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  1. I don't remember mentions of cake with that incident, but leftover cake, leftover cookies, and canned pudding were common when I marched in 04-05
  2. Not sure what you mean, are you referring to the heatstroke meltdown and Cavaliers/police intervention in Pittsburg, KS in 2006? I was marching a different corps at that time but obviously knew people there.
  3. That was a low point of that year, but there were stretches that yr or 04 where we had cookies and canned pudding for many meals. Cold McD’s burgers at least once. Corps crashed and burned hard in 2006 and folded.
  4. Saltine crackers with shredded cheese on them Before the San Antonio regional in 2005 Capital Regiment, baby!!!!!
  5. I hope this continues to years I saw live
  6. Always defer to the powers in charge
  7. Probably 3/4 of corps will fold. C'est la vie.
  8. Same thing I do every summer: hang out with my wife, ride my bike, smoke herb, cook and read.
  9. Stephen Spielberg?....Soren Sarsgaard? Skevin Spacey? Too many people with those initials