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    New Years eve 1996! (that was bad ass!)
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  1. Wow, so now not only the size of the corps matters, but also the size of the crowd you perform to... Govenaires do more than just competitive field shows. We have survived as a corps for 81 years, and DCA finals has only been a part of that grand history/tradition for the past 4 years. Our connection to the community and our dedication to putting on the best dang parade/backyard concert/uniformed standstill concert possible for who ever and how many ever screaming, baby throwing, chest painted super fans are in attendance is what makes us successful. Not our future plans to field an Open Class corps. We say this all the time, "When the Govenaires don't make A class finals, that is a good day for drum corps." Becomming an Open class corps would change us...I think were pretty awesome they way we are. Oh, and I think 3 is enough...
  2. I can get you cheap tickets for the 16th. Just PM me (winky smiley)
  3. All Right Govies!! 81 is gonna be great!
  4. you didn't see the part where we marched up hill both ways, eh?
  5. I agree S1. And I believe we took 2nd in Class A to the Grenadiers in 2004 with less than 35 people. Quantity does not equal Quality. That is a fact the Govenaires have been propagating around the country for years. It's too bad the circuit we strive so hard to support does not feel that organizations with less than 35 members are valid, it's actually rather sad. I think they have forgotten their roots. So we deal, no choice...right. Is this only at prelims/finals or any DCA sponsored show? I had a hard time figuring that out from the 14 pages of posts. My concern would be a situation where the 35th member of a corps is unable to perform, especially when on the road for a few days. If Glenn in the Euphonium line twists his ankle during rehearsal in South Milwaukee and is unable to perform that evening, does the entire corps also not perform? Or is this rule simply stating, Don't even think about performing at Prelims if you have less than 35 people. Other shows don't matter. Because that's no way to talk either.
  6. you wouldn't believe how miserable it was up here the last 2 weekends in July. I was a little taken back being chilly both nights in the evening. The weather was perfect. You know us Minnesotans, always with the weather small talk...
  7. Minnesota spread a lot of drum corps love this weekend. 2 shows, 2 days, 1 big party, and a heck of a good time. Much love to Frontier, I hope Bob was as good to you as he is to us. And much love to MN brass for making it a 2 show weekend. Looked to me that DCA/C is gaining strength and hopefully adding more shows next year, let's make it happen. Have a great interim, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Rochester. Thanks for an awesome weekend!
  8. Everyone should consider the Govenaires, especially if you are in MBI shape. Come Join Us!
  9. As a young lad of 15, I joined the Govenaires and was welcomed with open arms by all. My high school didn't offer a quality or substansial marching program. I never ventured into Jr. corps, my love for Govies and the people in it kept me close. Perhaps people of all ages need to appreciate the benefits of drum corps in MN on the whole. My Senior/All Age expirence has made me who I am in drum corps today. And I wouldn't trade it. Come join us...
  10. Nice photo. Drum corps was so much more generic looking back then... :)
  11. I'll send out a Tremendous Thank God to that statement! We didn't know when you would shut the #### up. I would very much like to see you not post here again, as you've said at least 2 times before. 3rd time's a charm, right? Now, since this is about Tremendous Blast (The grestest drum and bugle corps, ever) how about those Tremendous pictures...
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