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  1. when the vanguard yell first became popular it wasnt written into the show, but since so many people did it they DID start writing it into the show a couple of years ago. i think they write it in now because they figure its going to happen anyway! haha
  2. ummm.... excuse me?? oh no you didnt. (did he/she just??) i know you didnt i simply stated my OPINION even if the site changes, RIGHT NOW its a C AVERAGE! (at best) but you are obviously master of the world and know everything about professional marching band :P :P
  3. wrong this is the most C-average thread ever
  4. capital regiment used to call themselves "the REAL regiment" a couple of years ago... big deal.
  5. i could be wrong but i think the problem is that the company that makes the guard uniforms dont have them done yet, and its not the fault of the volunteers. I think this is the case for a few guards..... like i said i could be wrong cause i dont really know anything about twirling flags.
  6. "when i play my trumpet, something amazing happens" :) i love that one
  7. im not saying its going to happen bit i'd say its very possible they can win brass they can win drums they can win feet they can win Music GE they can win visual GE not sure they can win guard, they have a wonderful guard bd cavies and cadets guards are always sooo good. that being said they just need to do it all.
  8. if thats the crossmen i mean that in a good way) that is freakin cool!