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  1. What's the story with SCV in 2005? Went in a very old direction and failed pretty spectacularly. There was speculation that they would be out of the top 10.
  2. I feel like having more people from outside of The Cadets - outside of drum corps entirely - might be a better thing for a BoD.
  3. But in 2005, which is what is relevant to this discussion
  4. The field itself was insanely good, the best surface I ever marched on, tied with Columbus Crew soccer stadium, where CapReg had its home show. That Columbus show was a highlight of the year - corps home show, awesome field, I saw my parents and brother and two friends from HS band who came from Pittsburgh, and the corps broke 80 points for the first time in its history.
  5. 2004 in Denver was a great finals venue. Since my corps didn't make finals, I watched from the top deck, with my corps friends, in my hard-earned jacket, on a perfect summer night. The season was over, the start of college was 2 weeks away, and it was maybe one of the last times I had no responsibilities or worries. Watching Cavies go into the fugue that builds into the climax of their closer was great...as was all of SCV. Really, a great top 3. 2004 was my rookie year at Capital Regiment. It was Quite An Experience(tm). The corps was on its first year of Bb horns and second year in Div
  6. I feel Cavies - this show probably gets less discussion than 2002 or 2006, but it's fantastic. It's easily in my top 5. I remember when the show was announced, everyone was freaking out, and not in a good way. It helps that it wasn't just your usual James Bond theme medley that every mediocre HS marching band played in the 90s. David Arnold has some slappers. The Goldeneye opening is super cool and iconic. The all-male guard really sold it, in an era when characterization was becoming more important, but hadn't gone over to gag-inducing literalism. Blue Devils - when I saw them first at t
  7. a nebulous phrase upon which to hang 90s Cadets Holsinger stuff, and it worked competitively (and the crowd liked it)
  8. ...they are ####### spoiled children
  9. Troopers were in absolutely dire condition at the time - you could tell they were just barely getting down the road
  10. I wasn't at finals in 2003, but I performed at the Citrus Bowl show in 2004 -- what a DUMP!
  11. This was the big year for me -- when I went from a fan to an obsessive who HAD to march drum corps somehow (summer before senior year of high school). I attended that BOA Summer Camp (then at Illinois State in Normal, IL) for the second year in a row, doing the marching band track (I was a clarinet player). By the way, 2002 was much better-- we learned, cleaned and performed about 3 minutes of show in 5 days. In 2003, it was run by Richard Saucedo (Cavies composer and Mt Carmel HS director at the time), and it was basically just a "be a Cavalier for a day" camp - we just learned some dri
  12. Crazy but sadly unsurprising that DCI has essentially given the death sentence to corps for one overage member, but let corps who enabled serial abusers and rapists to slide like it’s no big deal. Business as usual...
  13. I predict that there will be less than 10 corps to hire staff
  14. "Members pay to be taken care of and not to be the adult in the room" As we've see so many times, corps admin are often not the adults in the room, and don't take care of members.
  15. Wings are the quintessential early 2000s marching band uniform thing
  16. This gave me a great deal of joy
  17. The vets in 04 who marched that year spoke fondly of it. For one, I heard there were once chicken sandwiches for lunch (you had to have been their joke). I think 2002 was the last year the corps had the logistics and finances to do the tour they did, the Div 1 and a jump to a big national tour was just too much for a corps run by 3 people and led to their demise.
  18. Thinking about it (probably more than I should), this was a real transitional year in DCI for a lot of reasons. First, obviously Bb horns were legal in 2000, but a lot of corps didn't make the switch for a couple of years. I don't know if the data is out there, but I'd bet 2002 is the first year less than half of the top 12 corps used G bugles. It's also the second-to-last year before amplification was legalized. Competitively, Crown was out of finals; who guessed that they would turn it around the next year and never look back? Corps like Madison showed that the 90s style was waning
  19. Oh ####, oh snap. Finally, a year I actually saw. Saw my first show in late July, Pittsburgh. Was with my gf (she was my school's drum major) and some other bandos. Didn't really know what to expect. It was definitely my first exposure to top level marching arts. Looks like Crossmen were there, but I don't remember them at all! 😞 Sorry Xmen 2001 fans. I recall Bluecoats being really good, but nothing really specific Cadets had a demeanor that you just knew they had won before the show even started. I really like the Phantom show from that year, it's a perfect "straight