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  1. Does any other corps do drill as complex as the high speed rotating boxes in the opener?
  2. Has anyone seen any of the Wisconsin practices?
  3. I heard Afterburners at recent camp......it is definitely a loud, ,in your face Madison opener!!!!!!
  4. Well, all theory of course but multifactorial. 1. The challenge of maintaining the Scouts tradition while adapting to the quickness of change in DCI 2. The pressure to make the corps coed 3. The challenge of maintaining the Scout brand of masculinity and aggression in an all male corps in the current environment where masculinity is criticized DP does not have an easy job- yet, I respect his effort and donate to the corps
  5. I’m not sure the crazies are exactly “driving the bus.” I think they “own the bus company” but realize the bus company wasn’t delivering and also partly realize there is pressure to perform. I think if Madison does not improve DP and probably CK are toast. I believe that is why they hired a winner like Jimmy Elvord who is 1. Extremely intelligent; 2. Introspective and able to learn and improve upon previous experience (proof-1974 vs 1975) and 3. JE is very Humble-again a personality trait of a “true” winner not someone who licks into presiding over a winning system. I am not impressed that DP, as a leader, has an aggressive will to win- I think he’s trying to straddle winning with something else.....I dunno
  6. In no particular order 1973- started the rise and jazz format first appearance of Ballet in Brass 1999 incredible ending 1996 - a mis abuelos sop solo pure power and guts 2013 Band of bros- loved the theme and music 1975 - lessons learned from 1974 helped bring this masterpiece 1988- Mello solo just one of many incredible moments 2001- best version of Ballet in Brasd- all 3 sips hit their screamer notes at the end
  7. I marched in ‘74 during his run.....he had incredible leadership skills, he was a motivator, he came down on us when we deserved it, lifted us when we needed it. I think his most outstanding quality is intelligence. I firmly believe he is a step ahead and will not accept mediocrity.
  8. Great topic!! An idea for DCI. Full Disclosure. What was BD or SCV and every corps previous year budget....let’s disclose every drum corps expenditures so the fan base can decide for themselves if there is any correlation between expenditures and results. this could serve as a call-out to judging bias based on corps that we all know control the top end of results. I totally love BD and SCV....they are incredible....... but I more love true unbiased competition. Could a up and comer corps ever overtake one of these titans? NEVERin this current structure ! Maybe full disclosure serves as a check on judging bias.
  9. As a Scouts fan I wonder if this is true....although they are the Madison Scouts, their travel and practice hub is Indy, much recruiting is TX. Do drum corps that reside, recruit and practice in same locale as their name have an advantage?
  10. Great topic- I watched this year’s Whitewater show with Colts and was super excited with their volume- they really lit the field. Also noticed the high mics on the sideline that were (I’m told by another non mic’ed Corp Director) running the field feed through the board. In other words, pick the volume you want. I love the colts show, but volume is one reason some of us come to these shows....we want the paint peeled. in fairness, most judges are walking the field so they may not hear the volume we do in the stands. However, if the Colts and Blue Devils generally have equal peak volume according to your data, what part is amplification playing and is this distorting scoring?
  11. Hi All, I'm the OP......There have been many tangible, constructive and great ideas. For example- explore relationships with those in the community with "deep pockets," how can we create "win-win" scenarios with them, and can this spur others to explore and improve upon? An example could be a private company owner has a National Sales Meeting...these things always start with excitement...what better way to open a meeting than a drum line in front of 500 fat old guys exuding cool? In exchange for that, the company owner gives a donation. I am hoping, for the benefit of those corps that don't have major cash flow streams that we can give creative fund raising ideas like that, which can benefit all...your creative thoughts are important because maybe a few haven't thought of them.....please keep thinking and pass on your ideas, even if untested...I know they are all appreciated!!
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