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  1. FTNK

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    as a resident of Madison this bothered me: So in the 2018 show the “drivetime radio station” is KMAD... but KMAD is a radio station in Oklahoma... they should have had a real Madison radio station... but corps have no connection to their homes anymore
  2. FTNK

    The Cadets 2019

  3. From their statement: "We are seeking individuals who have knowledge, experience, and expertise in the following areas of; administration, education, non profit boards, finance, fund raising, public relations, communications, media, transportation, health and wellness plans, first aid, food service, alumni organizations, and of course, drum corps, to assist in the process of developing policies and procedures specific to these areas." That's a lot of areas
  4. Good for previous stated reasons, but I hope Marching Music's Major League (TM) will retain the richness of non-electronic timbres...but let's be honest, great sound has not been a priority lately
  5. FTNK

    The Cadets 2019

    It’s a yoooke (joke)
  6. FTNK

    The Cadets 2019

    They better not be a musical fail
  7. FTNK

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    May be the last of them...
  8. I'm really starting to love the surreal bursts from Bluzes. I'm really starting to hate drum corps.
  9. FTNK

    Pioneer Member Rant

    Drum corps is stupid.
  10. This would be a good ballad. Condensing, of course, lots of opportunities for solos, 4:30 would sound good. BD?
  11. They were FF and sounded like a paper shredder the whole time too
  12. FTNK

    Post Tour Laundry Day

    Always had pretty cheap stuff most of which were tossed at the end of the year. Especially years like 2004 where we got rained on a lot
  13. FTNK

    Length of Shows in 2018

    he thinks hes always right
  14. FTNK

    Length of Shows in 2018

    Corps with 9ish minute shows shouldn’t compete with full length ones