negotiations, but that sync license can not be completed early. It takes a lot of back and forth negotiation. The challenge with the Beatles music when it comes to sync licenses is what is known as the most favored nation clause. This basically states that whatever the highest royalty paid, then everyone gets that same amount. So for the sake of simple math, let's say each of the top 12 corps uses 4 tunes in their show. That is a total of 48 different contracts/licenses that need to be negotiated for the sync license for the DCI DVD. Let's say that for 11 of those corps (44 tunes), the copyright owners have asked for $1 per tune. But in the case of the Bluecoats and the Beatles music, the rights holders are asking for $5 per tune. Since that is the highest dollar amount of the 48 tunes on the DVD, all 48 rights holders will get $5. So a DVD with 11 corps performances, minus Bluecoats, would cost $44 is licensing fees. But adding the Bluecoats to that DVD and now the licensing jumps up to $240 per DVD (48 tunes @ $5 per tune). This is why DCI decided to drop Kiwanis Cavaliers from the DVD years ago. It was possible, but made things cost-prohibitive. Now, here is what DCI could do. They could produce a DVD with everyone EXCEPT the Bluecoats, and then a standalone DVD with only the Bluecoats. The first DVD would cost $44 in royalties, and the second would cost $20 in royalties. This is MUCH better than $240 in royalties for a single DVD. This is how corps like the Blue Devils can afford to sell DVDs of just their show. I hope all of that makes sense.
  9. Is the Flo stream exceptionally bad this evening? It's unwatchable for me and it's been fine all season up until tonight.
  10. Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are primarily streaming recorded content. Flo is streaming live events. Big difference.
  11. Ballad would be better without the female singing "everybody wants to rule the world" voice over.
  12. I don't think DCI ignored the rules. There was a lot of gray area in the law (the internet, online streaming, and being able to watch archived performances online and not via physical media did not exist when the copyright rules were created.) DCI, BOA, and WGI interpreted the laws one way for a many years, and eventually a different legal opinion emerged. BOA, DCI, and WGI did not have the legal resources to take their case to court, so a settlement agreement was reached.
  13. Actually, the MMA will have little impact on what we are talking about here. It mostly covers mechanical licenses, not synch licenses. Mechanical licenses are what DCI has to obtain to produce the audio recordings only. Synch licenses are required for audio + video recordings. and those were not a part of the MMA. And the MMA might make things easier - it requires the creations of a single database of copyright holders. So now design teams will not have to check multiple sources to find out who owns the source material.
  14. It's checked by computer. Same way apps like SoundHound can listen to the radio and identify a song in a matter of seconds. Just last week, I posted a clip to my FB page. It was my kids fooling around at a festival. There was a piece of classical music playing in the background. It took less than 5 minutes for FB to strip the audio from my video clip. So even though this music was being played over speakers in a park, and was in the background, and my kids talking and telling jokes was the "loudest" part of the video, and the whole point of the video, all of the audio got stripped out.