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  1. That makes me think (as I hijAck this thread even more) does anyone have the 2006 DVDs and do they have commentaries? I really want to know if Hop did that one and what he said
  2. A simple request instantly hijacked into complaining (especially about BD). DCP in a nutshell
  3. My record since 2015 speaks for itself
  4. Guys....it's over. 27th folded, Cadets and Star rose. Star went away, Crown eventually rose... it's the way of the world. Just remember the good times and the crazy drill.
  5. Who needs a corps out of Hackensack Is that all you get for your money...
  6. I got a secret oooo look at me secret secrets
  7. Maybe they should go Open Class
  8. Haha, the $60k props. What a waste.
  9. Basically, lower-tier WC corps can #### off. Weird "WC Participant" second-class citizen status. But honestly, this is probably a good idea- a lot of corps, including one I marched at, have tried to jump from OC to WC (Div 2 to Div 1 at the time) and then died. If more corps are going to be staying in OC because of these rules, will DCI try to improve their support for OC? Don't hold your breath.
  10. I feel like if you have less than 55 you should go for SoundSport anyway
  11. I love that this positive thread turned into the usual endless #####ing almost instantly. I am looking forward to many threads this season turning into the usual endless #####ing almost instantly.
  12. So is there anything official? There was supposed to be something this week
  13. Just say it- who’s getting fired, what programs are getting cut, etc
  14. I’ll say this: it sucks when the designers make you wear something that is supposed to be hip and trendy and cutting edge, but you and everyone else in the corps(and stands) knows it looks stupid.