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  1. the “marching arts” are sorely lacking in imagination
  2. What were free days like, in nature and number, when you marched? My perception is that my corps had very few free days, compared to other corps and most corps today. Free days were never totally free, for brass it was usually a short block of playing for 2-3 hours in the morning. Guard and percussion did their own basics blocks. Then we would go somewhere and have 6-8 hours free. This happened once in 2004 (went to an amusement park afterward), twice in 2005.
  3. Judges consult with groups constantly, it's kinda like how people constantly go from industries to working in the govt agencies that are supposed to regulate said industries, and vice versa. Former Secretary of Defense? Go be CEO for Lockheed Martin. In 2009 I taught a HS band, and their consultant was a regular DCI finals judge (including that year). This was band camp, right after finals. He said flat out that he would never give good scores to Cadets because he didn't like the straight leg marching style.
  4. the BOD wasn’t ok with that but was ok with…. you know the whole Hop thing sorry don’t mean to hijack
  5. Did you ever hear staff or members talking about/musing about the next years’ potential show concepts? I guess people probably are more secretive these days… Or shows that were scrapped in the winter? in 2006 Cadets there was talk of next year being a “Sin City” inspired film noir show, with the corps in traditional uniforms but in greyscale, like a black & white movie. Some staff was talking about the Toy Soldier (2010) show in early 2008
  6. I, for one, am in full-on meltdown mode over the show design
  7. Foxborough was a mess! We had a two hour drive from our housing site on the Cape, and remember when the terrible rural roads around the stadium destroyed Colts’ props?
  8. Prestigious music schools want nothing to do with marching band
  9. My first year, 2004, cost $800. Although the corps ran out of money folded two years later…
  10. this topic is gonna get closed soon I feel it
  11. my father was just hospitalized with COVID, sorry I’m not in the mood to assume that everything will just be fine
  12. Yep, it’s gonna be a total disaster
  13. Remember 2004, when Cadets beat SCV at the Indianapolis regional (RCA dome) because SCV got a warmup penalty? am I old now
  14. just say it please everyone is going to assume the worst
  15. Another great corps squandered by Hop’s BS.
  16. You have to admit that they have had some of the most cringe-worthy of all time.
  17. As Terri said it was a football crew doing it. You know how, when local TV covers HS football they have some random ground-level close up shots of the marching bands, with just whatever mics, and random cuts? It was like that. Very....avant-garde
  18. What happened? Was it as good as Buffalo 2013?
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