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  1. Since that felt so good, maybe time for a few more. Madison Scouts, how sad that you sucked so bad last year, that people are excited just to see you scratching and clawing just to make finals. And with a show that just didn't quite have any of the energy of years past. Colts, I love you dearly, but it's a shame that at the beginning of the year, you should have been top 10, but the staff were unable to improve from the beginning to the end of the season. Cadets, it's a darn shame that you aren't able to perform to your ability, due to the fact you hired two people to act out a show, and
  2. It doesn't really matter to me whether you enjoy them or not. I enjoy them alot, so I go to the shows. I enjoy DCI so I go to the shows, although this year I didn't waste the money to go to finals, I just went to the theatre and saved a bunch of $$$. The shows this year overall just didn't do it for me, so I didn't want to waste a thousand dollars going to Bloomington. Maybe next year, if the quality of shows improves overall. I personally saw Carolina Crown clips on youtube as the season was starting, and thought I wasn't going to like their show. I did change my opinion the first time I sa
  3. Have you actually ever even seen any band from Iowa live?
  4. I personally like alot of the DCI shows more than band shows. It used to be going to the first show of the season, and watching the small classw 1A and 2A bands was almost painful. But lately with the slide in the number of corps, and the lack of amazingly designed shows like I used to see from DCI corps, I think I will definitely try to hit up BOA in Indy this year. That is one nice thing about the marching band competitions, is that there are alot more of them really close to home. And if you go to Valleyfest, it starts at 8AM, and runs til about 11:15PM, with over 50 bands in competition.
  5. You know, I haven't seen Central since 2006, HOWEVER, I have seen every show they have put on the field since 1983 up til 2006, minus the last 2 years. And unless they have just sucked the last 2 years, which I doubt, I don't think there is a year back to 1997, that I would have thought Pioneer was better. 95-97, Pioneer would have beaten them handily, but since that time, Pioneer has kind of fallen back, and Central has put on some fantastic shows. I think that is pretty tacky, the comment about Sybil. Sally Field did an amazing portrayal of that character.
  6. Sorry if I offended anyone with my opinion, but I honestly thought 2008 was weaker than any year this decade. I enjoyed every show I saw this year(even Cadets minus the talking), but only about 8 shows really excited me, and most years there are between 11-15 shows I just absolutely can't wait until I get the high quality DVD in November. Some years, like 2000, there have been 18 shows I just couldn't wait to see. The only school that I am aware of that has competed in BOA from Iowa lately is Davenport Central. I think if you would compare them to DCI corps, I would put them close to the lev
  7. Ok, so after what I consider to be the most boring year of DCI since the mid90's, I am actually more excited about the upcoming band season that ever. I am seriously thinking about going to Indy for BOA championships. It also got me thinking about which organization is better. I always thought that alot of BOA bands were a ripoff of DCI, but after listening to alot of BOA cd's lately, I realize that just as many corps have performed musical shows that were previously and recently played by BOA bands. Another really nice thing about BOA is the number of participants. I was reading if you go
  8. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Jamie Kennedy, Louie Anderson,and Harland Williams would march Cavaliers or Scouts Colorguard Rosie O'Donnell would march Bandettes Barbra Walters would march Cadets "what kind of tree would you be to find happiness?" as the host of the show I believe Tonya Hardy and Nancy Kerrigan marched with Velvet Knights in 94 or 95 Johnny Depp would be drum major for Madison Scouts Michael Jackson would march Blue Devils C
  9. I absolutely love this show as well. Definitely the best ever 4th place show of any corps ever. 2000 was such an amazing year from all corps, probably my favorite year of DCI. I love the way SCV always takes some risks with their show. That ending in 2000 was absolutely amazing. And that entire show had so many WOW moments. Probably the best ballad ever put on the field. Vanguard is always one of my top 3 favorite shows, every year except 1 since the mid 70's. Whether they place 1st or 8th, you are always in for a treat from SCV. 2000 SCV ranks right up in the top 10 shows most watched on
  10. Sorry to all the Troopers people who are upset with me. I really hope that all the kids that have been with Troopers this season stay with Troopers. I have always said, I wish that more kids would stay with the corps they start with, and if that happened, I think all the corps would be closer to the same level, from top to bottom. If kids who marched with Pioneer stayed there, then the ability level would go up, and they could write more difficult shows and perform them even better. So anyone here march/work with Cavaliers, Cadets or Blue Devils in the last few years? Does anyone from here k
  11. Looking at all the members of lower placing corps that leave to pursue a top 6 corps, I was wondering, do you think if corps like Pioneer, Troopers, Mandarins, Pacific Crest, Colts and Spirit weren't around, do you think the level of the top 6 corps would drop some? I have seen members leave Colts, and march in a top 3 corps the following season. I have heard of members leaving after a year in Pioneer, and then marching a top 12 corps the next. These kids are gaining valuable experience, and then using it in the top performing corps. I know the staffs at the top corps are excellent, but if
  12. As we have seen for at least the last decade, in most cases corps like Pioneer and Trooper always go on first of the World Class corps in any given competition. And while I personally love the way the corps get better and better as each one performs during the night, sometimes I wonder if it isn't really hurting the activity, and some of the corps. For example, if there was a show with Pioneer, Troopers, Cavaliers, and Cadets, and that was the lineup for several consecutive shows, I was thinking if they had Pioneer perform either after Cavies or Cadets, they might actually get a little mor
  13. It has been nice, in the last 3 years, we have had 2 new corps break into the top 4. Bluecoats in 06, and Crown in 08. So just curious, which of these 2 corps do you enjoy watching more? Up until 2005, I would have chosen Bluecoats. They have always put on some very entertaining and enjoyable shows. I have liked every show I have seen by them. But then after 2005, something seemed to happen in Crown. It had been building up for a few years prior, but in 2006 something just clicked. I don't know whether it was staff, returning vets, musical director, drill design team, or just a combinati
  14. I don't see anything as being overhype with Crown in the last few years. They have put on some amazing shows, and they have been rewarded with praise from the fans. As far as Adam Sage goes, I don't see that as any type of improvement for Crown. If you look at Crown, their guard program has been much better than Phantom for the last 6 or 7 years. I would say Sage could actually be a step down in the guard department.
  15. I am actually very shocked at all the top 12 placing shows that people claim didn't work. I have really only seen 1 show from a World Class corps that didn't work. It placed at the bottom the year it was performed. Other years this corps has placed last, but to be honest, I think most of that corps shows work. The other 2 that I felt completely didn't work were open class corps. Colt Cadets one year had a show that just didn't work, and one year Racine Scouts had a show that just didn't work. I personally feel there is a difference between a show that doesn't work, and a show that just may