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  1. After hearing it all together in April I'm just straight up excited for this summer!
  2. You are right. In the end I am not going to wage a one man war on not pissing in other's cheerios.
  3. Hype or not a report is a persons account of what they saw but I get your point. Now dictating the information in it is up to the consumer. Two different people will get two different conclusions as is the case 90% of the time on this forum. Ben
  4. I do to, but we all know the preseason hype is all part of it and now days people are afraid to post their thoughts because they are afraid of being called a Homer. You just straight up 8 mile'd everyone... lol
  5. Even though it's true, this is why no one post reports like they use to.
  6. Absolutely happy we were able to make the drive to the camp this weekend... Lots to be excited about! I wish the corps a successful move in and enjoyable summer!
  7. So who's going to be at the April camp? Knocking 2 birds out with one stone and making it a getaway weekend as well. Would be nice to see a few of you. Ben
  8. Strong guard and percussion cont scores... good signs!
  9. Pretty strong flag feature at the end for Phantom... Dig the show!
  10. I love my corps, but it is basically the halfway point of the season. Have no assumptions as to where the corps will finish... Just enjoy the magic.