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  1. No question DCA is at a weakened position right now. I can’t possibly know all recent developments that helped to bring DCA and its corps to this condition but do want to mention one lost opportunity that has troubled me for years. This is a failure to fully embrace THIS platform. The willingness of John Donovan and Drum Corps Planet to provide DCA and its members certain abilities no All-Age body could ever produce and maintain on its own, was never adequately taken to full advantage. To me, a factor worth considering.
  2. I look at it this way, IF DCI Finals is ever to be televised again on a major network, the entire production and performances need to come off without a hitch. There must be a guarantee of a controlled environment. No high winds to mess up guard work, no rain to eliminate electronics, comfy conditions for big-time sponsors, special pre-show lighting and other special effects, etc. Indy is just fine.
  3. I’m just happy to see some DCA chatter on here! Thank you, Jeff. I’m someone who refuses to do Facebook, Twitter, and all the others. So, I probably miss a lot. DCP for me all the way. This, and private conversations, of course. As to this subject, I have heard good things about the Bucs from a few people who have attended their practices. I am told they did have a high turnout of brass and percussion players. One of the practices showed 65 brass players with several absentees. Rumored about a 10 brass candidates from Cadets2. Unknown former Cadets2 percussion candidates. No idea about Guard, nor numbers who will actually take the field in each group. Also haven’t heard which specific music titles are being played. Not surprised there were interested Cadets2 people. At times, Cadets2 held their own practices within a 20 mile radius of Reading, so not much of a change in distance in that. At this point, all I will predict is a Top 5 finish. Sorry. Best wishes to all.
  4. I’m convinced DCI is made healthier by presenting itself to the widest possible audience. Increasing viewership well beyond the audience who chooses to attend events in person. Thus, the success and continued growth of Flo is essential. Hopefully, The DCI/Flo relationship will grow to permit the inclusion of enthusiasts around the world creating a customer base greater than could ever attend live inside a venue. Helps to attract sponsors, too! This is no time to abandon Flo. I plan to subscribe and encourage others to do the same!
  5. While sponsorship dollars in any amount are positive and should be welcomed, the talent, experience, and connections required varies as the desired level of support rises. Just about any volunteer, intern, or high school educated individual can write basic requests and make introductory contacts. Call this the “under $10 thousand dollar” searcher. Higher dollar goals require an entirely different “closer” with a much different set of skills, abilities, and relationships. A higher-compensated pro with a more generous expense account. To my knowledge, DCI has not had an accomplished tree-shaker since its early days with the late Don Whiteley at the controls.
  6. A little television trivia. . . . Cable television was invented about one hour north of Allentown, in Mahanoy City, PA by Jack Walson. That was 1948. The Walson family still lives in a large mansion about 6 blocks from J. Birney Crum Stadium!
  7. My guess is, the greatest amount of meaningful sponsorship dollars is derived through conversations on the golf course, chats at the country club bar, major board meetings, and Ivy League fraternity gatherings. Many deals are acts of courtesy between familiar faces. Doubtful DCI can compete in many situations. Agree, a connection to music is not required, however.
  8. Yes. I have a 52 year interest in all things Allentown, Allentown School District, and drum corps. Besides, at my age (68) and contentment , I state whatever I like without apologies, nor fear of being called anything. What you see is what you get! Anyway, I find the Parkettes and big league drum corps similar in many ways. I was hopeful someone familiar with another drum corps might provide information how their operation is treated by their host state/community in terms of taxation. In the Northeast, non-profits of all stripes are seen as new tax revenue sources. Unfortunate.
  9. Everything is speculative at this point, but if such a tax went into effect, the school district would pay a tax to the City of Allentown for their impervious acres, including all structures, playgrounds, and parking lots. I don’t think anyone has yet to determine how much this would cost the school district budget. But, whatever the amount (even if just several thousand dollars) would more than likely be made up by facility rental increases first, rather than school property tax per household. I don’t believe Dorney Park is within city limits, so no. That’s South Whitehall Township, I think. People are leaving New York and New Jersey in record numbers for the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania to escape taxes. It’s only a matter of time before people begin to flee the Allentown Area for the same reason.
  10. Yes, the building in which YEA rents space is inside the Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ). However, I really don’t expect that building to be razed for something else. The NIZ program has just about played itself out. Plenty of empty office space downtown and little incentive for a developer to want that footprint. By the way, the Parkettes OWN their building. YEA rents. Also, to find even more funds, the city is hoping to adopt a “rain tax” on ALL nonpervious surfaces. This ridiculous tax would thus hurt schools, churches, hospitals, colleges, and STADIUMS very hard. Most of that would pass down to those who use such spaces. Hmmm, wonder who that is? Bottom line, it’s probably wise for YEA and DCI to anticipate rising expenses. Perhaps even leading to a move elsewhere at some point. I have no knowledge of the deal YEA has here or if it has given much consideration to finding another home.
  11. Exactly. But it appears the city is capable of succeeding here. At least, selectively. There is no doubt Allentown has created its own financial hole after at least a decade of bad decision-making. If you recall, the Mayor during the “YEA” years downtown now sits in Federal Prison serving a 12 year sentence for funny business in office. Numerous other bad decisions too. They just passed a 23% tax increase on residents! For this particular tax, they are going back 10 years. It’s a desperate municipality that will seek new revenue sources under every rock. Certainly a situation to consider going forward. Both for YEA and DCI.
  12. Just noticed a new story on the Allentown Morning Call website. I immediately thought of the Cadets. There is a taxing conflict between the City of Allentown and the home of the Parkettes National Gymastics Team, an organization somewhat similar to the Cadets. Seems to me, a new issue for the Cadets to deal with COULD present itself. Not good in a year like this! Perhaps not, if the Cadets have already been paying a Business Privilege Tax to Allentown, or it’s already clear they have no obligation to do so. I’d like to think non-profits do not pay this tax. I have no insight if other corps already deal with this, but know I wouldn’t want such a surprise thrown at the Cadets right now.
  13. This cooperative agreement should make BOTH organizations stronger in certain ways. Anxious to watch this play out. I can see some movement of performers in both directions. Particularly, a few Crown age-outs deciding to extend their marching seasons for another year, or two. Such performers will find much in common with their DCI experience. Would love to see some mutual assistance with touring. You know, in the whole scheme of things geographically, they’re not all that far apart. Best wishes to both organizations
  14. Dishonest? No. Less instructive than might have been? Yes. Remember, I’m someone who doesn’t believe Dan Acheson was obligated to say as much as he did. Simply, a “We have decided to take up your application next year. Thank you for your interest.”
  15. No. I believe a notice was given with a justification that is demonstrable. Far better than to say “We believe the time is not right for us to properly evaluate your additional participation.” This group was not banished from all future requests. This is a “Come back again next year when our development plans are expected to be different.” This group was not violated. Disappointed, yes.