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  1. I strongly believe in Free Market Economics and have been influenced by the teachings of Dr. Milton Friedman. With that, I believe DCI ticket pricing is exactly where it should be. Consumers establish pricing levels. Set prices too high (for current conditions) and attendance will decline. The value of the purchase drops and customers find alternatives to what is being offered. In America, for now, WE are ‘Free to Choose’ what is reasonable.
  2. I wouldn’t expect to hear detailed explanations about finances, bankruptcies, whatever. Not only are these very complex issues that draw wide interpretations, I believe too much related information is ill-advised. Won’t be tuning in, but anxiously await the whole event being sliced and diced here. Public, unsolicited opinions are an important part. A little like theater reviews. There’s something to learn pro and con. Best wishes to the present Cadets management !
  3. I’m not a lawyer, but in Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court there is a “look back” period of 4 years. In other words, assets transferred during that period are still eligible to be attached and liquidated. Yes, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express many times !
  4. Evidently, I’ve been under the wrong impression. Reading here, it seemed the USB component provided a substantial, significant part of the Cadets’ operating budget. Now, I read the USB revenue will no longer be available to Cadets. Wouldn’t this make operation of the Cadets more difficult, and any outstanding debts of the Cadets harder to satisfy? Despite this, a path forward for Cadets has been identified. Glad to hear it!
  5. When speaking of ‘small,’ must not forget Whitewater and Ithaca !
  6. Looked it up . . . . that was John F. Kennedy Stadium, commonly know as JFK Stadium. Capacity listed as 103,000, and VFW Nationals was in Philadelphia for 1969. (this old mind needs a little time)
  7. There was once a massive (over 100,000) stadium in Philadelphia that I believe hosted VFW Nationals (1969?). Can’t quickly remember the name, but I can tell you, I was once given a tour there by local Convention and Visitors Bureau officials when searching for a DCA Championship site back in the 1970s.
  8. I don’t see this as simply “doom and gloom.” Of course, there’s some of that as people should be free to interpret conditions as such. I just see fervent interest in what Cadets do. I’ll continue to believe this can be advantageous, if managed effectively.
  9. If I was a leader of the Cadets, or any other corps, I would be PLEASED to see such great interest in the status of my organization! It’s been quite clear for many years, the Cadets have been the most talked about drum corps on Drum Corps Planet. For me, thIs would be a positive place to be ! Without looking up who made this relevant observation, No matter if the conversation is positive or negative, what counts most is to be on their mind. When they stop talking about you . . . . that’s a problem. I think the Cadets will be just fine. Also, very much anticipated ! (find another hot dog corps). 😃
  10. You know, dans - I do believe many people participate on message boards to disagree, correct, and sometimes, do harm. However, I think most visit here to LEARN. Asking questions is what enables learning. DCI and Cadets are a big deal in the eyes of you and others. Some here merely seek a greater understandIng of a topic of high concern.
  11. I have no answer to your question other than to say “It might be OK.” I’m someone who never had much to do with debt. I avoid it. But, corporate law has certain features that are admissible to use. When a wealthy corporation (or individual) uses every legal tool available to preserve itself, I’m fine with that.
  12. Haven’t thought nearly as much about the YEA/Cadets relationship as many of you. Although, the matter of unpaid debts and how best to erase them from concern of the drum corps side (Cadets) is what this is all about. Would this be an ‘underwater’ restaurant chain, the common remedy would be bankruptcy, closing stores, selling assets, and coming back smaller, but still breathing somehow, and with a clean plate of no outstanding debt. Are whatever debts being discussed here the sole responsibility of YEA? Is the Cadets’ component in these obligations absolved by simply responding to creditors. . . . “YEA who?” Next, Cadets marching merrily along their way.
  13. It’s really pretty simple. Watch these older videos and pay equal attention to the audience. Notice what moments bring out spontaneous audience approval. Movement or Music. Doesn’t matter which, nor what corps. Next, accept the following . . . WE NEED MORE OF THAT ! (some things should not change)
  14. I’ll have faith in whatever decisions are made to prevent losing Cadets, and trust whatever decisions current leaders make are well founded. They’re on the front lines, not me. Curious to know more about what any change to the Cadets/YEA relationship could look like. As Lehigh Valley resident, I know changing the base of operations of either one/both of these organizations will get heavy news coverage and discussion. Sadly, we’ll probably get a full rehash of incidents that came before. Ouch!
  15. A music event like this should want nothing to do with a distorted product. With few exceptions, like soloists and small ensembles, talent at this high level of proficiency must be challenged to “sing” in tune and balance. A display of natural ability and masterful command of the instrument. Anything less is both an insult to the group on stage, and abuse of the in-person audience.