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  1. I suspect this was not as spontaneous as it may appear as the whiteboard schedule for Middleton included a block practice with said alums.

    Let’s not get too cynical. I would image the rehearsal block was for the alums who played along with the corps during the encore. I have no inside knowledge but the singing looked pretty spontaneous to me.

  2. Hardest decision I have had to make since I helped Granny Smith's children draw up the papers to have her moved to the facility.

    1 Blue Devils 99.25

    2 Bluecoats

    3 Cavaliers

    4 The Cadets

    5 Carolina Crown

    6 Phantom Regiment

    7 Blue Stars

    8 Santa Clara Vanguard

    9 Boston Crusaders

    10 Madison Scouts

    11 Blue Knights

    12 Glassmen 87.15

    This is the way I see judging trends, NOT what I WANT, kind of like how I felt about putting poor Granny away.

  3. Were there any issues last night? Any visual or music tears? Looked like they were making some solid headway. Maybe things will be better tonight. :tongue:

    I was at the show and the performance was wonderful. As a parent of a FMM, I am much to biased to judge the score. I'm sure that the performance order didn't help. Those I overheard around me were split 50-50 between the Scouts and BK.

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