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  1. Yet, the human instruments of sound (voice) are kept more in check. Nothing ugly about suggesting the pit ensemble could well be made a smaller, more subtle delight. 🙂
  2. I’m someone who also believes the pit component has become too dominant. I am also old (so hate me). These days, I enjoy DCI almost entirely through media and live broadcasts. With multi-cam and a variety of images from different angles, plus close-ups, these performances are much different. In a good way, to me. I am most interested in enjoying young adults performing their “craft’” to the best of their ability. Doesn’t matter to me what instrument they play, or guard work they display. I need to see them up close, and to share their dedication and joy for those moments. The faces, the beads of sweat, the intensity, the smiles at conclusion. To anyone disillusioned by changes to DCI, I say try looking at it from a different perspective. There’s great stuff going on you’ll never see, or hear, from the bleachers. I guess it really is a Dino thing.
  3. Ah, those 1960s Era New York Skyliners. Nothing quite like that ever since! That classic uniform, the G bugles, the Swing Music, that BIG, BOLD Big City sound with Gotham City Swagger. Standing ovations popping-up throughout the show. Not just polite applause, but tear-filled roars of delight. I feel Blessed to have enjoyed those moments many times . . . in person. So, beyond Happy Birthday to Tommy Martin, I’d like to say thanks to that wonderful legacy that changed my world. To the thousands who wore that iconic uniform. This was the ‘Big League‘ of early drum corps. 👍 ‘Dare was nuttin like dat!
  4. No. I listed some items that could become drivers of SAVINGS. Here is a moment for introspection. To understand what we valued most about this wonderful activity. In stressful times, we should realize many of those same values will remain. Should it become necessary for our corps to temporarily ‘scale down’ in effort to survive, our past has shown, a more ‘generic’ version will do. Our foundation is rock solid . . . .ready for rebuild !
  5. Thank you for reminding us of this key point. The ‘Arms Race’ witnessed over the past couple decades had a negative side, too! Someone had to pay for all the new toys. Progress created an environment that only a handful of organizations could manage. Other organizations decided they had no choice but to keep-up, putting their own efforts under increasing stress. But, when times get tough? My purpose in starting this discussion was to consider our past. The product, the marketability, the expanse of earlier days. A time when budgets were much smaller, productions more basic. A time when . . . many thousands of fans, across hundreds of events all over America, and Canada, were just as wildly enthusiastic in support !
  6. . . . 2021 drum corps performing with 25% fewer marching members. minimal props. smaller pit equipment requirements. multi-year uniform designs. 3 year old brass and percussion instruments. limited, basic amplification. occasional re-use of a music selection the following year. just one extended traveling tour. ____ I sure will ! Older, long term, fans jumped out of their seats screaming for many years with that same product. Who knew? 🤔
  7. I do not share your opinion on political posts. DCP was not/is not provided to serve as a political ideology weapon. People come here to discuss news, etc. related to Marching Music. Thousands of other Message Board opportunities exist to espouse whatever view point one desires, including many sites that are not moderated. I suggest some posters here just go to those sites. There is NO politically-motivated message posted here than cannot be discredited in some way, with EQUALLY valid counterpoints. Many who post here merely parrot what they have seen/heard elsewhere. Some are trying to “work this audience.” We don’t need that. It will be tough enough to keep this site going until the corps are performing again, without turning-off half of all users due to political garbage taking over. Moderators here are doing the best they can. For the first time in 15 years, I have now used the “REPORT” button a few times and will continue.
  8. I will be Discouraged if the Encouragement thread is destroyed by more (not so) hidden political agendas. Just give it a rest.
  9. Nice post, Bob984 ! Agree, operating budgets have grown much too fast. I think this emerging problem began when . . . . the “Creative Group” was given full control of the “Checkbook.”
  10. Oh, OK ! American Airlines. By the way, even the airline agent on the phone wasn’t sure of all the options. She had to go and get authorization from her Supervisor.
  11. Like so many of you, I cancelled a flight for later this month. No change fees for re-booking at a later date. So, this morning, I re-booked. Here’s what happened. Since I re-booked for a later date, there will also be no change fee, even if I later have to re-book the new tickets! I receive a full purchase refund on the old tickets, to use towards the new tickets. Now, the real surprise . . . All tickets for the summer and beyond have already been reduced. My original April trip is now happening in October. But . . . I will now fly to the same destination in First Class, rather than Main Cabin Extra . . . . and with a savings of $400 from the original tickets! No, I will not name the airline. I’ll be changing a different trip tomorrow! If you have a re-booking to make, I suggest you check your airlines’ options now. Any other savings tips to add due to the unusual situation we find ourselves in?
  12. Yes, Jeff. But, haven’t been there in years. For you, though, I’d go something much more upscale. Seriously. 🙂
  13. Good one! I use my real name to help keep myself under control. The reality is, if any Drum Corps Planet poster finds themself in the Allentown Area, I’ll probably buy their drinks and dinner!
  14. I’ve watched a few Message Boards washed away for good because relevant topics were continually sent adrift. Please, not here!