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  1. Funny that every season we end up expressing very similar things, me in June and you in late July. I guess it's all just a little bit of history repeating...
  2. That’s a rough brass score and overall placement
  3. Couple of design thoughts, because I know you all love that from me The Larsen piece and its arrengement are a bad choice. It doesn’t really go anywhere and when the corps is just standing in lines, it’s not a captivating opening. [Pacing and getting to the first GE moments too slowly is a perennial Cadets Achilles’ hell. See 2006, 2016, 2017. This year for example, Vanguard grabs you by the throat and never lets go, Bluecoats’ setup soundscape gets you into the Beatles zone (number nine...number nine) before they literally press play on, you know, The Beatles ] The taking down the Queen and Do better sections makes me cringe for one specific reason: 17-year-olds stomping and kicking around in pajamas and/or band uniforms, trying to look intimidating, always comes across as silly, like a high school production of “Where the Wind Things Are.” Adding tenors or a euphonium doesn’t help. One of the reasons I don’t like 2011 Cadets or Crown 2018 or PR 08 either.
  4. I swallowed one of those about two hours ago
  5. One time (a time called 2005), our design staff gave us a new, quiet ending 12 days before finals. Passed out the drill sheets and started teaching it. Our biggest problem all year had been achievement- we had hard drill and music for a semifinals corps (Sacktig and Bocook); we certainly didn't need more to learn. Over lunch, the non-design staff (who actually had to clean the stuff) revolved, and the new ending was never heard from again.
  6. Denton, Belton. Denton, Belton. Belton, Delton. I got confused
  7. When has a tarp worked really well and significantly improved a show? How many times in the last 30 years?
  8. bingo Now that the corps are mixing and the groupthink and placements from last tear are fading, I think we will see placements drop like a stone
  9. I just started watching your trilogy and I enjoy it. But when you’re like “this is fairly easy” I am like LoL Maybe more consideration for purely physical demands, but then again I was a chubby tuba player
  10. Worst possible time slot for San Antonio BD is going last. I'm waiting for BD to go undefeated the rest of the season and make everyone super sad
  11. The semifinalist corps I was with in ‘04 and ‘05, tons of people smoked, including the staff and director. Very little when I went to cadets
  12. Crown is the new Cadets mixed with a little Star Go Crown.