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  1. Possibly this . . . Thursday - a 15 corps Prelims. Modified scoring with less emphasis on drill and movement Friday - Downtown support events as usual with a few additional standstill locations throughout the afternoon/evening. Outdoor Fanfest. Saturday - Top 10 compete for Champion, plus exhibitions, etc.
  2. As one gets older, we learn to value and cherish friends, experiences, and traditions we recall from our journey. The historic Cadets uniform is one example. That classic look embodies excellence and the discipline required to wear it. It will be refreshing to revisit the aura of legendary CADET presence on stage again. Some things must not change, even in drum corps. Thank you, Cadets leadership. A very Merry Christmas to all !
  3. No need to question my continued support of DCI. I really DO attend the nearby Allentown event every year, and have been doing so for decades. I’m out there helping to prepare the facility before, and the morning after to return it all back to the way we found it. In the interest of comfort, etc. my preference now is to watch the performances from home on Flo. So, shoot me ! 🤫
  4. Like most assumptions, this one is partially correct. But, yes, I do enjoy watching drum corps on Flo.
  5. This is pretty much my impression, Tim. I’m not expecting a weeks-long series of field competitions leading to Indy. What I am expecting are modified performances wherever possible. It’s the continuation of the “production company” and its “ensembles” that matters most. More fans need to see Drum Corps International Championship Days as a CONVENTION. That is, new dollars brought into a city by visitors who would not otherwise be in town. In many ways, same as a big trade show, Shriner’s Convention, etc. Even an event at Lucas Oil Stadium and other places around the city that keeps visi
  6. But .....But .... But ......... Not really. I am thrilled to hear positive news from DCI. That’s the spirit! 🤙
  7. I don’t have any latest news from DCI/Corps, just an opinion about 2021. Even a shortened “Bridge” tour leading to a modified Indianapolis Weekend is FAR better to carry on this incredible activity than having no 2021 DCI at all. The future requires CONTINUITY . One missed season was already put into the past. It hurt. Time now to move forward! The many parts required to make all of this work requires cohesion. A “soft” opening will go a long way. It is critical to keep actively in touch with our foundation. That is, fans, performers, instructional teams, judges, corporate spo
  8. I’m more than willing to be confrontational, but this is not the place. Like you, dans, I have become disappointed here more often than I would like. I just never found pessimism attractive. Too depressing.
  9. We’ve reached what, to me, is the biggest mystery. That is . . . ” What is the sign to indicate it’s OK to resume usual operations? “ There is, in my opinion, no particular sign upcoming! It is pointless to wait for a guarantee. So, pick a moment, see what happens and go from there. Some will choose not to participate in any group opinion. That’s understandable. So, adjust.
  10. Post as you will, Planeteers. We surely need opinions to read during this highly unusual period. Some messages confuse me, though. As a longtime drum corps fan and activist within both circuits, I’d like to see everything return back to normal as QUICKLY as possible. I just can’t see the point in posting to prove how awful conditions are, how dire the prospects. Trying to scare away hope, by promoting information that stalls coming out of all this, seems to me, counterproductive. There is a workaround to most everything. Yes, we’ve been under a dark cloud. But it, too, shall
  11. Hey, Tim! Your point about an aging crowd reinforces the importance of every monetizing opportunity beyond actual in-person ticketed events. Can’t think of a better reason to appreciate Flo Marching. Even healthy people over the age of 50 lose interest in the bothersome aspects of travel and being among the distractions that come with sitting in a crowded grandstand. ‘A “been there, done that” attitude develops in the name of comfort.
  12. In the end, the decision of when, and how, to resume a normal DCI competitive season, will be determined by numbers perception. My hope is the data reviewed is not only accurate, but clearly understood within context. I continue to believe we will have a scaled-back 2021 season.
  13. Right, Jim. It has become much too difficult to sort through media that has been weaponized. That’s out there, and some search engines are actually censoring results we can choose from. If a citizen relies only on a favorite news outlet, one channel they watch for 30 minutes every evening by habit, they likely are being misled. Parroting something any one “talking head” claims might not be a good idea.
  14. Good points, Tim! I'd like to add the difference in communication technology these days as compared to back then. For 1918, knowledge moved very slowly. It was not so easy to build any consensus across the nation. We must admit, today, we wake-up every morning to an information overload to tap. Some of it good, empirical, trustworthy. Most of it . . . just plain junk science and claims by people promoting some agenda. How easily persuaded are we?