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  1. Perhaps but it would be fair. And I would do it for every corps. Not just voting on a single corps. But rank as far as you see it.
  2. It would be better to rank them in a poll, favourite to least favourite. I think it would open a better span.
  3. So,...So far.The 10th place corp, Madison, is the most entertaining, Then come the 1st place BD. Then come Blue star placed 9th in standing . That is the top three in entertainment value. So Far.
  4. I just mean that Things are different. Period. Sometimes the good things are great. Sometimes the great things are not. But most times you should try both. Then you decide.
  5. Did I say drumbs? Sorry. Even if I did, I think you could figure it out.
  6. I was watching Top Gear the other night. Jeremy made a good point about sports cars. Todays are not the same at all. Sure they may be faster, they may be cleaner. They may look like a Toyota. But they are not the same experience. The USA has a few. Corvette is one. Not a sports car in my opinion. It is a luxuary car that is shaped like one. A real sports car you can feel the road, no power steering or brakes. You are part of the car. It is a TOTAL different thing. Unless you drive it you can't know. The engine sound, The feel of the seat and wheels grabbing the road. Shifting gears with the clutch. Man it is sweet. But today things have changed. Like Drum Corps. I am just thinking....I think it runs parallel.
  7. But people always contribute to what they don't like. That is how it got this way.