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  1. I use my fiber internet to my Roku, usually running 300-500 mbs. Roku to HDTV via a very short HDMI cable. All season, our sound and video were excellent with absolutely no drops or lags. Finals night, I kept getting a "Something has gone wrong" message and could only reconnect by hitting the Home button on my Roku remote and re-enter the Roku app from scratch. I finally gave up during SCV and went to my new laptop via the Flo internet site. No issues after that.
  2. My understanding is that a replacement is already in the works. Dan looked very gaunt at Finals. He needs to take some time to enjoy life.
  3. Hornlineā€¦.YIKES! If not for their drumline, they would not even make finals.
  4. Very interesting night for Open Class. This could very well determine if Finals will be a dog fight or a coronation.
  5. The Security Nazis at MBS are chasing people away. Too many body cavity searches just to see a drum corps show.
  6. Such a shame that the NE schools get out so late vs the others. Since it looks like they have a good number of HS-age kids, they always get a late start.
  7. If it was the late 80s, and I was sitting in DeKalb, I might actually enjoy this. Now?