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  1. That video was the most baffling and cringeworthy thing I’ve seen in a while...Not really looking forward to that being blasted through the speakers
  2. How does the brass number compare to other corps? I’m still in the 64 brass 135 total mindset bc I am getting old.
  3. It’s 2019, there’s gonna be a lot of posing no matter what
  4. I gotta dial it back, I don’t want Terri to ruin her keyboard
  5. what will they do without a motivational talk until 1am What returning staff from other corps are there?
  6. I’m nearing completion of my PhD and I can’t make sense of some of the word salad in that show description. The general idea of playing on theater, the folklore and culture of performers, with a supernatural element, seems cool if I am understanding it right. But it’s a BD show so it will probaby be fire, and performed at a higher level than all or nearly all other corps. Which Khachaturyan piece?
  7. o laaawd jesus it’s not even june
  8. To paraphrase a movie review YouTube channel talking about Batman v Superman: “there would be people on CNN arguing, but we don’t need that... we live that every day about every single little thing” Drum corps as escapism is good. Then again, this show could be absolutely BRILLIANT. Will find out 7/7
  9. Perhaps The Queen could use the Red Queen outfit from 2006 Better yet, a giant puppet...
  10. To refocus on the program a bit- the second to last production is “an original piece by Tom Aungst, Omar Carmenates, and Brandon Carrita that is meant to be a playful, modern, young, and fresh take on the concept that anything you can do, I can do better. If the past generation does something; we want the future generation to do even better” Are we going to see something akin to the playful “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” section of the 2000 show? Tekk Remembers 🙂
  11. The Queen thing and a lot of the show design seem kinda confused, we’ll see how it turns out, how literal it is, etc. Autocracy is bad, unless it is a woman
  12. Madison has been veering back and forth wildly in show design for a decade, if not more. We’ll see how this pans out. The older I get, the more I appreciate so-called “safe” show design. Pushing the envelope is all well and good, but being a guinea pigs for designers’ egos for an entire season suuuuuucks. I think sometimes designers forget that members want to perform a show that is... maybe “fun” doesn’t cover it, but rewarding to perform (and watch). Then again, doing a straighforward show without props and a pretentious, on-the-nose story might be the biggest risk of all in modern DCI.