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  1. Also have no idea how these changes were formulated. As a retired educator, I can tell you, Class Size does matter. Far easier to manage and control a smaller group out on the playground! 😃
  2. I share your confusion on the matter of voting rights. Would there be changes there? My expectation is, future official votes will only come from corps designated as 'DCI Member.' I'd be OK with that, actually. These would be the DCI corps with the greatest stake in the business of DCI. Again, if the old Top 12 'power level' returns, it's at least a greater number than the more recent G-7 proposal.
  3. A little ‘back to the future here?’ When DCI was formed on Day 1, and for several years after, DCI was intended to be for the benefit of a TOP 12. A majority vote of those 12 determined what DCI did. The right to vote could be earned by scoring into the Top 12 at the next Championship.
  4. I’m pleased to hear of this kind of change and focus. Soon after the Pioneers/Cadets matters, it seemed to me, designation as a ‘premier tier’ participating corps needed to include a more rigorous path through higher demonstrable and certified, standards that qualify full participation. Financial stability is obviously a key component, along with several others. World Class Membership becomes a most trusted of all performing affiliates. A badge a proven competence. Here are DCI’s State of the Arts performance ensembles. Adds another degree of confidence for sponsors, vendors, contractors, employees, and parents to consider. Good move, I think.
  5. I’m anxious to hear more about this DCA in Indy concept. First, an official announcement From both DCI and DCA. If such an event does take place, I am very reserved in expectations. So many hurdles to overcome, but still a worthy effort. Even if the event draws flies, DCI should be given credit for providing the opportunity. I continue to believe the current, and practical, radius of operation for existing DCA corps and fans is somewhere inside a 300-400 mile limit of where one lives. Remember, too, even Williamsport hasn’t been maxed-out at this point. I’d focus there first. None the less . . . good luck !
  6. Stldrmn1- I understand, and share, your desire to see DCA become a nationwide traveling product. But, I’m convinced funds for that development are now, just not there ! Even a smaller DCA is struggling to continue on. There’s inadequate revenue coming in to both the corps, and to the DCA governing body. The Championship is no longer a big, end of year payout. There’s an insufficient amount of sponsorship dollars to DCA, a lack of added revenue from digital media products, etc. Beyond all this, travel costs for everyone concerned are rising rapidly. THIS is where DCA is. In my opinion, the manageable, one way travel distance for everyone concerned is now limited to about an 8 hour drive. Beyond this radius, the experience is too costly, as you note. Now is a time for DCA to simply BEAR DOWN.
  7. So sorry to hear this, Jay. I could always tell your heart was really into the organization. Maybe something will change.
  8. Curious to me, no one from Bushwackers reading here (has to be some) has come forward to discount this report as unfounded. This kind of rumor would seem to negatively affect recruiting for the new season. Several corps use the next four weeks for Open House events, etc. I want to believe this is a careless, nasty rumor. If so, it still needs to be cleared up. Agree?
  9. Well, this would be terrible news. Not only was that a corps that valued quality performance standards, they were a past champion. Could also mean loss of show sponsorship. My experience with Jay was a good one. All we can do is hope for a positive resolution.
  10. Some crazy good festivals around the country! We’ve enjoyed the Shrimp & Grits Festival at Jekyll Island. Yumm! You’re always welcome to my home, Fran!
  11. Still no lights at Goodman. New this year is a large video board, however. Overall, Goodman would be problematic. Natural grass, potential conflict with home football games, only 2-lane roads leading to it, excessive distance from front sideline to grandstand, and an elitist administration that would prefer not to be involved. They sure don’t need the revenue. By the way, I pretty much live right across the street !
  12. Reading all of this, I don’t get the impression most object to introducing new sounds into the program, electronically , even by live human performance from the pit area. Of course, not! What I hope not to see are moving woodwind player groups intertwined out on the field. We have enough of that all across America, already.
  13. First of all, hope you are feeling much better, hairbear ! You’ve been good for DCA. thanks. Jeff - I believe a worthy event promoter is one who sees empty seats as a missed opportunity. A shortcoming in-house, not the fault of anything else. Start to improve the condition there. Yes, there are unavoidable impediments, like weather. No domes available here, unfortunately. Unless you count one in Syracuse that has no air-conditioning!
  14. To clarify, the 'financial gains' I refer to involve the following players. Equipment manufacturers/retailers Instructors and Designers who receive compensation that can rise for a variety of reasons Anyone receiving income from managing individual corps and/or organizations like DCI Recipients of dues payments Aspiring composers Aspiring instructors/technicians Inventive souvenir merchants YES, there is a continuing desire for more income. Everywhere one looks.
  15. karuna - You have just provided one of the most brilliant assessments of the situation many enthusiasts are facing right now. Today, it’s use of woodwinds, earlier it was amplification. Very much agree the uncontrolled introduction of electronic enhancement in DCI is a serious concern to a huge segment of the audience. Beyond limited application to assist projection of soloists, very small ensembles, and for subtle sound effects, these new ‘toys’ have the capability of dominating, even destroying, our appreciation of DCI’s incredible young talent. But, the value of your message lies in your explanation of why such potential monsters can appear. It’s all a matter of personal taste, certainly. But, egos and financial gain weigh heavily on these decisions. Now, use of woodwinds is seen as a significant threat by some. Yet another monster change that has the same likelihood of misuse. Small changes are one thing. They often improve the product. Many, including me, fear a significant addition of on-field woodwinds will lead beyond just strengthening an existing product we value, but to its complete erasure.