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  1. And ALL OF US are reading your posts asking ourselves “what is this guy watching?” You are wearing a different shade of glasses and have very poor hearing aids, my friend.
  2. Best corps to come out of PC in a while! Design, staff, to the MM. All are killing it this year! Proud alum for sure!
  3. I sadly have not been able to find anything on this. If you have a source, might you send it my way!
  4. I'm intrigued by the Crown design, it's a classic cut, but has a new/modern flare! Can't wait to see the full corps from the box!
  5. I have taken a few listens to the source music just now, and I'm so excited to hear this live! Here are my takes on each piece: Frolic sounds like it will be fun! It has moments with a very "french" vibe ala Darius Milhaud. This is one of my favorite Elfman scores of all time, so I doubt they will disappoint with their treatment of this piece. Gabriel's Oboe will stun, as I know how Klesch will make it ooze with emotion! Bucimis is just plain fun, would love to play and march this! It is asking for some back and forth from percussion to brass with a splash of color from a unison
  6. I don't think I saw a post about the 1999 Blue Devils performance in Concorde. The show was performed mid ballad to the end in complete darkness! The city lost power, and the crowd just went crazy! We were on our feet for the remainder of the performance. It was one of the better early season shows I've ever been to!
  7. I'm sad that I don't see any of this merch on their website
  8. With it being the first show, I assume we'll be seeing some Pariscopers at the show! There will be avenues available that evening to see the show, I'm sure of it!
  9. The Crown Jewel page stated donors will receive a "video" of the Preview performance, but nothing is stated about a live feed.
  10. I remember a year, where they came out with purple pants, and I read terrible things about the corps as a whole, before anyone knew the brilliance they would see and hear just a week from that first look at the uniform. We are talking about a very poorly taken picture of an under tailored unicostiform. Can we be a community of fans and judge after we’ve seen the ENTIRE package, please?