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  1. How do you know that they just didnt use an eq, take away all the high end frequencies, amp up all the lower ends, and find a guy with a low soft laugh to begin with?.. Just sayin...
  2. It is sad to look at the differences that occur in the span of 9 months... I met this man on a night of such celebration, and to hear of this tragedy makes my stomach turn a bit sour...
  3. Also keep in mind that the caption trophies are averages of all three nights' scores, not just one night...
  4. Welcome to my life. Marching in the corps you want to is NOT cheap, esp for airline tickets included in the cost. I think last year cost me close to 8K. (including housing and etc.)
  5. you cant score a 98.96.... it has to be to the quarter-hundreth, ie 98.875
  6. 2) Some tuba lines use leather gloves for better grip. Can't blame em.
  7. The vented valves are amazing! Defiantly worth the investment. It makes zero difference in the sound of the horn, but makes emptying water so much easier. I am tempted to try to get my corps horn vented... My tubenet SN is tubadillon.. I don't know if I have ever posted lol... Only PMing usually. I had to have my horn shipped to me when I bought it from Lee, in the case in a box + insurance. but vent your valves. :D
  8. Ah, so I just searched TubeNet and found the BBC mod stuff, sounds great!!! How much does he charge? Think I could get the mod while on tour and have him hold onto it for me till I got back home to send back?
  9. I bought the horn from Lee Stofer who did some work to it and vented the valves for free, and it works fine for me now. I live in WA, what does Fedderly do to the horns?
  10. I had to go back to college marching band after the last three seasons of DCI, as well as teaching HS marching band. I think I got much more frustrated with the college band than my HS. My tuba section at college is 4 DCI contra vets, plus 4 others who aren't too bad, so we are usually on top of our game, no problem. Our director marched contra for bones and at devils which makes it fun still. However, the rest of the 150 people couldn't care less about the program and never give out any effort at all. If I didn't have my HS to teach I probably would have gone berserk a few times and hurt some
  11. I have a 2145, about two years old... It plays amazing! The high register sings, the extreme low register can be a tad stuffy, but I get by. I do not use the thumb ring tho, it would force me to use bad finger technique. What are you looking for in a horn?