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  1. I just found it at “Historical Drum Corps Publications.” Fun to look back to a time when fans didn’t restrict their messages to 30 words or less! Writing is becoming a lost art.
  2. Agree. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave the activity completely. It’s been too big a part of my life. ADAPTION really is the key. I’m enjoying DCI now as much as ever . . . . Just in a different way!
  3. I’ll continue to promote the idea of enjoying today’s DCI productions from one’s living room, using Flo and the Blu-Rays. The experience is quite different in good way. Many of the troublesome elements are in the background. Entirely new perspectives that can’t be picked-up in person. Besides, if you’re not in the mood, just shut it all down and go to bed!
  4. Only a guess, Keith, but I believe they are gone forever. Back then, or just before, I was a member of Emmaus Sentinels, also of RCA. Totally different days in which to operate and manage a corps. Most likely, they all ran out of members able to continue active participation. Now, even MORE difficult to get something together again. That was a time when there were NO membership dues. Now, what is average, $500? Plus, additional charges to some for bus trips? Here's a secret . . . Back in the day, Reading Buccaneers actually paid me (in a sense) to participate. Many outside the immediate Reading Area were given money to help pay for gasoline to get to practice!
  5. Right now, MY tea leaves tell me . . . . DCA will be around in 5 years, but remain at the 12-14 competing corps size. I do not see a formal relationship with DCI, but the same level of cooperation as now continuing.
  6. Just for reference . . . The volunteer local organizing team for DCI in Allentown is 80 members strong. Many having worked 30-40 years in their role. Paying “big venue” union wages for that would be quite a bill.
  7. Always important to hear opinions from people familiar at various levels of participation. So, in the interest of “What’s this all about?” I ask . . . Which is most essential to keeping an All-Age corps functional? 1. a busy season of weekend performance opportunities for members, or 2. maintaining a competition-eligible membership in Drum Corps Associates?
  8. Good stuff! West Chester marching band has supplied NUMEROUS drum corps members/instructors over the years. Talent pool for Buccaneers for decades! That University of Delaware Blue Hen Band ain't too shabby either! About 250 members, great sounding.
  9. Indeed. I've been there many times for football games. Just underwent a renovation, too! No track, steep stands with about 9,000 seats between the goal lines on each side. Under grandstand protection from weather. Excellent lighting. Large adjacent field house. Much more adjacent parking than would ever be needed. Small downtown within walking distance. No sales tax for shopping, meals. About a quarter mile from an Exit on I-95. Easy transfer from PHL airport. Large student body on campus and very large marching band.
  10. I don't believe there is any difference. Perhaps changes how things are reported. What I like about the move, it places operations closer to West Chester University, a wealth of potential members there. Music majors, too! Love to see a Championship at University of Delaware. Could bring that a little closer to reality.
  11. True. Years ago, I did have plenty of experience with marketing and promoting the Allentown DCI and DCA events. We did some aggressive things. In 2006, I served as the actual DCA Marketing/PR Director. One year was enough, at that point. Now, I’m just an old man who shoots his mouth off here !
  12. I spent days in Winston-Salem during 2005 evaluating that site for a possible DCA Championship. Also spent hours with a few local committee members, chatted often with Tom Williams by phone, etc. I’m not aware of the unreliability issues Jeff speaks of. However, that was a single, small-line-up, local event. The promoter/organizer of an actual Championship would be DCA itself who would control most everything with some local help in staffing. Different environment. No doubt in my mind, a Championship there involving 15 additional corps, all the groups, and greater event significance would have been well worth a try. Remember, the present site (Scranton) was only drawing 4500 spectators as it were. Had I been making the official decision, I would have staged the event there, if only for one year. Winston-Salem had “good bones” as they say. Carolina Crown is doing quite well there ever since with Nightbeat.
  13. You know, Jim, we probably should consider each corps deciding the feasibility of passing the added travel expense down to each member. Something like $200 per member in addition to current dues and other charges. Maybe some would opt to do that. Somehow, Atlanta CV covers the cost of extended travel. Anyone know their secret?
  14. Another thought provoking thread from Keith ! My expectation would be NO. Right now, my guess is too many voting corps are locked into a 7-8 hour maximum driving distance. Plus, a fear the event becomes an annual journey. Most likely, corps finances are stretched too thin. Conditions for such a venture were much better years ago, yet nothing developed.
  15. cixelsyd - What an opportune time to read your thoughts on this. I believe you expressed something similar to BigW earlier. I concur. Actually, DCA maintaining a smaller, more effective, still compressed, All-Age league is the most likely outcome going forward. And, for good reasons, too! The time for working the 'expansion' objective is long past. That ended about a decade, or so, ago. I again call back to what I refer as the 'Winston-Salem Era.' Roughly, 2004-2006 .Looking at DCA membership then, finds a wide geographic assortment of participants. Plus, a Midwest Coordinator an a Southern Coordinator managing a small group of events in each region. The foundation for a bigger footprint was already in place. That was the moment to try something 'outside the box.' Didn't happen, unfortunately. Now, DCA is in a more tenuous position. Less participating corps, smaller membership per corps, and disappointing audience size. All leading to financial pressures that threaten even more decline. Let's call today, DCA's "Code Blue Era." The objective now is SURVIVAL. Feeding the patient, finding stability. Focus on attracting more performers to corps already in place. Do much better with marketing and outreach to potential fans. Get more aggressive filling the Championship City with curious locals. Even if that means discounting tickets. It is essential for the Championship to once again be a big, year-end payday. Every seat must become a revenue producer. Improve the Box5 broadcast and outreach to fans unable/unwilling to attend. There is money to be made from those not visiting the Championship City. Yes, a 10 corps DCA organization (for now) can be successful. But, first . . . 1. more full-size, earlier-prepared corps. 2. a season that ends before Labor Day Weekend.