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  1. Philip Glass's answer would most likely be because that is what Samuel Johnson wrote: Samuel M. Johnson: Lovers on a Park Bench The day with its cares and perplexities is ended and the night is now upon us. The night should be a time of peace and tranquility, a time to relax and be calm. We have need of a soothing story to banish the disturbing thoughts of the day, to set at rest our troubled minds, and put at ease our ruffled spirits. And what sort of story shall we hear? Ah, it will be a familiar story, a story that is so very, very old, and yet it is so new. It is the old, old story of love. Two lovers sat on a park bench, with their bodies touching each other, holding hands in the moonlight. There was silence between them. So profound was their love for each other, they needed no words to express it. And so they sat in silence, on a park bench, with their bodies touching, holding hands in the moonlight. Finally she spoke. “Do you love me, John?” she asked. “You know I love you, darling,” he replied. “I love you more than tongue can tell. You are the light of my life, my sun, moon and stars. You are my everything. Without you I have no reason for being.” Again there was silence as the two lovers sat on a park bench, their bodies touching, holding hands in the moonlight. Once more she spoke. “How much do you love me, John?” she asked. He answered: “How much do I love you? Count the stars in the sky. Measure the waters of the oceans with a teaspoon. Number the grains of sand on the sea shore. Impossible, you say.” “Yes and it is just as impossible for me to say how much I love you.” “My love for you is higher than the heavens, deeper than Hades, and broader than the earth. It has no limits, no bounds. Everything must have an ending except my love for you.” There was more of silence as the two lovers sat on a park bench with their bodies touching, holding hands in the moonlight. Once more her voice was heard. “Kiss me, John,” she implored. And leaning over, he pressed his lips warmly to hers in fervent osculation.
  2. True this is nothing new. Kids are idiots and this was done more out of hype than malice or anything else. We did the same thing in the 90's, for sure. There is one host school, in particular, I am amazed we were ever invited back to stay at (go RMS)!
  3. Crown has finished outside the top 4 once in the last 11 years, so whatever shortcomings they may have in any one year are not a huge detriment to the corps in respect to their placement in finals. The level of musicianship from the kids auditioning is incredible and the education that they are receiving it incredibly tuned in to what the staff wants the final product to be. Having said that...I think the same kids doing a "better" show in many of the last ten years would have produced a higher spot in finals. I think 2013 was a great show (except for the stupid vocals over the ballad). But then 2014 came along and just fell flat to me. Then 2015 comes along and it was be followed by 2016, 2017 and 2018...all 'duds' in my mind for various reasons...great moments in those years, but not great complete packages, in my opinion. Having marched Crown in the early 90's, it's odd. In almost every way, it is like watching a different organization with the same name. There are some familiar faces still around but, for example, there's a corps song that doesn't mean anything to anyone that marched the first ten years of the corps...there's the same two paragraphs on the alumni association web page that seem as if they've been there forever. It seems like Crown has a short memory and if you're not doing something for the current Crown, then you're definitely in the background. There are a lot of corps out there that have been more successful for a longer period of time and they have strong alumni associations. I'm a part of many alumni groups where there is more communication/activity than "send in a donation". Then again...I like miss bugles and marching, I guess it would be impossible to overstate the irrelevance of me or my opinion, lol. By the way, Happy 25th Anniversary to the 1993 edition of Carolina Crown. It was 25 years ago today that we won the 1st World Championship for the Crown.
  4. In what way? The percussion caption head just resigned. The corps just got back from finals. I'd dare say that no administration knows, with certaintly, who their complete staff for next year is at this moment in time. People move, things change. Stop trying to stir #### and make something out of nothing. Corps do this every year. It's the brief offseason...or hadn't you heard that from other people, since that's where you get all of your informaiton?
  5. Both of your opinions are very interesting to me! Different strokes for different folks and that's okay with me. On point one: I marched Crown but I certainly don't include all of their shows in my favorites. On point two: Crown's show this year (for example) was really technically brilliant but the flow of the show kind of killed everything else for me. I think "If I Fell" was one of the most beautiful moments of music I heard from anyone this year...but with the exception of the trombone feature...the rest of the show was kind of like "hey, look what we can play...and we really like to stand still and swivel our legs/feet around", but it didn't speak to me at all, personally. The trombone feature part of the show sounded like something I'd associate with hearing at a pep rally. It doesn't mean the kids didn't perform the show incredibly well, because I think they did! My favorite shows of this year were SCV, Boston and Blue Stars.
  6. It's great that you're able to systematize and articulate your point of view, but keep in mind that whichever qualities you've decided constitute objective quality, those qualities were decided by you (subjectively) and then evaluated by you (also subjectively). Know your limitations.
  7. So it's the 2nd most sterile sounding show but the top of your listed favorite shows of 2018? (with Phantom Regiment being the 1st sterile show and your 5th favorite)
  8. Are you sure some staffs didn't do that this year? I listened to a 30 minute discussion of one corps show and it still didn't make any sense. Great playing, just uninteresting nobody on the staff wanted to connect with the audience in any way.
  9. I don't disagree. Those horn line kids are incredible but are capable of and deserve a better vehicle.
  10. Just sent a message to you.
  11. Brent, This is unrelated to the video, but I wanted to chime in and tell you that I really like the uniforms. Those should be very clean and striking on the field. I hope to get a chance to see you guys this summer. Take Care,
  12. I marched my age out year (1994) with Patellar Tendonitis in both knees, as well as Osteochondritis Dissecans in both knees. I waited until after the season to have them scoped so I wouldn't miss any show time. Fun Times...
  13. You know what, class act? I do not march with, nor speak for, the Sun Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. I am simply an interested party, much as you appeared to be. I was able to read the post and figure out all by myself enough information that I could have made it to the camp all by myself. You came on here acting as if you expected to be begged to come to rehearsal. I am sure the Sun Devils are a fantastic organization, and again, I DO NOT SPEAK FOR THEM NOR AM I AFFILIATED WITH THEM IN ANY WAY.....but I'm pretty sure they will find a way to live without you if you go march in Hawthorne. And it's funny that your first overwhelming urge is to cause me dental work, on a couple of levels. Are you a dentist? If not, I'd rather not have you performing any dental work on me, thank you. Or did you mean you wanted to cause me REASON to HAVE dental work? Whatever you meant matters little to me. In any case, the most overwhelming urge I would have if I were to be unfortunate to share space with you would be to give you a grammar lesson.
  14. Perhaps the info on their next rehearsal wasn't enough?