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  1. I'm getting reports that the corps are coming out without instruments?????
  2. 1. Blue Devils 98.55 2. Cadets 97.90 3. Carolina Crown 97.80 4. SCV 96.15 5. Cavies 96.10
  3. I seem to remember some interview with the Cavaliers staff in 07 about designing their show differently because the Rose Bowl was so flat.
  4. It's not by their most recent scores, it's the average of the three regionals. See this thread.
  5. There is a thread for the show at "Indiana "Jones", Drawn & Quartered, DCP Quarter Finals Hangout and Reaction Thread"
  6. 1995 Madison Scouts in Time magazine's Drum Corps Top 10 Humble it is not, but it's hard to dispute the accuracy of the Madison Scouts' 1995 show title, "A Drum Corps Fan's Dream" — at least judging by the reaction of the crowd. At times messy and chaotic, this ode to formation drumming is relentlessly loud, with wailing trumpets and snare drum shots dominating the entire show. Designed to emulate a Spanish bullfight, the performers' energy is intended to whip a crowd into a frenzy worthy of a matador. While the Madison Scouts only placed 4th in 1995, the show's screaming finale has become a DCI classic.
  7. Can someone give us the names of the members who were in the ensembles? They all deserve a little personal recognition!
  8. Sense of humor lacking in the Nickelsen family...
  9. How long til Michael Boo sees the Bluecoats spelling . . 3 . . 2 . . 1 . . .
  10. Sorry no objectivity, my son marched 07 & 08. 1.2007 Unbound 2.2008 La Noche de la Iguana 3.2005 The Carmen Project 4.2004 MadiSonic 5. 2001 Hot Jazz - Madison Style 6. 2000 The Cossack Brotherhood 7. 2003 GOLD, GREEN AND RED: The Music of Benoit Jutras 8.2009 El Relámpago 9. 2002 Conquest 10.2006 Primal Forces
  11. I'm going to guess the 1 and 9 are transposed. 81.9
  12. I was just the opposite, I liked the beginning (probably more than half) much more than the ending. But that was enough to make me consider the entire show great.
  13. I am not aware that anyone other than the Scouts has a section of their show that is designed to be humorous. People laugh at the "hello..hello..hello" and the apple bite but I can't think of anything as long as the Scouts' Clark Kent section.
  14. 2008: BD, Cavies, Crown, Blu, PR, BS, Gmen 2009: HNC, SCV, BAC, BK, Troop
  15. Championships are my vacation. I have reached the point in my career that I can afford it (financially and vacation days) EVERY year and have been going for quite a few consecutive years. I do not plan to spend my vacation in the same spot for nine years. This is NOTHING against Indy, I wouldn't do it if it was in Cancun or Paris either.
  16. Scouts have 10 show in the next 12 days. Some FMMs like that, some don't. What did you like?
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