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  1. I agree. However, when “thought police” become a deterrent, why bother to post? Not worth the effort.
  2. I hope we haven’t reached a point where participants here are afraid to stand firmly behind their personal observations and assessments. We are not able to satisfy the sensitivities of every anonymous reader. That’s on them. I make no apologies for my views on this timely consideration. Nor should you.
  3. Jeff - this discussion has been revealing in several ways. I’ve decided to move along.
  4. Fine with me, MikeN ! Are you able to further explain what disturbs you about such an opinion? I know If I was a corps Board Member, I would expect someone from my paid staff to attend and remain directly involved with other associates.
  5. As I was unable to clearly describe how small an effort it would take for an organization not doing the mini-tour leading up to Indy, I’ll finish with these thoughts. An important component of the Final DCI Weekend is a series of live, public performances throughout the host city. This goes beyond just what happens that Saturday night. It would take relatively little investment of time, effort, and expense for any group to gather and present during a single (15 minute) slot on one daily schedule. For example, a 15-20 person brass ensemble using active members and alumni, some who al
  6. cixelsyd - Certainly, no corps is required to do anything. I don’t believe that’s been the intent for DCI 2021. I describe what what would make the gathering better. There is no expectation of 100% agreement, just hope.
  7. Yes, I should clarify. I can’t imagine any corps who intends to participate in 2022, deciding not to have persons in Indy to represent their organization. That would not only be a foolish waste of networking opportunity, education, and planning participation, but also (in my view) arrogant and reprehensible. The question is, could/should the corps also be represented in some small way by a modified (live) public performance? My answer . . . absolutely!
  8. Thanks to all who commented. It’s obvious, not everyone sees the same value in (even this type) DCI Final Weekend. Such an event in Indianapolis, or any other city, will be the largest gathering of DCI enthusiasts of 2021. Converging at the DCI Final Weekend will be several diverse components, including spectators, corps staff and instructors, equipment manufacturers, corporate sponsors, local officials and news media. Everything will be fully documented, some with media product to hold. One way or another, every corps planning to participate in 2022 will be represented. It would be
  9. We hear this word often these days. Should it apply here, too? The upcoming “Bridge Season” serves to help maintain the role of Drum Corps international (the corporation) as drum corps’ biggest, most competent, event provider. Under normal circumstances, DCI has demonstrated its ability to stage an entire year of related events, including a full Summer Tour schedule. Now, DCI looks to keep that “engine” idling until 2022 when operational conditions are expected to be improved. Understandably, each regularly participating corps is given latitude during 2021 in determining what operat
  10. This unusual “Bridge Season” is more about DCI continuity of purpose and execution, I think. Whatever form these events take, the goal is to keep the process moving. I do not expect judged field performances, just exhibitions. Really, that will do. Not including Indianapolis, each event will likely run 2-3 hours. The corps will present what they can. This might include some traditional field shows, a few non-DCI performing groups, possibly Drum Line Battles, Brass Ensembles, Alumni Groups, etc. I do expect several Flo telecasts, and have kept my subscription active. Really loo
  11. Just a GUESS, but the 5-corps event listed for Allentown might not be a replacement for the 2-night, many more corps, event formerly known as DCI-EAST, now known as DCI Eastern Classic. The 2021 Allentown event could instead be the usual June Cadets’ single night, home show. These two events are not really related, although both present DCI corps in performance.
  12. Very helpful reply, totaleefree. I appreciate your insight. A complex matter, no doubt. Some corps will find a way toward solutions, and I’m remaining positive. A two-year down period, if it happens, runs the risk of too many people and support entities finding a way to “live without,” so to speak. Perhaps, an even bigger problem.
  13. I make no claim to know how corps and DCI, Inc. manage their budgets, but will assume a corps that normally travels overnight over 4 weeks can travel for 2 weeks at the same expense or less. Impossible to know what individual K-12 schools districts will decide, but do know the Allentown community can find other (non-school) type floor spaces for about 10 corps, not including reasonably priced (per person) hotel options for others. I would think, some corps member families would be willing to “hotel” their young performers at their own expense under these unusual circumstances. Dropping e
  14. Good point! I would hope corps are willing to absorb some cost for things they would not normally pay for. Kind of a “forward-looking” investment for a future. Some temporary loans, if needed.
  15. Can we discuss Summer . . . With fewer personal attacks, less hints revealing your political party preference, and a smaller amount of snarky one-liners? Not good for “foot traffic.” The 2O21 DCI Summer I envision. . . will see corps travel mostly limited to local, less than 6-8 hour bus rides to perform. Perhaps smaller corps membership totals. Unfortunately, what we would normally consider “touring,” I believe, will take place only during the 2 weeks prior to Indianapolis. That’s 3 weekends to perform. I’m thinking Allentown could become a one-nighter. The infor