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  1. I’d like to thank Tricia Nadolny for taking comprehensive interest in this story. When difficult topics like this are found in any organization, and they are, we can all gain valuable insights by knowing the details from every angle. Better prepared going forward. Tricia is an accomplished journalist known for her high standards of performance. I learned much through her work describing an unfortunate an damaging situation that has come to our house. Let the rebuild continue !
  2. For years, Macy’s was always about promoting tv shows to be shown on whatever network is telecasting the parade. I’m used to that, and understand it. IF, this Covid version of the parade event starts politicizing to me, or virtual signaling, etc., I’ll turn it off. I guess, since it’s NBC, I won’t be watching very long. ☹️
  3. My favorite marching band, the Alabama Million Dollar Band, was scheduled to perform at the Macy’s Parade this year. I would never attend the Macy’s Parade in person but it would have been great to see them. Enjoyed MDB several times at Tuscaloosa. Absolutely thrilling experience. Very heavy on Brass and, OH those Majorettes! Barbie’s Ken would be jealous! But, really, several other SEC bands are incredible, particularly LSU,, Auburn, Florida, and Texas A&M.
  4. I recently received my DCI March On T-Shirt as a premium for making a donation during the recent DCI fundraiser. It came from a manufacturer named Pep Wear. Today, a DCI merchandising email came also showing the name Pep Wear. The word “pep” is certainly a term found in cheerleading. Question: Is Pep Wear a division of Varsity? If so, then a business relationship with Varsity is already in place. I have no problem at all with that. The T-Shirt is of excellent quality. Again, I really don’t believe all of DCI will be turned over to Varsity. It would seem WGI would be swallowed-
  5. Step back and think this through. We’ve always believed Dan Acheson works at the “pleasure of the DCI Board” who pays him. It’s difficult for me to believe the majority of DCI Board Members think this new partnership puts their own decision making in jeopardy. Or, in time, changes the operations of their own local incorporations. Most likely, each DCI Board Member analyzed the specifics of this cooperation in detail before approving and making a formal announcement through its DCI staff in Indianapolis. The same specifics posters here can only speculate about. DCI does not function under
  6. If Varsity eventually consumes all of DCI and uses a heavy hand of control, our activity will have come ‘full circle.’ Back to the same oppressive conditions seen from the AL and VFW that led to DCI’s creation! I really do not believe this DCI/Varsity announcement will reach the same level. At least, not in my lifetime (although I am old!) To me, this is a way for DCI to scale back and now, with limited resources, refocus on the original mission of the original founders. That is, keep control of this existing segment within the hands of each independently operated member group. No
  7. Thanks, Mike Seems to me, the past version of SoundSport didn’t really reach into the full DCI, age-eligible, base found all across America. Injecting this option directly into hundreds of high schools, through Varsity, should do that. Thus, resulting in potentially new, full-field participating, recruits. More importantly, closer connections to entire school district administrations now likelier to provide housing spots for bigger DCI touring corps who pass through many school districts, AND include their own SoundSport group as performers! Put another way, DCI gains leverage in mor
  8. Fellow posters, I know nothing about Varsity other than what is being discussed here. I am neutral on this news. Question - is the release of SoundSport to Varsity actually seen by DCI as a necessity if DCI is to successfully manage its way back? From what I’ve seen of SoundSport on FLO and other places, the number of participating groups is not very large. How much DCI time and effort is expended there? Maybe, too much. I’ve always believed, due to losing a season, DCI (the organization) needs to come back “leaner” than before. Or, cast off certain operations and responsibilities
  9. The response from the start was to let the state governors and their own health officials determine the amount of ventilators, hospital beds, and personal protective equipment needed to deal with their own population. They were deemed closest to the problem. Some governors knew what to do responsibly, others did not. As requests came in, the Federal government provided help in obtaining and transporting what each needed. The State of New York went overboard in their requests, but there was no way to monitor the judgment of each and every governor. As such, production of response items wa
  10. Yes, dans! Dwelling on ‘doom and gloom’ can be seen as a strategy toward some deeper goal. I refuse to be negative when it comes to the continuation of DCI, and drum corps in general. This wonderful endeavor of ours has shown great resilience through several tough periods. I’m counting on that. We will pick-up the pieces, return in some modified form, then build from there. In my way of thinking, 2020 is already over (it would have been anyway). Bring on 2021!
  11. Just stopping in to suggest another interesting segment by Allentown’s Another ‘adjusting to covid’ solution. Written by Jamie Stover. Includes video! A band member from Quakertown High School misses playing the marimba. So . . . she (and Dad) build their own! I hope this young lady joins a drum corps. 👍
  12. Ha! it’s err. Agree, though, with your suggestion. Although, I prefer that choice to be a personal decision. I have no problem with anyone who does not comply with recommendations, I can choose to keep distance from them, shop someplace else, etc.
  13. Here’s the real problem that is affecting everyone’s reactions, a huge number a qualified and reputable medical professionals have gone on record with vastly different views than what any one of us believe. I spend a considerable amount of time every day in research. A strong case can be made for whatever direction one prefers. I’m also considered in a high risk group, do wear a mask wherever requested. I’m just not as concerned about the level of danger as many seem to be. I choose to remain positive about a ‘fix’ to all of this. Way too much confusion surrounds this episode, for sure.
  14. Jeff - I think what’s actually happening is, no one has any confident idea what to do. As a result, many schools are trying to please everyone. Around here, they are asking parents to make one of three choices. Pick in-person, online, or a combination of both. Then, there’s still the option to homeschool the kids. This fourth option continues to grow, by the way. In Pennsylvania, every option includes the right for the student to participate in traditional school activities with other students who are reporting to school every day. As a retired public school teacher, but one who neve
  15. Fifty years after its formation, Drum Corps International (the brand) signifies the world’s best of its type. There are many other drum corps conglomerates around the globe. Name one superior to DCI. I can’t. Over time, DCI became recognized, enjoyed, even emulated, around the world. It has developed a network of sponsors, teaching staff, adjudicators, and production teams to handle audio/visual/print media and event management. It has entertained generations of young and old participants who ‘did’ DCI in some form. It has a storied history of accomplishment on record. So, here we a