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  1. DBC03, I like demand. That's why I loved the Cavaliers' early 00s shows. But I know a lot of people who thought 2002 was a little dirty. But I think The Cadets shows have been both demanding and clean. Even if you hate them. :P
  2. You could have the best design and concept in the world but if it's dirty, whether early or late in the season, why are people more "forgiving?" Is it because corps try to "push the envelope" at the expense of execution? Of course, if you want a show that was not only poorly designed AND poorly executed (mostly poorly executed), I can think of one off the top of my head 'cause I saw it LIVE in Madison: 2002 Madison Scouts (14th place) (Sorry, Scouts fans and alumni)
  3. How could I forget Hardimon? I have to admit, I DO like Chris Thompson's 1988 Madison book, too. I didn't think of him either.
  4. Which might explain why retooling thirty pages of drill through the middle of the season might not always pay off, right? Why not change it instead of just cleaning it up? What I don't understand is the idea that GE and Performance are somehow separate universes. If your visual and music performance scores aren't good, how can that possibly help your GE since isn't GE not only about design but how well you "sell" your show to the judges and audience?
  5. I won't see The Cadets' show until August, unfortunately. But if last year's show was any indication, I don't think I'd like it anyway, vocals or no vocals. Then again, who knows? I might be pleasantly surprised.
  6. When I listen to old school drum corps (which isn't too often), I think of Fred Sanford and Dennis DeLucia. Modern arrangers that I have liked have worked with The Cadets and Crossmen. I know that Jim Campbell used to be the Percussion Caption Head of the Cavaliers. Did he write the arrangements, too? I really liked the arrangements of the 1992 Cavaliers battery (especially during Arnold's Cornish and English Dances). They complimented the brass arrangement well. Anyway, I forget. And who arranged for Star of Indiana all those years?
  7. See what happens when you don't post or visit for nine months? :P I am guessing that they are on their way to insolvency. Is that right? That is usually why corps have not fielded a corps in a given year. I know The Magic were hurting financially a few years ago and underwent some huge staff changes. I don't know if they will ever really recover. I think this just goes to show that when corps make the transition to Division I, the board of directors need to consider the financial picture of aspiring corps because too many great corps have gone under in the past. And finances are just
  8. Okay. So we all know that Seattle Cascades aren't really from Seattle and that Crossmen are sponsored by YEA. When do these corps (and Kiwanis Kavaliers and Troopers, for that matter), actually take the field? And, once you throw the Crossmen and Seattle Cascades into the mix, where do you think they'll finish?
  9. I had no #!@?in' idea to be honest with you, but I did remember that Blue Devils were undefeated in 1988 until Madison Scouts (the "dark horse") won finals in Kansas City. And the lottery system that determined performance order that year sucked. But it certainly made things interesting.
  10. I think that sounds accurate to me. Wish I could see MBI's show this year but I have something else going on the evening of Drum Beauty. I think their energy translates somewhat to Madison Scouts.
  11. 1989 Phantom Regiment: Mvt. 2 from Symphony No. 9 ("New World") by Dvorak. The entire show should have won the title that year. I thought SCV's Phantom of the Opera show was better in 1988 than in 1989.
  12. First of all, I haven't been to this site in almost a year. I am one of the charter members from 2002, when George Dixon still ran the site. It is good to be back! :) While I certainly think the Bluecoats will continue to build on last year's success and I DO think they could surpass Santa Clara Vanguard, the Cavaliers are no doubt aware that the Bluecoats are breathing down their necks. Judging from the looks of things right now, while the margins are razor thin, I think the Cadets will do everything they can to finish out the season in the top 3. And Blue Devils will continue to lead.
  13. Has anyone mentioned 1991 Star of Indiana? That drill during "Pines of Rome" that ends with that cross thing after about 6 drill sets in, like, less than 36 counts or something, is amazing! George Zingali is certainly missed! And he had to write all that drill by hand (I think).
  14. The Cadets' entire 2005 show was #### clean even though I hated it. Still, it was probably the cleanest show I have ever seen. I thought Cavies 2002 was clean, too given how they teach their drill (coordiates vs. march to form). Musically speaking, the cleanest I've heard would probably be any of the drum solos in recent years from the Cavies. The dirtiest I've heard would be the snares of Phantom Regiment's 1992 show during pretty much the entire show (sorry, Phantom). I also wonder how "clean" Madison's hornline is in terms of intervallic control and whether or not there is significant