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  1. Sometimes, as all this gets us worked up, we forget about the behind-the-scenes work--unintentionally of course! The FanNetwork has certainly come a LONG way since it's beta days. I just want to say THANK YOU for what you and your colleagues do. Keep us alumni plugged-in to where our hearts are, despite being hundreds of miles away.
  2. If this is true, that is one of the coolest things I've heard. Love me some inter-corps unity!!
  3. They played right on that line of intensity the entire show. Had me worried occasionally if they'd go too far, but once they hit the company front in the ballad it was just gravy out to the end. Congratulations Crossmen!! Your alumni are probably setting things in fire right now! Haha. I know I would be!
  4. All 4 GE judges had them above Blue Stars. I would concede percussion--which has been shaky for them all year--but color guard has been one of their strengths. I was surprised to see that there was a whole point spread between the two. I didn't see the performance, so it could have been a rough night for them?
  5. If you're going to hang your hat on that ONE show to prove their ranking, then you need to admit that they got a gift at Allentown. The last section of their show was "I just learned this today" dirty, visually; which is OK if it was, but I'd need confirmation that. However, I don't feel that they were judged as such. Maybe the judges were watching the birds LOL
  6. and it's stuff like THIS that we need on the FanNetwork
  7. CALM. DOWN. We get it. Don't need to draw party lines...
  8. Tell the kid from Colts Anyhow, I think it's worth noting that the Crossmen kid has been pretty lights-out all year. Good to the point where you don't even think about him hitting everything ... and you can't say that about all of them. He doesn't use a mic, they don't put him in front of the pit, and he marches while doing it!! There's a few players in top 5 corps that have taken WEEKS to tune some of their exposed moments, or find their confidence with it (and they're standing still, too!!). One of the few screamers I've felt "comfortable" listening to since the early 97-04 BD guys. Keep it up, stud!!
  9. It seems to me that they pushed the design repertoire ahead of where the members are at ability-wise. There are moments where I see them popping through, but more so of them being "pulled along" for the ride.
  10. No. (Relieved ... I thought this was another BD thread.)
  11. I don't think there's a point in BD's show that will get the same audience reaction that the "fight club" scene got. Coincidentally, the shows that BD were doing during that time are among my favorites all-time for them. (Especially 2000)
  12. I didn't see me justifying anything. What I did see was you call PAYING DRUM CORPS SUPPORTERS "spoiled babies". I didn't make any commentary on achievement or placement, I'm just calling you out for being an arse. It's as simple as this: Crown has the formula the majority of drum corps fans want to see do well, while BD is monopolizing a style that most cannot connect with or make sense of. Now, if you're not going to accept that SOME PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET will disagree with your viewpoint, maybe the USA isn't for you.
  13. time to change your underwear, bitter betty.
  14. seriously!! I'm glad for the technology, but JESUS, this isn't new anymore. this BS is getting old already!
  15. while doing some non-invasive research about the director, I came across a link to the following article from this past fall: somehow I missed this the first time around, but wow ... foreshadowing much?
  16. That has certainly NEVER been the plus-side to white pants...
  17. Just need a fair time against their competitors...
  18. It cadences IV to I ... what other resolution do you want?
  19. BD doesn't have to get "cleaner". They'll just ride the points that the judges will keep fronting them. They've obviously figured out how to work the system in their favor. I just wish they'd finish ONE gorgeous phrase for me -- ie. their intro/closing chorale. I just want more of that and less of these "terror" chords, as I call them. I want my "complete melodic thought" BD back again. :(
  20. 1989 Cadets/Phantom/SCV 1990-1993 Star/Crossmen (and 94) 1992 Cadets/Cavies 1995-1996 Scouts ... duh 1997 BD/SCV/Phantom 2000-2002 BD/Cavies/SCV 2000 BD 2000 BD 2000 BD 2000 BD (It's worth mentioning) 2003-2004 SCV/Scouts 2007 BD/SCV/Phantom/BK 2008 Phantom/Crown 2009 Crown/SCV 2009-2010 Boston 2011 Bluecoats/BD It's a lot, but it's the honest truth. I never ever skip any of these shows when they roll onto the playlist. ... Did I mention 2000 BD?
  21. Your criticism of DCI's advice is valid, but I can tell you from 1st hand knowledge (while I was volunteering on tour this summer) that a few corps directors DID meet and spent a LOT of time discussing what help could be given at the time this all unfolded -- that's in addition to their regularly busy schedule. This Included one of the corps' bus companies sending a fleet within a few days out of goodwill and for the sake of the kids, not immediate compensation. The whole situation was heartbreaking to see and hear about, for the members. I agree with the majority of you, that the responsibility for this is on the director/board, regardless of intentions. As a parent or member, I think the only way I'd see returning to the corps would be under new management and leadership.