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  1. He was also around for a very long time in the Hopkins era. But somehow ‘knew nothing…’
  2. I don’t love the corps, because I know enough about it
  3. Glad I and my family kept our wallets closed this time
  4. Band, drum corps, cheer etc are just schemes for people like Varsity to suck money out of upper middle class parents at this point
  5. So I guess the org is still a mess.
  6. the plywood deck of Troopers' oil derrick is only 3/8" according to its FB ad, @C.Holland you mentioned being concerned about 1/2"
  7. People talking about “tradition” in regard to marching band of all things is always extremely pathetic
  8. Want to keep your best members from going to BD? Treat everyone in your corps better
  9. I find myself once again compelled to post. The first show with "jumping off things" as a design element was 2006 Cadets. We had pink benches that were held up in an angle by a member, and other members ran up them to dive/flip into the arms of a squad of others. The relevant part starts around 6:50 into this video: How did we work it out? Trial and error. Many heads, faces etc. hit the ground, the benches, etc. Total disregard for member safety and quality of experience. Look at the guard performer's face around 7:06 in the video. That's pure fear. The visual staff quit Cadets around 2012 and went to Bluecoats...
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