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About Me

Color Guard, Emmaus Sentinels (1966-1968)

Color Guard, Reading Buccaneers (1969-1971)

Writer, Drum Corps News (1972-1973)

Founder, DCI Eastern Championship in Allentown

Chairman, DCI Eastern Championship (1977-1986)

Founder, DCA World Championships in Allentown

Chairman, DCA World Championships (1977-1987)

Producer, DCA Championships National PBS broadcast (1977)

Co-Founder, Buccaneer Alumni Association (1981)

Treasurer, Buccaneer Alumni Association (1981-1991)

Editor/Publisher, Buccaneer Alumni News (1981-1991, 2006-2009)

Columnist, Drum Corps Planet (2006)

Editor/Publisher, DCA Yearbook (2006)

Consultant, Winston-Salem DCA Championship Bid committee (2005)

Director of Marketing & Public Relations for DCA, Inc. (2006)

Director of Communications, Buccaneer Alumni Association (2006-2009)

Member, Reading Buccaneers Hall of Fame (2001)

Member, Pennsylvania Drum Corps Hall of Fame (2011)