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  1. Maybe they decided to concentrate on salt and pepper shakers
  2. I’m guessing the strategic plan was written up by some consulting firm and no one with actual power in DCI has looked at them, let alone cared
  3. If I were out there marching today I'd be hitting the cannabis vape pen EVERY NIGHT
  4. At one point I had a video I took in the stands and put in slow-mo. Brandt Crocker says “Bluuuudevvviiiils,” and there is a brief pause as what he said sinks in, before people next to me (and the whole stadium) go 😮😮😱😍🤗
  5. Shows I did have the good fortune to see live, and which stick with me: 2001 Cadets (first show I went to) 2004 Cavies, SCV and BD 2005 Cadets 2008 Phantom 1999 Blue Devils is one of my all-timers and it would have been cool to see
  6. This is a real ###### take. Employees are not volunteers
  7. I think it’s good for adults to weigh “not giving up” vs responsibilities they have to past and present employees and members, who are ~other peoples’ children~
  8. At some point someone has to say “this corps doesn’t have the financial security to tour/exist” rather than “we can do it, we can survive, we might not be able to pay our bills and provide a top-notch/safe experience for our members but HAVE YOU SEEN 2000? The Cadets have such an amazing legacy 85 years!!!!” I’m not saying that it’s at THAT point - unlike others I have no ‘inside sources’ and ‘super secret info’ to lord over people like others on DCP - but that point does exist. I’m certainly not the only one wondering
  9. Isn’t the “don’t stir the pot” “don’t bring up dirt” mentality what keeps abuse, assault, other malfeasance etc from being reported?