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  1. FTNK

    The Cadets 2019

    In 2006 we had one who didn't play because he was actually a mello player who came in and filled a hole. Good guy ended up aging out on mello in 2007 I believe
  2. FTNK

    The Cadets 2019

    That's a healthy number of tubas
  3. What if some big guns, let's say including some of the top 5, threatened to boycott finals week and stage their own exhibition performances unless real steps are taken immediately? Can't imagine Acheson etc. would risk losing, say, BD, SCV, Crown, Cadets and Boston (just for example). But I guess as they always say "DCI is the Corps" and they wouldn't want to rock the boat so violently...
  4. I just saw the emails. "It is of paramount importance that DCI groups don't speak badly of each other" Okay LoL but fixing the rot within DCI and the organizations, protecting the health and safety of members on a variety of fronts, and ending the tradition of letting sexual misconduct slide ... not of paramount importance. Let it burn
  5. I was planning to go to a show with my wife this summer, but I'm strongly considering skipping it.
  6. Between the Hop ingoing legal stuff, Pioneer, OC and now this... not a good time for drum corps 😑
  7. We won brass in 2006? WOOOO
  8. I think eventually there will be 5 or so judges in the box, giving “overall” scores out of 100. Best average wins.
  9. Oregon Crusaders? Pioneer? Too soon?
  10. Another one bites the dust ah
  11. I think this is stupid The idea that the judges were right there was a motivation to max out technique How are judges supposed to move when the sidelines are already piled with so much junk, wires, etc?
  12. Wife is from Malaysia so at least she’s used to it... LoL
  13. I'm hoping to take MAH WIFE to her first show this summer, at Whitewater, WI. We're in Madison but the Madison show is earlier and not a very good lineup.
  14. I can’t help myself, Gotta read it.