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  1. This cooperative agreement should make BOTH organizations stronger in certain ways. Anxious to watch this play out. I can see some movement of performers in both directions. Particularly, a few Crown age-outs deciding to extend their marching seasons for another year, or two. Such performers will find much in common with their DCI experience. Would love to see some mutual assistance with touring. You know, in the whole scheme of things geographically, they’re not all that far apart. Best wishes to both organizations
  2. Dishonest? No. Less instructive than might have been? Yes. Remember, I’m someone who doesn’t believe Dan Acheson was obligated to say as much as he did. Simply, a “We have decided to take up your application next year. Thank you for your interest.”
  3. No. I believe a notice was given with a justification that is demonstrable. Far better than to say “We believe the time is not right for us to properly evaluate your additional participation.” This group was not banished from all future requests. This is a “Come back again next year when our development plans are expected to be different.” This group was not violated. Disappointed, yes.
  4. Your post is the essence of some discontent being expressed here! Thank you. My belief remains, there is more going on here than one (much discussed) post from this aspiring corps director. It’s entirely possible there were many other contacts made by this individual that caused some pause in Dan Acheson and others. We can’t expect to know everything from the past. Besides, no justification for delaying the application process for any group is required. There is no statutory right to due process here. A simple determination that it is “better to delay this one” is enough. So, “Come back another time” is acceptable, I think. The significance of this single matter is being overcharged at a time of hypersensitivity within the activity. (Don’t burn the house down because the roof leaks)
  5. Exactly! Dan Acheson made a decision as is his prerogative. He even listed an infraction. We don’t need to agree with his choice and certainly can’t demand he do more. That’s for the DCI Board.
  6. So, does Dan Acheson actually need to provide any specific reason to delay evaluation of an aspiring corps. Could this not simply be his preference, for reasons only clear to him? I say, he does not. Maybe just a “I’d rather not deal with this in 2019, perhaps next year” will suffice.
  7. I must say, there is a “feeding frenzy” going on right now. I can’t remember DCP ever being this restless. The latest matter, Arsenal, is not something I fully understand. But, why should I? Now just a fan, I’m not entitled to every detail underlying decisions DCI makes on a daily basis. It’s entirely possible the ambitious, young corps director was far more active with his public expressions of disgust over the present state of DCI. Did he take it upon himself to directly contact individual marching young people from active rosters other than his own? Corporate sponsors, various news outlets and several other corps directors? All in a manner that created a collective “Who IS this guy?” Perhaps, his aggressiveness (beyond the discount offer) was too alienating for some at this time. I’ve been seen this same way over the years, frankly. It appears, Dan Acheson determined it’s better to wait a while longer on this particular application. That’s his call. He’ll face any repercussions. I’m confident DCI will sort this out and continue on. Sure hope so! Don’t burn down the house because the roof leaks.
  8. I am stunned to learn operation of Cadets2 could possibly result in a (if true) loss in the amount of $300,000 dollars. This was a corps that had the highest total member fees, used some hand-me-down equipment, and appeared at only SIX (6) competive events with all but one site in Pennsylvania ! In any case, I’m confident YEA knows best what needed to be done.
  9. . . . . you remember when drum corps judges wore overseas caps on the field.
  10. Fred Windish

    Wes Hobby Passes

    Sad news. I first discovered Wes Hobby’s voice listening to LP drum corps albums in 1965. Had never met him, but he seemed to be a part of all the major event recordings. I needed to have him! Years later, I had the good fortune to hire Wes to announce our Allentown event. I remember my initial telephone call to his home. I knew right away that was Wes on the other end of the line! It was surreal for me. Cool thing about Wes, he could also speak French. Came in handy with Les Diplomats and other Canadian corps who made the trip to Allentown. We had a good time during those earlier days. May he Rest In Peace.
  11. Very sad to hear it has come to this. Not so much for what George Hopkins might be facing, but for the drum corps activity in general. Yes, everything must take its proper course. Coincidentally, but not related to the drum corps issue, there's this. Allentown Mayor (Ed Pawlowski) in place during all of YEA's occupation in Allentown reported last week to federal prison in Philadelphia to begin serving a 15 year sentence for illegal activities in office. No chance these two subjects will meet somewhere over the prison dining hall table, is there? 😬
  12. Fred Windish

