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  1. It's funny, when I worked a fast food register everyone under 40 used debt cards, everyone over 40 used cash
  2. FTNK

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Music doesn’t matter.
  3. FTNK

    The Marching Arts

    I started out writing this post when I was 1/4 of the way through...and I was going to call him a schizophrenic. But now, I get it, you know?
  4. FTNK

    The Marching Arts

    I'm only 15 minutes in...Man, I over-intellectualize drum corps as much as anyone (usually assisted by hella dank ganja). Indeed, it is literally my job to overthink music. I've even thought of creating a "Marching Bands and Society" course. But...this is a bit much even for me. As a friend would say, "Dude...there are some good ideas, but mostly...########." Now, about that ganja...
  5. This would have killed my "it's just the tape recorder, I can't afford a good microphone!" excuse...
  6. FTNK

    Spots/Holes 2019

    Back to the topic... Around move-in (mid-May) is a good time to look for spots, as some members at that point realize they can't make the $ numbers work, or get the spring semester college grades and realize they have to take summer classes, etc. Corps, even top 12, often have trouble filling low brass.
  7. Yea. I was in the corps too, just that year, and just wondered if anyone else remembered that. I rode the brass bus but wasn’t really in the know with vets. There certainly were a lot of INTERESTING episodes. Hop constantly antagonized the members. My impression was that it was one of five or six near-mutinies that summer.
  8. FTNK

    The Cadets 2019

    But when am I (and my parents) going to get harassed and harangued via email and snail mail about donations??
  9. 2005 and 1985 have to be up top. 98 for visual
  10. FTNK

    Your Ultimate Finals

    Takes me back to 8/7/04. I had just completed my first year marching the day before at Semis, I was two weeks from startinf college, and I was watching Cavies’ “007” and SCV’s “Scheherezade” from the top deck. Maybe my fondest DCI memory.
  11. FTNK

    The Cadets 2019

    I beleive that was 2008?
  12. FTNK

    Your Ultimate Finals

    How did people feel about Denver/Mile High as a finals venue in 2004? My fave finals to march at.
  13. FTNK

    Your Ultimate Finals

    Fortunately, as we all know, there is a fire station across the street. 🏟️🚒🚨🚑
  14. Does anyone remember Cadets coming back into the stadium after performing, and sitting, in uniform, in the endzone stands at San Antonio?