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  1. I was in the stands but it did not seem to be coming Blue Devils from my standpoint. As the post above says, it was more stage right. If you look at the history of the person who said in this thread that it was BD, he has been complaining about BD for years.
  2. "Would you like a coke?" "Why YES, I'll have a Dr. Pepper."
  3. No corps show-up when I click on the Michigan City selection.
  4. I heard DCI is working on getting Michigan City on Fan Network so the Scouts show will finally be available. I ALSO heard that Fan Network is down; coincidence or did something go POW! ?
  5. One of their early shows was scheduled for On Demand but there was a rain-out.
  6. After the Guard Caption Head merry-go-round, can any conclusions be made from the results? How high can the judges go for a show (SCV) that sticks to the essence of the music if it does not have the velocity of their competition? Who inflated East or West?
  7. Madison Scouts Jenks High School 205 E B St Jenks, OK 74037
  8. BD 91.2 in Dallas Although I have this sneaking suspicion that it could happen THIS weekend in Orlando or Denver because of poor numbers management after MUCH better 10-16 corps set the baseline high.
  9. Madison Scouts Valley High School 1001 Birch St Gilcrest, CO 80623 arrive July 10th?
  10. Contributed something small. I wish it was more and I hope Revolution will be able to complete their 2009 tour.
  11. 2008 BD, SCV Cavies, Cadets, Crown, Phantom Blu, BAC PC, BK, BS Gmen, Mandarins Spirit, Academy, Colts, Xmen Scouts, Troop, Pio
  12. I like the uniform but NOT the white shoes.
  13. It also solves the question of which score to use for Championship seeding when you performed twice.
  14. I had a good friend who was a corps parent give me some good advise when my son first got his contract, "Now you can never post a comment about ANOTHER corps EVER again."
  15. So now we are going to argue whether Crown winning all captions is a sweep. Or, HNC winning some sub-captions prevents a sweep.
  16. Hmmm, Scouts get 5th by one judge, Colts and Spirit get 5th from two judges each but we end up 5th. Another reason not to worry.
  17. You are wrong. The Houston and Dallas shows are for seeding but everyone performs.
  18. Wow (not POW), that was fast jumping off point. I guess you don't remember where the Scouts sat at this point in the season last year? (answer is 19th, ahead of ONE world class corps). Some shows are written to improve as the season goes on. That is something the Ramiro's BD shows (that you didn't like) did on their way to top finishes if not championships. Scouts are in a much better position than they were last season so I'm not giving up on them yet.
  19. Pictures are today (from their website below) but since the are doing Madisonic tonight, I doubt there will be a standstill.
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