    DCI survey

    This is also my impression! As far as I'm concerned, preserving the viability of national touring corps is an important objective going forward. Not the only objective, of course. But, Drum Corps International (the organization) functions on the revenue generated from its self-sponsored, focus events. This means Indy and the other Regionals. These are the events DCI puts together. The balance of the national tour dates serve to link together the major events, both to and from. It is increasingly more difficult for DCI to find corps housing to accommodate its focus events. Recent news and events could make finding enough space in public school districts an impossible task. So, what might happen? Perhaps, corps being housed in college dorms and hotel rooms. If the age 18 minimum serves to help DCI better manage its own events, I'm all for that. It's the DCI focus events that produce significant funding to Drum Corps International. The ticketing, sponsorship, souvenir sales, and digital media income from these events help to make related marching arts functions healthy, too. That includes every smaller, probably younger, drum corps. To repeat, if an age minimum would help to extend the viability of distance travel then that's what needs to happen.
  13. Yes, attendance figures are a total mystery. So many variables. By the way, I read a Wall Street Journal article one day last week that dealt with declining attendance at live events due to more people deciding there is much less hassle and expense to just stay home in front of our large screen tv. That's what I do, actually. No more trips to Tuscaloosa for me! If we are throwing around estimates about Williamsport, based on certain personal research, I saw about 2800 seats occupied at Finals during the last half of the event. Again, I did not attend, just watched on Box 5.
  14. Fred Windish

    DCA Livestream

    I was mostly pleased with the broadcast. The biggest problem we had enjoying the video was something only Mother Nature can solve. The glare from the sun shining directly from behind the corps created giant shadows making it difficult to discern drill patterns. Had to be difficult for the camera operators to keep things in balance. For the final 5 corps, it was like watching an entirely different show. So, hope for a cloudy day next year???? I suggest Box 5 makes their ever present, on-screen logo much smaller. It was as if a cube of cheddar cheese was suspended in the sky. A little annoying at times. Also, the still DCA Championship graphic was on screen too long. Much more interesting to watch movement throughout the stadium even if it's just fans milling around in the distance. The "Dave and Joey Show" between corps struck the proper tone. I would suggest a third/fourth member on screen who would be better prepared with scripted material to keep some pressure off the other two in filling time between corps. The lighter, more entertaining nature of the whole thing was a good way to handle this task. DCA has always been a little more personable than DCI. This was the appropriate flavor, no doubt, but it could use further development. It was nice to see the broadcast in full HD. I did experience a few buffering issues along the way. My (very capable) laptop was connected to a 65 inch TV with superior cables. The buffering and occasional freeze are problems I don't experience with DCI broadcasts using Roku. Perhaps, a Roku channel will be available next time. Again, broadcast revenue could be very important to DCA going forward. In-person crowds are definitely shrinking at all kinds of events. This DCA Championship wasn't able to fill an even smaller venue than Rochester. No idea how many purchased the broadcast this year, but it would be helpful if thousands more viewing from home could become a sizeable revenue booster for the corps. On a related matter, the stadium expansion (so far) doesn't help to entice more people to attend. Both new sections added are well beyond the goal line. If only those spaces between the goal line and the 20 yard line would be completed, there might be more flexibility with family-friendly seating. Finally, if any corps was to top Buccaneers, my guess would have been Atlanta CV . Good job, CV!
  15. I attended DCI in Montreal. Also several other DCI Championships. Montreal was the biggest Finals crowd I ever witnessed. I can't guarantee whatever number went up on the scoreboard that night was 100% accurate, because audience counts have way too many variables to influence the balance between reality and the visual appearance. We need to consider, for instance, the width of each seat, the distance between rows, and the number of aisles. Indy DCI is over capacity now for all practical purposes. The additional revenue will need to come from other sources besides the nightly gate. This is precisely why broadcast revenue is so critical to DCI's improved financial health. Hey, I actually prefer enjoying DCI through broadcast. Must be nuts, right?