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  1. DCA is definitely at a crossroads. The idea that DCA is cheaper than DCI really only exists for those who live within a reasonable distance of a DCA corps. In 2008 during the gas price spike paying over 4 dollars a gallon to drive 3.5 hours 1 way to drum corps each weekend got to be quite expensive. Dues now are much higher than even when I stopped marching competitively. DCA has to find its identity. With Bucs making their partnership with Crown, and even the now defunct C2 I think you'll start to see more and more DCA corps making partnerships with DCI. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see DCA become DCI All Age in 5 years.
  2. Right you are John. This is why I think you're going to see a lot more mini-corps style groups in the next 5-10 years as people realize that you can entertain without having the physique of a 20 year old. Heck, it's one of the reasons I'm doing Alumni corps. All the fun without the fear of being run over by kids the same age as my students!
  3. Interesting that in some organizations I'm familiar with, veteran brass players were "replaced" by younger members, who were better players. Seems that, unfortunately MBI didn't have that luxury. Wonder what the difference is.
  4. As a trombone player early on in my musical career, I'm glad that when I joined the Buccaneers I had to learn to play a valved instrument. Without that mandate I probably wouldn't have enjoyed the musical diversity I have now with the amount of instruments I feel comfortable playing. Now this does open up opportunities for players like me who never played a valved instrument before, but I personally am glad I was forced to learn something new.
  5. 4 pages and no "Submit a Bid" comment? I'm shocked!
  6. If I remember correctly 2010 in Rochester was in the 50's and low 60's most of the weekend.
  7. A lot of people on that list who have had a profound impact on my career as both a drum corps participant, and a person. Congrats to all!
  8. I truly miss working with Caesar Rodney. Colonel Richardson (where I teach but don't work with the band) has brought back their marching band and is working towards building their program up. I think they went to Parkside to compete but they don't do a full tour.
  9. Thanks to everybody who supported the caballeros by buying 50/50 tickets from my wife and I. I whole heartedly apologize for my corny ticket hocking skills!
  10. This is some of the best news to come out of drum corps in recent memory.
  11. Despite the fact that it is my favorite song in drum corps, I have it on good authority that DCA has stated the next corps to play it is out.
  12. Think that's the opener from '99 which is Channel One Suite... could be entirely wrong though.
  13. Amarillo Texas is another example of this... I don't know the real answer but one might infer that is has to do with the fact that the corps was founded by a bunch of guys from New Jersey rather than Spain.
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