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  1. Yes, it's working for me. That must be the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble I'm hearing. Is that Bonnie Ott soloing?
  2. I have a score on file for Phantom Regiment in 1969, competing in a show in Rockford. They pulled a 25.35, which put them 25 to 45 points behind the rest of the field that day. Another last place finisher that went on to better things was the Glassmen. They were the only corps cut in the 1985 open-class prelims. Both they and the Blue Knights had humble beginnings, but ascended to peaks of 5th/6th. Cascades finished last in the 1977 DCI open-class prelims, but went on to make the finals 25 years later.
  3. You may not want to rely solely on memory. I went and checked my '75 World Open LPs, and sure enough, the same reprint of H. Worth Ake's DCN article was there, citing Everett's Memorial Stadium as the venue for the 1975 World Open finals. I take it from the references to flooding that there was some rain in the vicinity, which also jives with Boo's recollection. Apparently, the 1974 World Open wasn't held in Lynn either. Per Drum Corps World's August 30, 1974, issue (p. 11), Bill Naiden describes the pros and cons of Lowell's Cawley Stadium vs. the previous Manning Bowl site. One page later, a contest report on the show (no reporter named) gives more detail on how repairs at the Manning Bowl necessitated the move to Cawley Memorial Stadium in Lowell with only a month's advance notice. Cawley was not entirely problem-free either, as this is where the infamous sprinklers went on a few times during the Kilties' performance in finals.
  4. First, your definition of brainstorming and mine are not mutually exclusive. Second, I still don't see why we should expect (or condone) "no real support" for open-class as the result of brainstorming. Can you explain that?
  5. I's about discussing ideas individuals think are good. And if anyone thinks withdrawing all real service from open-class is a good I really need to finish this sentence? Is that really up for sincere debate? It was only leaked after it was presented. They had as many meetings as they thought were needed to develop the proposal to the point of presenting it to the DCI board. Well, then, if the G7 proposal is what results from four months of in-person meetings and numerous teleconferences among these seven directors, I can safely "speculate" that I wouldn't want to hand majority control of the DCI board to them.
  6. First of all, does that make it OK if they only "brainstormed" to remove all service from open-class? Secondly, the G7 PowerPoint presented in May of 2010 was the result of four months of collaboration by the G7, where they had plenty of opportunities to take those brainstorms and refine, vet, and reach consensus. How do we know this? Because those seven corps told us so in their septuple press release: Much as you'd like to believe otherwise, the G7 proposal was vetted for four months before being presented to DCI.
  7. Why do you object to that? This is a discussion group. People create threads....that's how discussions start. If you don't like that, you can create your own thread to complain about it. We have multiple threads about the Cadets in this forum....always have. Should all news, talk, media and predictions about the Cadets also be merged into the G7 thread?
  8. For starters, you know that South African Field Band Foundation that BD staff visited this past fall? Pioneer has been supporting it for 15 years, sending staff there to teach or judge, and bringing kids halfway around the world to experience marching with a world-class corps. BK and Colts do great things too....but rather than preach to the choir here, let me get back to your request for positive ideas. How about a mechanism to incentivize corps to do these things that promote the activity? Identify agenda items that promote growth in DCI's business plan, whatever they may be (hosting events, staging clinics to support DCI events, international outreach, traveling out of the way to fill a strategic need like the Western tour, etc.), and use the revenue sharing formula to reward those behaviors. Instead of paying corps for where they placed 37 years ago, pay them for what they do for DCI now.
  9. Regarding "advancement in placement"....the G7 haven't advanced in competitive placement lately either. Placement is largely a zero-sum only advance at another corps' expense. So I sure hope some corps can tolerate being on either side of that equation.
  10. First, let me once again thank you for the enormous contribution you've made to the information base here at DCP. Thanks also to the people directly associated with some of these corps, who have helped explain the details behind the numbers. I think we all have a better understanding of the many people and many efforts that support this activity, thanks to this thread. Since this is such a valuable look "under the hood", I hope you have the opportunity to include Pioneer along with the other world-class corps (edit: I see you read my mind!). I would also suggest that a look at the open-class units would be most informative. I understand, though, that there is insufficient time to do so prior to the Janual, and thus, no need to prioritize such an effort. However, if world-class still hasn't disassembled itself by February, it would be worth having some factual reference upon which to evaluate the relative viability of the open-class model, both for those corps who tour to Indy and for those who stay in their home region. Again, thanks! :babies:/>
  11. But the G7 say they don't want to create their own circuit, remember? They want to work over work with DCI to get what they want (or else).
  12. Um, since no one else is answering, let me start.... First, there is no connection between the two. Second, neither were "ousted". Star of Indiana just decided to do something else after the 1993 season, and left DCI. They went on to partner with Canadian Brass, and then develop a stage show best known as "Blast". As for the G7....helps to understand that DCI is governed by the directors of the member corps, but they generally only meet and vote once a year. They all vote on rule changes, but for most other business, they elect six of their own to join three non-corps-directors on the Executive BOD. All of the G7 are still actively voting members of DCI; however, none of them currently serve on the Executive Board. As I understand it, none of the G7 directors have even run for election to the Executive Board since the events of May 2010 (someone want to elaborate on that for me, please?).
  13. So a G7 show in June would not draw like a G7 show in August, then?
  14. Are you saying that DCI rankings are arbitrary, and do not correlate to excellence and quality of performance?
  15. Absolutely. If the prevailing DCI ranking order was.... 1. Colts 2. Troopers 3. Oregon Crusaders 4. Pioneer 5. Spirit of Atlanta 6. Pacific Crest 7. --- 8. Crossmen 9. --- 10. --- etc. ....then yes, that show would draw similarly to last year's TOC shows.